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What Comes In Groups Of 6

What Comes In Groups Of 6? Check Them Out

Do you have any idea of what comes in group of 6? You’ll be surprised at the extremely long list of things that come in 6.

People often wonder why items come in groups of twos, fours, six, twelves, twenty fours.

You may have probably walked into a mall and observed a pack of beer arranged in groups of six or a crate of eggs arranged in a group of twelve, six, or four.

Some things come alone like a soccer ball; others come in pairs like shoes, etc. In some cases, they come in threes like the Sun, Moon, and Stars. 

Our week is a group of seven days, and the solar system has a group of nine planets. A car has four wheels and a bike has two. 

So what comes in a group of six? Keep reading to figure out.

What Comes In Groups Of Six? 

A group of six can also be called a sextet. 

Learning about things that come in groups of six comes in handy in understanding and appreciating mathematics. Especially when looking at shapes and the study of geometry. 

It also comes to the fore when dealing with probability and the likelihood of things having a sixth outcome or number. 

There are a plethora of things that are in a category of six. A group of six has been considered the best number for bagels, eggs, pastries, or other items usually sold in half a dozen.

A six-line stanza is a sextet; a musical group of six is also called a sextet.

A meal that contains the six classes of food is a healthy one, and a group of babies delivered in one birth is called sextuplets. 

There are a lot of other things that come in a group of six. To know some of these things, keep reading… 

What Other Things Come In Groups Of Six?


A group of six children born simultaneously to the same mother and father is called Sextuplets. In most cases, much like twins, sextuplets are often identical. 


Half a dozen eggs are six eggs and would be used to make a delicious bagel, fried eggs, or muffins. 

Healthy diet: 

Speaking of eggs, let’s not forget that it takes a group of six food sets to keep one healthy and strong. The nutrients include grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, proteins, and oils.

Six-legged insects: 

Some insects have six legs, such as ants, bees, butterflies, dragonflies, etc. These legs aid their climbing and help support their weight across surfaces as they carry objects ten times their size and move quickly. 


A square has four sides, but a cube has six sides because it is 3-dimensional. It exists in real life and not on flat paper or screen. A cube can be as interesting as a Rubik’s cube or dice with its six equal sides. 

Hexagon shapes: 

Hexagons are polygon shapes in geometry with six sides. 


Crayons often come in six colors. That is three are the primary colors and the other three, the secondary colors. The primary colors are red, blue, and yellow. The secondary is a result of a mix of any two of the primary colors. 


The famous six-packs, which are arguably the most wanted feature in men, of course after money, is a result of hard work and exercise. 

Most fit women also possess this trait. It is borne out of exercises such as planks, push-ups, etc.

You can’t be a weight lifter or work out regularly and not have eyes for 6-packs. Having 6-packs is almost like evidence that you’re making progress. 

It’s hard for some boys and girls to wear a shirt once they have 6-packs. Most of them like to show-off and the ladies likes girls with such build too.

Volleyball team: 

To play volleyball, you need to have six players in a team. 

A six-line stanza: 

In poetry, a sixth line stanza is called a sestet. 

Guitar strings:

Guitars consist of six strings; namely, E, G, B, D, A, F

Star of David: 

The national flag of Israel has a symbol called the Star of David, and this star has six sides to it. 

Six maidens: 

A line from the most sung Christmas carol goes, “On the 6th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 6 maidens dancing and a partridge in a pear tree…”

Sixth sense: 

Human beings can hear, see, taste, feel and smell. There is also a phenomenon called the sixth sense, it is a sense of intuition, inner awareness, and it exists in every human being. 

In reality, the sixth sense doesn’t exist. But when asked to use your sixth sense, it means to act smarter and do things beyond human comprehension. You can use your sixth sense by pushing yourself to the limit.


At the atomic level, benzene, a compound of Carbon, has six groups of Carbon. Also, what makes the family of the benzene interesting is that they form rings of Carbon that look a lot like a hexagon. 

Six days of creation: 

It took God in the Holy Bible six days of creation to make the Earth. On the first day, He created light in darkness. On the second day, He made the sky, and on the third, created plants and dry land. On the firth day, He made the sun, moon and stars. He created creatures that flies and live in the sea. 

On the sixth day, God created animals that lived on land, including humans. On the seventh day, He rested.  

Woodwind instrumentals: 

Wind instruments made of wood usually have six holes or windpipes that we use to play music. These include the bassinet, the clarinet, saxophone, and pennywhistle. 

Six tones of an octave: 

An octave has a set of six tones used to play music. 

Number 6: 

A group of anything made six times or even the symbol “6” helps express this concept, groups of 6. 

Mid-year – June the sixth month:

The sixth month of the year is June, which indicates the first half of the year has gone. 


A typical lacrosse team has a member set of 6 people who battle one another during the season for the championship. 

Ice hockey: 

Ice hockey also has a set of 6 team members.

Size 6, women basketball: 

The women’s basketball competitions have as its rule to ensure that the ball size used in its matches is of the number six and not more. 

Six and Sixers: 

A group of cub scouts is called a six, and its leader is called a six. 

Secret Intelligence Service, Six: 

The Secret Intelligence Service or MI6 is also nicknamed, six.

Six, you are lucky: 

In Chinese tradition, the number six is seen as a sign of luck and a sign of a good omen. 

Six Dynasty: 

In ancient China, the Chinese counted the passing of six dynasties as the start of a new history and the end of one. 

Spider eyes: 

The spider is known to have six eyes from which it sees the world. The six eyes give it a better visual sense of what goes on around it. 

Six Flags:

The Six Flags is an American-owned amusement park popularly known for its six flags. It has become a trademark name in its own right. 

Six Inches: 

In measurement, half of a foot is six inches.


Beetles are six-legged insects.

A pack of Donuts:

The hostess brand of donuts sold in gas stations comes in a group of six.

Domino Dots:

There are six dots on a domino.

Muffin Tin:

Most muffin tins come in groups of six and they are used to make delicious muffins

Bolts and Nuts:

Bolt and Nuts are hexagonal. This means that they have six sides.

A cereal box:

A cereal box has six faces.

A pack of Socks:

A pack of socks contains six socks.

The Game of Cricket: 

In the game of cricket an “over” comes in groups of six.

Multicellular organisms: 

Multicellular organisms are into six main animal groups ;

  • mammals
  • birds 
  • amphibians
  • Reptiles
  • fish


 Some people say that beer is arranged in a set of six because it’s believed that a group of six friends would be an excellent idea for hangouts.

You would be quite familiar with inanimate objects packed in groups of six. Have you ever wondered if humans work in a group of six?

The next time you see close friends/gang of six here could be why they chose ‘six’.

‘six’ is quite a unique number to choose as a gang because of its flexibility. it’s not too small a number or too large as well. 

One would rather work with a group of six to have many ideas or help when in need. Imagine having six people you can always rely on.

Other Places To Find Groups Of Six

Six plays a major role in religion, mathematics, science, sports, technology and music. This article would examine some of that in detail.


In Judaism, there are six orders of the first written oral tradition of the Jews called the Mishnah. During Passover, six symbolic foods are placed in the Passover Sedar Plate.

Seraphs possess six wings. The Jews also observe the Shavout holiday in the sixth Hebrew month called Sivan.


Muslims have six articles of belief in their religion. The Shawwal Fasting lasts for six days.


In Taoism, the Ministry of Huang Di is divided into six. 

In Sports

In American football, six points are awarded for a complete touchdown. In Australian football, the points for a goal are six points.

Smaller schools in America and Canada that are unable to provide an 11-man and a 12-man squad respectively, play a variant of American and Canadian football called the Six-man football.


So what comes in group of 6? Many things come in 6. These include sextuplet, sixth senses, number 6, insects, beer, etc.

The number 6 is a significant number in history, religion and so on. Several things also come in a group of six, as you can see. And don’t forget, in the game of dice, six is a very crucial number. These include dice games played online and offline. 

So, if you’re seeking knowledge of things that come in groups of 6, there you have them. You can also make your own list of things that come in groups of 6. 

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