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Why Does He Want To Get Me Pregnant So Bad

Why Does He Want To Get Me Pregnant So Bad? These Are The Reasons 

If you notice signs that your man is trying to get you pregnant, you might find it weird and start asking yourself questions. There are many reasons a man is trying to make babies with you, and it is different for different people.

The norm for many individuals is to get married before even thinking about having babies. That’s what society also agrees with. So, learning that your man is trying to get pregnant by all means can get you curious. 

Now, let’s answer this.

Why does he want to get me pregnant so bad? 

If you notice that your man is trying to have a baby with you, that means he loves you and wants to start a family with you.

This blog post will answer the question, “why does your man want you to get pregnant so badly? And explain the signs that your man is trying to get you pregnant. 

Why Your Man Wants To Get You Pregnant

If you’ve been wondering why your husband or boyfriend is trying to get you pregnant, here are the very likely reasons your man wants to make babies with you;

He’s in love with you

Most women would be happy to hear this. If your man loves you deeply, he would want to commit to you. Commitment includes having a baby and raising the child together.

A child born out of love will represent the new lie that you and your man will have together, 

He’s ready to settle down 

We live in a society where people believe that the best way to settle down is to get married and have children. If your man feels that he is ready to settle down and chooses you as his life partner, he wants to get you pregnant.

Having a child may straighten your man’s. Being single is fun, but it also comes with constant anxiety about the future. Your man can see settling down as a cure to the problems that come with singlehood.

He loves babies 

It is natural for someone who loves babies to want to have their own. If your man enjoys carrying babies and spending time with kids, then he would want babies of his own. That means, if he loves you, he would want babies with you.

Parenthood makes his life meaningful

Everyone is unique in their way. So we do not find the meaning of our lives in the same things. Your man may find the meaning of his life in parenthood. He may see fulfilment in having kids, bringing them up, and watching them grow.

Having a child may give your man a purpose in life. He may be willing to find his purpose in life beyond all the travels socializing, therefore wanting to have babies with the woman he loves.

It makes him a better person

Becoming a parent can bring an individual into check. Once you start having kids, you owe it to them to become the best version of yourself. You would start drinking, partying, and smoking less.

When you have kids, you will start prioritizing your needs and interests. You cannot leave your baby at home and go out partying with your buddies. Having kids does not make your life boring. You just become a more responsible person.

You will try to change your life to give your kid an actual role model to follow. Having children makes you a caring, responsible, and mature person. Your man may be ready to take this bold step in his life.

Having a baby makes him happier

Even though raising a baby is not easy as it comes with sleepless nights, dirty diapers, constant crying, and little to no time for yourself. However, the positives of having a baby may be something your man wants to experience.

Your man may want to witness the first smile of his baby, the first step of his baby,

and the first time his baby calls him dad. These things can make a man happier than

any other thing in the world.

Cuddling your baby after a stressful day can bring you peace, calm, and joy. Who

Wouldn’t you want to experience that?

He thinks parenthood can bring you closer to each other

When two people raise a child together, they become one team. Your man may think that having a child together will bring both of you closer. If you can create a new life together, then you can do many more things together.

Parents raise their children together, from spending late nights together and changing dirty diapers to going out for walks to make sure the child is safe and sound. Parents do all these together, and it makes them a strong team.

Having a child together can certainly make you and your man closer.

Signs Your Man Wants To Have A Baby With You

If your man is trying to get you pregnant, you will notice the following signs;

He starts taking care of you more than he used to

Your man may start taking care of you like never before. You may notice that he starts to pamper you so much and bears all the tantrums that he never usually bears. Your man may start treating you like a baby and giving you more attention. 

You may also notice that your man is making efforts to prove to you that he can take care of you and be very responsible as he was never before.

He Wants To ave Unprotected Sex With You

If your man is trying to have sex with you without protection, it most likely means that he is trying to get you pregnant. Your man will do this, especially when you are fertile.

A man who wants to make babies with you will not use protection when having sex with you. He also won’t want to use pills before or after having sex with him. He will stop calling it sex and start calling it making love.

Your man volunteers to spend time with kids

If your man starts spending time babysitting your neighbour, a friend, or a family member’s child, he is preparing to have his child. Your man is trying to work on his schedule to create space for a baby and practice.

If you begin to see these signs in your man’s actions, then you shouldn’t wait for them to say anything. Ask your man what he is thinking. Asking will help you to get prepared if you also want a kid. By asking, you will avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

Talking about other kids excites him

If you notice that your husband is becoming all mushy about other people’s children after spending time with them or feeling excited after meeting them, then the chances are high that he wants to have his kids.

Your man may be bonding with these kids and talking about them a lot, trying to tell you that he wants to have his children.

He always talks to you about someone who is now a dad

If your man continues talking to you about a friend that has a child or a friend that has gotten married and how many kids that friend already has, he is trying to tell you that he wants to have a baby with you.

Your man might not tell you directly that he wants to have a baby with you, but the things he discusses will let you know that’s what he wants.

He always asks when your ovulation starts

If your man begins to ask when your ovulation starts and stops, how long it will last, and he always wants to have sex with you at that time without using protection, then he is trying to get you pregnant. 

He wants to know how many kids you would like to have

When your man starts asking you how many children you want to have and which genders you want, he is ready to have children.Your man’s plans are clear, so you have to get ready if you also want to have kids.

If your man loves you and wants to have kids, he will start planning his future.

He is happy anytime you miss your period

If your man does not care if you have a late period or a missed period or shows excitement if this happens, then he genuinely wants to have babies with you. If you find out that you are pregnant, he will be willing to accept the responsibility.

He keeps talking about buying a new home

If your man starts thinking of changing your home to a bigger house or a better neighbourhood, he plans to raise his children in a better home. 

Your man is probably thinking of having a baby with you, and he wants to raise them in the ideal home.

He starts watching cartoons and shows for children

If your man takes a sudden interest in kid’s shows and cartoons, he might be consciously or subconsciously wondering how it feels like to make children watch such shows and cartoons.

Your man is watching those shows and wondering how the children are running around the house, trying to make them watch and learn from the cartoon. He might also be watching them with other people’s children.

If you are confused about why your significant other is trying to get you to have a baby for him, you have the answer to your questions.

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