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How To Hide Snap Score

How To Hide Snap Score? A Snapchat How To Guide

Snapchat pushes people to use the application more than almost any other social media network, owing to features such as streaks and the enigmatic Snap score, which measures your application usage to provide you with a number rating. This application gamification is like we’ve never seen in most of the other social media platforms.

Facebook, for example, does not evaluate the number of likes you’ve given to status updates to provide you a rating, and neither does Instagram, Snapchat’s biggest rival.

Although streaks are reasonably simple to learn (and avoid if you’re not curious), Snapchat’s scoring algorithm within the application is so much more complicated.

Snapchat Incorporated holds their techniques for determining your Snap score under secrecy, but many of these Snap investigators have learned the mechanisms underlying their scoring system just by paying attention to the number as it grows.

Your score will rise as you use the application more and more every day, rising whenever you share a picture with someone or if you open a picture that someone shared with you. Many people like this Snapchat option since it increases the likelihood that you’ll use the application more consistently.

However, for individuals who aren’t trying to brag about their Snapchat performance, the competitiveness and the drive to boost your score every day may very well be challenging.

With the rivalry created among friends, a difficult scenario might occur, with some attempting to grow their number as quickly as possible and others attempting to conceal their number.

Now let us take a look at what the Snap score means if it’s something to be concerned about and whether you can deactivate or hide the score in the application’s settings.

How Can I find My Snap Score?

Open Snapchat on your android or iPhone device, and the application will appear in the camera viewfinder. Tap the profile symbol in the top right corner of your phone screen.

If you’ve created and paired a Bitmoji to your Snapchat account, your profile picture will be your Bitmoji’s face; anything other than that, your profile picture will be plain Snapchat silhouettes.

When you click on this image, Snapchat will take you to your profile page, where you may add connections, your Snapcode, and any Stories you’ve shared on your profile. You’ll find a matching number that ties your account to your point collection in combination with your username and a Zodiac sign that specifies your birth date range. Based on just how new you are on Snapchat; this number can be as low as zero or as high as six digits long.

Your Snap score displays the total number of points you’ve earned over a set time. Tapping on the score will take you to Snapchat, where you can see both your sent and received scores, with the sent rating on the left and the received rating on the right.

Can I View Others People’s Snap Scores?

It’s simple if they’re a Snapchat connection of yours. Open the application, scroll towards the left to see the Chat screen, and then choose the person you wish to see from the list. To open their profile page, tap on their profile photo or the silhouette (for anyone who doesn’t have Bitmojis).

This gives you access to their username, Snapmap location, the option to snap, chat, phone, or video chat with them, and the option to enter the settings screen for that specific contact.

You may view your selected friend’s Snap score in all its grandeur at the top of this screen, next to their username, making it simple to make a comparison with your score along the way.

If you are not connected with the person whose snap score you want to see, you will not be able to see it. You can’t compare your Snap scores until you and that individual have both mutually connected each other, so keep that in mind before you start comparing it to someone in your group who doesn’t follow you.

How Can I Hide My Snap Score?

If someone has access to your account and wants to check what your Snapchat score is, they will be able to view it. Fortunately, they won’t be able to view your score until you both add each other as friends. This makes it simple to exclude anyone from your application who you don’t want to access your profile details by eliminating them.

Sadly, if you want to keep someone on Snapchat as a friend, they will be able to view your Snap score regardless of whether you want them to or not. While we can expect more privacy alternatives relating to your Snapchat score in the long term, that option is still lacking as of March 2022.

Still, we can leverage the application’s current privacy settings to ensure that only a limited number of individuals may add your account in particular.

If you’re concerned about people following you to view your Snapchat score, no matter how low or high it is, you may leverage the application’s privacy settings to your advantage. To begin, launch the application and select your profile picture in the top left-hand corner.

On this screen, tap the settings icon to enter the settings screen, then scroll to the bottom towards the section labelled “Who can…” This functionally serves as your Snapchat privacy settings, and it’s worth another look if you haven’t done so in a while.

Based on how you feel about Snapchat’s location settings, you’ll want to assure that everything here is set to “My Friends” or “Only Me.”

You can also look at the “See Me in Quick Add” feature, which can be toggled on and off. Quick Add suggests people based on common friends and connections, however, if you ever want to help hide your account from those who may be looking for your Snap score, you may turn it off in the settings screen to entirely disable this option.

With all this turned off, you don’t have to worry about someone instantly adding you to know your Snap score, because they’ll have to do so via a Snapcode or username.


In the end, your Snap score isn’t worth getting upset over. Snapchat has also attempted to reduce the number, making it smaller on both your profile screen and, notably, the profile screens of your friends and followers, because the number has no actual relevance.

Sure, it’s a fun way to see how often you use Snapchat on a daily, and it’s also useful to see how frequently a buddy uses the application (so that when they don’t return your snaps, you know why), but the Snap score is mostly there to make the app more entertaining.

So, the next time someone criticizes you for having a low Snap score, understand that Snapchat’s gamification is intended to make the application more fun to use, not to start making it competitive.

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