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How To Make A Video Louder

How To Make A Video Louder

Trying to increase the volume of your videos might seem impossible, especially if the shooting is done. However, there are actually several ways to make your videos louder. You can use tools, software, or online sites. 

This article will discuss some of the ways you can do it and choose what works best for you.

1. Check The Volume Setting Of Your Video

There are instances when your video settings cause low video sound. To make your video louder, you should correct the video settings first. 

Follow these steps:

  • Import the video and select it in the timeline of your video editor.
  • Go to general settings and click on the clip properties.
  • Check the volume and its default setting.
  • Move the marker to the volume you want.
  • Click on the preview of the video and adjust the volume again if necessary.

2. Have Backup Recordings

As a preventive measure, you should have backup recordings. Relying on the video sound alone will be challenging, especially if many background noises overpowers the video. While shooting, you need to have several recorders in different spots. Make sure the recorders work. Then, you can import them into your videos to have louder and better quality sounds to minimize background noises

3. Drag The Volume Slider In Your Editing Software

If you want to make the entire video louder, you can use the volume slider in your editing software. You can follow the steps below.

  • Select the video clip.
  • Find the volume menu on your inspector panel.
  • Drag the slider of the volume to your timeline.
  • Check the preview of the video to know whether the sound got better, and if it does not suit your preference, you can try another method.

4. Split Your Videos

If your video’s audio is good, but there are parts where the volume is low, you can split your videos to edit and isolate the parts that don’t work. You can follow the same steps of dragging the slider of the volume on the specific part you want to make the audio louder after you’ve split them. 

You can follow these steps:

  • Place the cursor of your mouse to the point you want to split the video. Right-click on the mouse and choose “Split into parts,” or you can go to the “Cutting and Splitting” menu and choose the part you want to split.
  • You can also use the video markers — straight lines to locate parts of a video. Right-click on the mouse and choose the option for splitting into parts. You can also use the shortcut key once you’ve marked the part. Use Ctrl + L.

5. Use Online Video Editors

If you don’t have editing software on your devices, you can use an online video editor to increase the volume of video you have. Especially if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to spend a ton of cash on an expensive video editing software, you can just search online for free online video editors.

You can follow the same process with the video editing software by locating the volume slider and dragging it to the clip.

6. Use Online Audio Editors

If you have backup records of the video audio, you can also use an audio editor online. Some sites allow you to import and edit audio by adding effects, canceling background noises, and increasing the volume using their tools. 

After editing the audio, you can save them in a suitable format for your video editing software and import them into it. Then you can place them on the video. Make sure that the audio you put matches the video. You need to listen to the video and audio to match them correctly.

7. Download Apps

Some apps can make video sounds louder. You can make use of them, mainly if you’ve recorded the video and audio on your phone. It will be much easier and convenient to edit it before importing it to your editing software on your desktop. 

8. Record A New Video Or Audio

Your last resort to increase the volume of your audio is to re-record the video or record new audio. You can record the part where the volume is low or record the entire thing if you have more time. This time, make sure to have backup recordings and place them where the sounds can be maximized. 

9. Use Sound Effects

If you don’t have time to re-record your videos, you can search for music and sound effects online. You can insert the sound in the parts you want the louder volume of the audio. For example, you want a louder sound of the honk of a car to emphasize the traffic. You can search for honk sound effects online and download them. Another way is to use built-in effects of video-editing software with no watermark – they usually give you access to a wide choice of royalty-free music and sounds.

You need to note that copyright policies exist if you use music online. Make sure to use free sound effects and music to avoid any copyright infringement. You may end up paying fines or get your account and video suspended by the platform you upload it to if you don’t.

10. Create A Narration

If your video is about conversation scenes and the dialogues are unclear, you can create narration and turn the video sound off. You can record the narration on a recording device or directly in the editing software. Most video editing sites and software have a recording feature for narrations. Use a mic or headphones to record to get louder and clear audio. Then, you can add some sound effects to add drama or any portrayal of emotions. 


Video sounds are essential in conveying the message of your video. It’s best to explore ways to fix audio problems such as low volume to enhance and provide a good quality sound to your viewers. 

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