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How To Properly Write An Essay

How To Properly Write An Essay: A How To Guide

Throughout the last year of high school graduates are actively preparing for university admission, in particular for writing an essay and an oral interview. If everything is clear with the oral part, the question of how to write an essay remains open.

To understand the technique of writing a final essay, it is necessary to understand what the work is. The concept came from France and in translation means “experience”, “essay”, and “outline”. Thus, it is an essay written in prose, a small volume, in which the author expresses individual impressions and emotions on a given topic.

If you refer to the explanatory dictionary, the word “essay” refers to an essay that treats a problem, not in a systematic way, but in a free form.

The essay is a universal genre that is used in various fields. Today it is impossible to imagine without this type of work final exams in school, admission to university (including graduate school), and in some cases employment.

As part of the creation of a prose essay, a schoolboy shows not only the skill of analysis but also the ability to argue his position. That is why it is so important to know how to write this genre correctly and what requirements modern educational standards impose on it. If you need help, you can request write my research paper for me online to be sure of your grade. Many students seek help with different writing assignments from experts and are always satisfied. If you decide to write on your own in this article we will tell you how to write an essay correctly.

Writing an essay is a difficult work, as this genre has its features and peculiarities. Specialists distinguish several features that allow you to distinguish the essay:

  • Small volume. The requirements for the examination essay are strict: the volume of the text should not exceed 250 words.
  • A specific question with a subjective interpretation. There is a specific rule that essay writing must take place on a specific topic. The author develops one single thought or idea within the essay.
  • Free composition. This is a hallmark of the genre. An essay cannot be framed, the essay is often constructed based on arbitrary associations, created on the principle of “everything in reverse.”
  • The informality of the narrative. To convey the specific message that the author puts into the essay, he or she should use a trusting style of communication. It is not necessary to complicate the text, to use strict constructions. After reading the text, the reader should begin to think about the topic.
  • Semantic unity. Despite the subjectivity and free composition, the excellent essay should be written in strict semantic unity. 
  • Orientation to colloquial speech. The essay is written in free form, but slang, formulaic phrases, and abbreviated words are strictly forbidden. It is not necessary to switch to a flippant tone, because an essay is a serious essay, which should push a person to think about important societal topics.

Writing an essay is quite a complicated job. Therefore, if you need to compose an essay for admission, use the guidelines on the structure and plan of the work.

Essay Structure

Experts highlight 2 key requirements for an essay:

  • The author’s thoughts, which he wants to convey to the audience, should be presented in the form of brief but capacious theses;
  • any thought or idea should be supported by arguments and proofs.

The author must apply facts, examples from social life, life situations, and experiences in the creation of the work. Scientific evidence and references to research will support the thesis. For each thesis, the author must give 1-2 arguments, and they must be convincing.

  • In the introduction, the graduate must highlight the problem, which will be a red thread throughout the entire story. The degree of literacy of this part largely determines the evaluation of the essay.
  • The main part of the story should contain illustrations that relate to the problem and comments from the author. This work should be done based on the original text. It is obligatory to indicate one’s own opinion about the author’s position, as well as to offer one’s reflections on the given topic.
  • Conclusion – The conclusion of the work, where you should summarize the conclusions. It is not forbidden to use rhetorical questions.

Making A Plan

Writing an essay without a clear system will be impossible. Like any other work, the essay should include:

  • An introduction introduces the listener to the issue being raised. The introduction sets the very mood of the essay, which will be carried through the entire text.
  • The main part. It is in this part of the essay that the author’s true view of the problem is delivered, supported by arguments and arguments.
  • The final part involves summarizing the conclusions. After reading the conclusions, the reader should think about the problem raised, reflect on what was said, and come to his position.

Start your work with the point of drawing up a plan. Outline in it the main thoughts and ideas that should be reflected. Then the creative process will be easy and relaxed, even for someone who does not have outstanding writing ability.

As part of the course, students will be exposed to typical mistakes made by past graduates. This will avoid problems when creating a prose essay.

Under the tutors’ guidance, students will learn to highlight the problem posed by the author of the source text, as well as to illustrate similar situations based on sources from literature, cinema, etc.

Tutors will help develop a competent text structure that the author will use to write his or her work.

Thanks to the timely support of a specialist, even a lagging pupil can get a high score for the written part of the Unified State Exam, which will facilitate the entrance to university for in-demand specialties.

There are generally accepted rules for creating a creative essay, as well as individual requirements for, for example, an essay for admission to graduate and postgraduate programs. If a schoolboy observes them, he is guaranteed to get a high grade for his essay.

General Requirements

An essay is a creative work that is imperative to address the reader. Therefore, the work should begin with the phrase “I want to tell”, “In my opinion”. At the end of the essay, the phrase “I have come to the following conclusions” is used. Such phrases will be an excellent opportunity for the author to focus on the full and detailed disclosure of new information. The personal appeal to the reader avoids cluttering the text with unnecessary official details. It takes a lot of time and attention to writing a good essay. If you don’t have that opportunity, find the best essay writing service on reddit to get qualified help.

Typical Mistakes

Students can only assume what topic they will get to create an essay. Therefore, typical mistakes are very often made along the way of creating a paper, which can result in a lower overall score on the test.

  • Poor checking and proofreading. Checkers are very scrupulous about spell checking. So be sure to follow the rules of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. After writing the draft, read the text, and make sure that the written phrases do not contradict each other. Be sure to remove unfortunate turns of phrase. 
  • Tiresome prefaces. If the text does not sufficiently spell out the details of the topic raised, the essay will be a loser. For the article to be interesting, then you should be sure to support any thesis with an illustration from the source text. This can be done in the form of citations. Remember that it is not necessary to lead the reader to the thought for a long time, on the contrary, you should quickly enter the main part of the essay and begin to think about the important issues.
  • Versatility. An essay is not a multi-volume essay, but a text that should be placed in the interval of 150 to 250 words. Therefore, the author should know how to properly distribute this volume according to the outlined plan. If possible, refrain from details, and reflections on the topic. Give clear talking points and arguments, coloring them with your unique authorial style.
  • Long sentences. Brevity is the sister of talent. This phrase perfectly depicts a frequent mistake many candidates make. Don’t write essays in excessively long sentences. Use short sentences that will grab the reader’s attention.
  • Lack of logic. To avoid difficulty in perceiving the text, be sure to reread the article after creating it. If you feel that when you read the sentences are lost in thought, then rework them. Break the paragraph into smaller paragraphs, and make the sentences more clingy and vivid. The lack of long sentences and paragraphs reduces the risk of punctuation errors.
  • Do not overload the text. The essay is the author’s thoughts on a given topic, it’s not a scientific study. Therefore, discard the official concepts and definitions prescribed in the encyclopedia. Use words that will attract the listener’s attention and increase the importance of the work.
  • Template. Showing the individuality of the article is very important. The committee should see in the lines the personality of the author. His position in life, and his opinion on current issues. Include in the text a unique, unique syllable. Your work will become appealing, interesting, and exciting.
  • Misrepresentation. Very often, to impress the examiner, the author puts into the article an individual rather than a generally accepted opinion. You should not do so. Be sure to quote primary sources, but back up the lines with your thoughts: whether you agree with them or not. Be honest, but be positive.
  • Remember that those who check the work are ordinary people who want to read an enjoyable and engaging text. Argue, and prove any of your thesis. Then the grade for your work will be high.

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