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Are Academic Essay Writing Services Worth It
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Are Academic Essay Writing Services Worth It?

Admit it: You’ve thought about it. If you’re like most students, you’ve probably wondered whether you should pay for academic writing services, but you’re not sure if they are worth it. There are both pros and cons to paying for academic writing services. To help you make an informed decision, this article will look at why students want to pay for college papers, what happens when you hire writers to write them, and whether professional writing services are worth the money. When you’ve evaluated the evidence, we think you’ll agree that an academic essay writing service, similar to Smart Writing Service, can be the right choice in some circumstances. 

So, to get started, let’s ask why students want to pay for online essays to be written from scratch by academic experts.

Why Students Need Academic Essays

The common stereotype of the student who buys an essay is a rich kid who is too lazy to do their own work. But that stereotype is from another era. Today, the majority of students aren’t just students. Indeed, 81 percent of part time students also have a job, as do 43 percent of full time students. And that’s only the start of the demands on modern students’ time. Many students are also responsible for family members, whether they be their children, their aging parents, or sometimes both. Students also feel the pressure to perform in extracurricular activities, whether they be sports, clubs, etc. With so many demands on students’ time even before factoring in study time and class time, the stereotype of the lazy student is a remnant of another era. 

In addition, many students today do not have the writing skills necessary to produce high-quality essays fast. There are several reasons for this. First, many students arrive on campus without the college readiness skills of years past. Most colleges now send the majority of their freshmen to at least on remedial courses, and that means that a growing number of students do not have college-level writing skills when they start college. That makes essay writing hard. A significant number of students also come from abroad and many do not speak English as a first language. This can negatively impact how efficiently they can write their essays.

Turning To An Academic Writing Service Online

It’s no wonder that students are looking for writing help. When they go in search of help, they tend to have three priorities: The help needs to be fast, it needs to be affordable, and it needs to be legit. Your school likely provides free writing tutoring services, but these services are often superficial and don’t add a lot of value if your overall problem involves getting started. There are also a number of inexpensive online services that offer low-quality alternatives. Paper-sharing sites, for example, let students share papers with one another, but sharing papers means that you are getting work that has been submitted before and is likely in a plagiarism detection database waiting to bite you if you make a mistake working with the paper you downloaded. Some writing services charge impossibly low prices, and they do so because they are using writers who don’t speak English as a first language or they deliver papers filled with plagiarism. Indeed, plagiarism is a constant threat for students who buy papers online. That’s why a writing service is only worth the money if you know you’re getting original work.

What Writing Services Are Worth It?

With so many risks, you might be wondering if writing services are worth it. The answer is that they can be worth it if you put in the time and effort to find a service that can deliver exactly what you need. This means that you need to find a service that is safe and reliable, and one that will deliver completely original work on your topic. When you go in search of a service to help you with your work, exercise some basic quality control measures:

Does the service have a good reputation?

A service is more likely to be worth the money if it has a good reputation. Ask around and see if your friends and classmates have used the service and if they had a positive experience with it. Services that have many happy clients, including people you know personally, are more likely to be reliable and effective than those that have strings of complaints or that no one has heard of at all.

Does the service’s website look professional?

It’s important to check out the service’s website and look to see if it looks professional. If a site doesn’t look professional, it’s not likely that professionals are running it. While it’s easy to download a professional-looking template, it’s not as easy to make sure the writing on the website is good. Read the site and see if the text makes sense. If there are a lot of grammar and spelling errors, you should be wary about the quality of writing that the service can deliver for you.

Does the service use professional writers?

A reliable service should be able to tell you who will be writing your paper. That doesn’t mean that they have to share the writer’s name, but you should be able to verify the writer’s credentials. For example, a reliable service’s writers should have advanced degrees in their field, such as a master’s or PhD, and the service should be able to explain to you the vetting process to ensure the writers’ quality. 

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