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How To Select The Right Living Aids For The Elderly Parents

How To Select The Right Living Aids For The Elderly Parents     

Living aids are designed for older people to help them do things they cannot carry out for themselves or are problematic. As your parents age, many daily tasks that were once easy become harder to carry out without assistance. If that is the case with the aged member of your family, it may be time to consider purchasing living aids for the elderly to make their lives easier.

Benefits Of Living Aids For Elderly People

Living aids are objects that assist in performing daily tasks. Older adults can use these to make their lives easier and less dependent on others. For instance, if old age has taken its toll on an individual’s hands, this may mean that they no longer have the physical strength to do normal daily chores like getting dressed. 

There are dressing sticks that help pull clothing over the head or down to the feet. There are also a variety of aids meant for eating, such as special cutlery or holders that help keep food stable while being eaten.

Some living aids can even promote safety and mobility in elderly individuals. For example, walkers and canes provide stability when walking and minimise the risk of falls. Some gloves help individuals get more grip on objects.

Factors To Consider When Buying Living Aids For Elderly People

When considering the purchase of living aids for your elder, there are some things one can think about to make the process simpler. Some important points include:

Age and Ability: 

The age of a person and their abilities will determine what living aids they need. For instance, someone with good agility and mobility may only need a dressing stick, while a less mobile individual will require a walker.

Purpose of the Living Aid: 

The purpose of a living aid is essential to consider. For example, if the older adult needs help with bathing, then a bath seat would be ideal. If they need assistance with dressing, a dressing stick would be more appropriate.


Living aids can range in price depending on their function and durability. It is crucial to choose an affordable solution and one that will last.

Which Living Aids To Buy?

Elderly parents should also be asked about their preferences when choosing living aids. If they are resistant or non-responsive, it may be helpful to offer various types of products so that the family can decide what will work best for the elderly parent.

There are many different living aids to choose from, such as:

  • Bed lift systems raise the mattress to help older adults sit up in bed.
  • Bathtub rails can be attached to bathtubs for safety and security when moving about the bathroom. They prevent accidents that cause injury, such as slipping on wet floors or falling against sharp corners.
  • Toilet risers are intended for use in toilets, where they help the elderly sit or stand up more quickly. When attached, they raise the seat’s height by about two or three inches.
  • Walkers provide support when walking and minimise the risk of falls. They come in various styles, so it is essential to find one comfortable for the older adult.
  • Bath safety seats can be used in the shower or bathtub and have a variety of straps to keep the older adult stable and safe.
  • Grab bars for showers or bathtubs are for grabbing onto something for balance and safety while using the shower or tub to prevent slips and falls.
  • Bath mats are large mats placed in the bathtub to help the elderly stay safe when getting in and out.

Wrapping Up

When it comes time to select living aids for elderly parents, it is essential to understand their specific needs. With enough research, anyone can find living aids that are both beneficial and comfortable for their loved ones. By making the right choices, families can ensure that elderly parents can live safely and comfortably in their own homes. 

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