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Is Champion A Good Brand

Is Champion A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

Is champions a good brand? If you’re one of those asking if the champion clothing brand is a good brand, your search ends here.

This article will reveal everything there is to know about the Champion brand like the following;

  • Why Champion is a good brand
  • Their product library
  • The reason behind their success
  • Innovations
  • Why do people wear Champion products
  • What makes champions popular
  • etc

As a human being, you need good clothes that won’t wear out in the short run. This is the primary reason most people search for quality clothing brands.

Furthermore, dressing well enables you to gain self-confidence, which is vital because a good clothing style can reveal your personality.

Therefore, is Champion a good brand?

Yes, Champion is a good clothing brand. They specialize in making athletic apparel, hoodies, sportswear, socks, and many more amazing products.

The champion clothing brand has been in existence for more than 90 years. Also, in that time frame, they have grown into one of the reliable names in the sportswear industry.

Champion has been there for all major events to provide athletes with top-quality t-shirts, tracksuits, and other variety of sportswear.

Although you can’t compare them to Givenchy, Louis Vuitton or Gucci, they are still a powerhouse to be reckoned with.

What Are The Reasons Behind The Champion’s Success Story?

Champion didn’t just become a successful clothing brand overnight; many things contributed to their success story.

Here Are Some Of The Notable Things That Made Champions’ Clothing Brand A Success.


Versatility is one of the selling points of the champion brand. Champion makes a wide range of sportswear and streetwear that you can wear anywhere.

Although, Champion is presently more luxurious than in the early 90s. It is rated as one of the most in-demand clothing brands.

You can find Champion in the streets, sports arena, and music scenes.

Finest quality

Premium quality is another reason many people became attached to the champion clothing brand.

Champion pride itself on making top-quality clothing products of the highest quality standards, making them trusted and reliable.

Furthermore, Champion uses high-tech machinery and top-quality fabrics to manufacture its products.

A perfect example is their fleece jackets and sweatshirts, which many people like because Champion doesn’t compromise on their quality.


Champion has a variety of sportswear and streetwear available for sale, and they provide multiple options on whatever product you want to buy.

Another amazing reason Champion has become a successful brand is because they move with the trends and expand their product library to meet market demands.

For this reason, you can find Champion fashion products in many conventional stores because of its huge market demand.

Sportswear for all sexes

Champion clothing line makes high-quality clothes for both men and women. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular because men and women patronize them.

Also, Champion has extended their collection of jerseys, jackets and hoodies for kids.

Champion Innovations And Their Impact

The Champion brand gained so much popularity because of its connection to professional sportsmen and women.

Moreover, the professional athletes weren’t solely responsible for Champion’s success. The secret ingredient to Champion’s success was their high-quality products and cutting-edge innovations.

In the early 70s, Champion produced the double-sided reversible t-shirts to the sportswear marketplace and invented the breathable mesh fabric.

Furthermore, the American basketball league adopted the breathable mesh fabric to be their standard for uniforms globally.

With that said, take a look at the notable inventions from Champion.

The hoodie

The hoodie is Champion’s most popular invention, and it was invented in the early 30s. They added hoods to regular sweatshirts to provide added protection against cold and flu.

Unknowingly to Champion, they had invented what would become one of the most loved and accepted fashion clothing of our time.

In the early 80s, the hoodie transformed from sportswear to popular streetwear in no time. Athletes, artists and performers alike all loved the hoodie.

Even today, the hoodie is still a popular clothing style among men, women and teens.

Reverse weave

Besides the hoodie, Champion also created another product in 1938 called the reverse weave that put them on the map as one of the pioneers in the sportswear industry.

The reverse weave is a popular fashion material in athletic sweatshirts that helps to protect clothes from heat and shrinkage.

In other words, it extended the lifespan of sweatshirts.

Can the Champion Reverse weave hoodie and sweatshirts shrink after wash?

Before you invest your money in Champion reverse weave hoodies and sweatshirts, you may want to ask the following questions;

  • Is Champion a good brand?
  • Do champion reverse weave hoodies and sweatshirts shrink?

Although it is good to seek answers to the questions above, rest assured that Champion reverse weave sweatshirts do not shrink.

In addition, it would be devastating to purchase a sweatshirt, and it shrinks after a few months; no one wants that.

So, Can The Champion Hoodies And Sweatshirts Shrink After Wash?

The short and direct answer is no.

The Champion hoodies and sweatshirts can’t shrink because they were manufactured through a horizontal knitting method that increases durability and resists vertical shrinkage.

Meanwhile, Why Do Many People Wear Champion Products?

Many people patronize the Champion brand because they are affordable, comfortable, high quality and durable.

Champion makes trendy sweatpants, t-shirts, shorts and sweatshirts that appeal to customers and bring out the beauty in you.

How Did Champion Become So Popular?

The Champion brand became popular due to these three major factors, and they are listed below;

Diversification in the marketplace which allows them to be recognized

The Champion brand serves two markets: clothing lines sold via retailers and custom-made athletic wear.

By leveraging these two markets, Champion can sell its products directly to retail markets and consumers.

Furthermore, diversification helps them to explore new profitable markets that are untapped.

Leveraging social media influencing

Champion was among the first major companies to leverage influencer marketing in the fashion industry to generate leads.

They used social media influencers to make their brand popular among millennials. Furthermore, Champion benefited from its social media strategy in the following ways.

Connecting to a wider marketplace

By using social media influencers, Champion reached their target audience and more people who had the potential to patronize them.

For instance, Gen Z and millennials are the profitable target audience that easily boosts sales.

Enhancing trust and credibility in prospective customers

Social media influencers are professionals in their field who have built a solid relationship and reputation in their industry, which is why fans love them.

Therefore, since their followers trust them, they can easily sway their followers to get involved with a brand that they like.

Alas, this was how Champion built a remarkable relationship with their customer base and endeared themselves in their hearts.

Following the trends

One other selling point of Champion is that they love to follow trends but with a distinction. Instead of copying the new trendy design, they’ll rather modify their vintage design to look more modern.

Champion Hoodie Buying Guide

With everything you’ve read so far, is Champion a good brand? I guess the answer is a resounding YES.

However, let’s proceed to the champion hoodie buying guide.

When you want to purchase your champion hoodie, there are some things you need to keep in mind, and they are;


You should pick the loopback or fleece back cotton for your Champion hoodie fabric because they are the best fabric available.

Furthermore, the loopback or fleece back cotton fabric is easy to wash and very comfortable to wear.


Hoodies don’t come in skinny designs, so if you love to wear a hoodie under your fit denim jacket, look for one that looks good on you.

You could also buy the oversized hoodie that agrees with the street culture that made it popular in the first place.


For color, grey, black and navy are not so popular. Furthermore, khaki, brown and off-white can be appealing to those who want a neutral look.

However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, a bold yellow or red hoodie will get the job done.

What The Future Holds For Champion Clothing Brand

Champion’s creative designs transformed the sportswear industry, and they are not done yet.

From Chance the rapper wearing a Champion hoodie while performing on stage to Rihanna wearing Champion in photo shoots. Everyone is a part of the trend.

Therefore, you should be a part of it.

Furthermore, their partnerships with big-name streetwear brands like, Off-White, Vetements, Beams, Monkey Time, and many others have made them a formidable brand.

The Bottom Line

Is Champion a good brand?

Yes, Champion is a good brand that makes incredible fashion that many people are happy to associate with.

Champion makes top-quality clothes that are comfortable, durable and trendy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for sportswear, socks, t-shirts, hoodie, joggers, shorts, or sweatshirts; they have them available and in many colors.

Get a Champion product today.

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