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Is iCanvas Legit

Is iCanvas Legit? Review & Opinion

One of the leading online art stores is iCanvas. Since its inception, the brand has provided high-standard artworks, welcomed artists transcending borders, and encouraged creativity.

But is iCanvas legit? So many buyers and curious enthusiasts seem to be concerned with the legitimacy of the platform. It is because operating and steering through the site is a little tricky for some.

This article will provide a thorough review of iCanvas and provide an honest opinion on its reliability. Let’s get started!

What Is iCanvas?

Before diving into the factors related to its legitimacy, we’d like to give you a brief idea of what iCanvas actually is.

iCanvas is a platform where wall artworks and canvases are sold. However, it is much more than an online marketplace. It is a community that curates, creates, provides, and supports art. Their tagline “We Heart Art” represents everything the brand stands for.

Working with innumerable artists across the earth, iCanvas helps people find art that matches their tastes and preferences. A well-curated collection is arranged for the buyers, and the system helps with the entire selection process.

But the website does not merely sell products. In fact, it facilitates different types of concoctions that breathe refinement and creativity. Here, the ultimate goal is to bridge the distance between the artist, his art, and the enthusiast seeking it.

Product Types 

Collaborating with different artists and incorporating various styles, iCanvas ensures that all its customers are provided with the best quality products. If customers are not satisfied with their purchase, they can even return it without paying any extra shipping charge. We will discuss the details of free shipping in a different section.

For now, let’s take a look at iCanvas’ product types, artists, and styles. Four types of products (canvas, framed canvas, split canvas, framed print) are sold on the website. Besides, there are some common subjects and styles. While purchasing, make sure you don’t mix up subjects and styles as they can be quite different.

Some of the most popular subjects are Abstract Art, Christmas Art, Motivational Art, Scenic Landscapes, Nature, Places, Fashion, Animals, etc. Besides, there is a “Kids” subject that has a selection of artwork for children. One of the most requested subjects is Pop Culture, which includes music, TV shows, movies, etc.

Moving forward to the styles, both digital and analog artworks are sold on the website. The regular artworks consist of decorative art, typography or lettering, folk art, fine art, street art, etc. 

Furthermore, watercolor, oil painting, sketches, and finger painting are also included. Digital art includes line art, photography, mixed media, etc.

The artists featured on the website are divided into several sections. “Masters” includes classic and timeless artists like Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, etc. 

Other than that, contemporary fine artists, designers, photographers, illustrators, and alternative artists are featured as well. Trending artists are highlighted by the platform, helping them garner more attention.

Product Quality

The most sold products on iCanvas are the canvases. To maintain complete transparency and to give us an idea about the quality of their product, they have provided a complete preparation guide on their website.

There are 5 stages of canvas art production. At first, a premium-quality image is selected. Experts make sure that the image with the highest resolution is worked on. If it’s a customized product, the customer must provide high-quality pictures.

Then, the quality of the ingredients is to be considered. Here, poly-cotton canvases are used as a base. Just like in regular clothes, cotton is an absorbing material, and polyester is an emitting one. Having both these components will mean that the artwork will maintain and perfectly display colors simultaneously.

To make sure the color can remain durable and resist damage, high-quality Epson ink is used. Even the wood used in the frames is top-tier. On top of everything, the solid cardboard packaging protects the outcome well. 

Customized Service

If you visit the iCanvas website, you will receive customized services in many different ways. And it is only not only limited to custom-made artworks. In every step of navigation, you will observe facilities catered specifically for you. Let’s take a look at the two of the most prominent customized services.

Personal Account

You have the option of creating a personal account on the platform. Having your own account will provide you access to custom commodities and notifications.

If you have an account, the website will be able to keep track of all your past orders. Besides, you can save your preferred artworks. In case you change your username or delivery address, you can easily do it using your account. It will also save time and make the process smoother.

While having a personal account has all these benefits, you won’t need it to make a purchase. This is the best part cause the users don’t feel pressured to make an account.

Custom-Made Product

Not all art selling platforms offer customization options when it comes to products. But iCanvas not only allows it but also encourages it. To provide custom images, you will need to create an account first because your account is where your image and its data will be stored. 

Upon uploading the image, iCanvas designers will edit it using their professional techniques. You will also be shown the edited image for confirmation. 

The specifications and policies related to custom images are all provided on their website. One downside to this entire process is that the website does not allow custom sizes. You’ll have to select from their given sizes. 

Payment Options

One of the easiest ways to determine the legitimacy of a marketplace is to go through its payment options. Online shopping can be deceitful, so you must pay only using legal and trusted methods.

At iCanvas, no orders are taken via phone calls or mails to maintain security. Their website is the only place where you can make purchases. Payment can be made using PayPal or credit cards. The credit cards accepted by the site are Visa Card, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover.

Other than the conventional payment method, there is another method supported by the site called “Klarna.” Klarna allows users to either pay monthly or in installments. By choosing the monthly option, you can pay a certain amount every month. However, to activate this option, you need to purchase at least one-fifty-dollar worth of products and open a Klarna account during order processing. 

As for the installment option, it can be done through 4 segments. You don’t need a separate Klarna account for enabling this option. Here, the minimum amount of purchase is thirty-five dollars.

Additional Services

If you require further proof of the validity of this brand, check out these exclusive services. While customer service is a core facility that should be provided by every organization, providing scholarships is truly an additional service that makes them unique.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, iCanvas tries to emulate the sincerity observed in their products. The delivery is always on time, and exchange/returns are done seamlessly. 

If you don’t like the product and return it within a month, you will also receive free shipping. Original customer reviews are provided by the users on the iCanvas website. Apart from the option to rate the service, one can also leave comments. 

Scholarship Offers

At the very beginning, we have mentioned how harmonious and supportive iCanvas is when it comes to art. It truly believes that the goal of spreading art across the globe can be filled with the emergence of more artists.

With this objective, the platform offers a whopping one-thousand-dollar scholarship for aspiring art students. The scholarship is being offered from the year 2017, and the selected artworks of all the previous winners are proudly displayed on the webpage.

There are a few rules on entry. For example, you need to be a verified art student to enroll in this program. Again, it is only limited to students who reside in the U.S. To check out all the application rules, visit their website.

Wrapping Up

Still wondering, is iCanvas legit? We left the biggest proof for the conclusion. If you still have questions about the legitimacy of the brand, you must know that it is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Its A+ rating shows how trustworthy it is under the eye of this renowned rating system.

In conclusion, iCanvas is a perfectly secure online store. So what are you waiting for? Get your wall canvas now! Good luck!

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