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Is Newegg Safe

Is Newegg Safe? What To Know About The Computer Store

Newegg is a legitimate website. According to Newsweek magazine in 2020, it was ranked fifth as the best online shopping platform. It was ranked 26th in the same period among a long list of over 500 e-commerce websites. Digital Commerce 360, leading research and fact-finding website that specializes in the commerce industry, prepared the rating.

What Is Newegg?

Fred Chang, the founder, and CEO of Newegg founded the company in 2001 to sell computer hardware, consumer electronics, graphics cards, and more. It serves 36 million customers in 50 countries and has grown to approximately 1,500 employees since its founding. Newegg also sells its own products. Nonetheless, it relies on third parties to sell most of its goods at a cheaper price than well-known retail outlets such as Amazon. The fulfillment centers of Newegg enable it to ship electronic goods within a few days. Customers who want to sell their products on the Newegg platform can choose to have the company handle it for a small fee.

How Did Newegg Get Its Name?

The company name might indicate that the primary retail of oval-shaped items is represented by the egg symbol. This is not the case.

The Newegg name actually represents hope for e-commerce, especially during its difficult and almost unknown phases. Due to the symbolism of growth and potential associated with an egg, the brand is called Egg.

How Is Newegg So Cheap?

Newegg sells its products at a relatively low price. This is possible because they purchase the goods directly from the companies and sell them to a wide range of consumers.

They are able to present a price tag comfortably below the average for their industry because of their many sales. The market share capitalization they have allows them to remain profitable even when they sell below factory price.

Is Newegg Safe?

Among the best online retailers for purchasing consumer electronics, Newegg has earned a reputation for being one of the best. Any products that are sold by the company itself and that you purchase from their store are legal and safe. The company also has third-party vendors that must undergo a rigorous approval process before they can sell on Newegg. 

To ensure quality standards are met, all computer hardware and consumer electronics sold by third parties are reviewed individually.

Based on the buyer’s experience and feedback, third-party vendors receive a seller rating that indicates their trustworthiness. At Newegg, customers’ privacy is extremely important. The platform is also free of viruses and malware. Their online store is generally very safe and enjoyable to shop in. 

Is Newegg A Reliable Company?

In terms of reliability and trustworthiness, Newegg is just as good as Amazon, Walmart, and Target. The company sells a variety of products. So, you can expect good quality products. As the company offers consumer electronics, there is a chance you will receive dead products upon delivery (DOA). The product you purchase from Newegg can be returned for repair, replacement, or refund if it is defective. Their return and refund policies are straightforward.

However, if you plan to buy products from third-party vendors on Newegg, be aware that you will be subject to the seller’s terms and conditions. This is where you should carefully read the seller’s return and restocking policy as well as return shipping label policies. Third-party vendors other than Newegg do not have a consistent return policy.

How Reliable Are Newegg Sellers?

On Newegg’s platform, sellers are subjected to certain scrutiny and constant assessment. Newegg’s pre-fulfillment void ratio is the ratio of orders that were not completed by a seller versus those that were fulfilled. Sellers on the platform must maintain this ratio below 2.5% or they will be sanctioned.

There is also a customer feedback rating based on the reviews of those who have successfully purchased through the platform. On a seller’s profile, a rating of 4 or 5 indicates that they are reliable. A seller with a rating of 3 eggs is considered decent, whereas sellers with ratings below that are considered poor.

Third-party sellers are rated and reviewed so buyers can decide which seller to purchase from. In addition, these sellers can be contacted via email or phone if necessary. Simply click on the seller’s name on the product’s page to access their contact information.

Pros And Cons Of Newegg


  • There are many categories to choose from, from computer hardware to graphics cards to office supplies.
  • It’s a great place to get consumer electronics at an unbelievable price.
  • A well-developed filter system allows buyers to search for exactly what they are looking for.
  • A computer-focused customer base reviews products at a level that rivals other retailers.
  • An excellent place for technical support related to computer hardware and software.


  • Inflating the price of consumer electronics artificially is not something Newegg does.
  • The customer service, in particular, isn’t great.
  • When purchasing from third-party vendors, there are no uniform return and refund policies.

Is Newegg A Good Company?

Buyers and sellers from all over the world can place orders with Newegg. Newegg is committed to providing exceptional customer satisfaction to most of the party. They also make sure that a defective product is replaced if the buyer receives it. Newegg also provides third-party vendors with an affordable way to buy computer hardware and consumer electronics in bulk.

Scalpers, who buy graphic cards and resell them at two to three times the original price, have been questioned as to whether it is ethical. It has been argued that price gouging is unfair to customers. The company does not actively go after scalpers, but they have created a new drawing system called Newegg Shuffle which indirectly stops them. Sadly, the chances of winning graphics cards at the original price are extremely low.

Final Thoughts

You can buy products from Newegg with confidence. The website is secured by SSL technology. Credit card information entered during payment is also safe and cannot be retrieved by hackers.

There hasn’t been a single complaint regarding payment methods integrated with the platform. There have been no illegal charges or unsafe payment environments reported. Customers can also return items to Newegg if they are not satisfied with the products or if they have changed their minds after purchasing them.

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