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Lash Packaging Ideas

30 Lash Packaging Ideas: Attractive Ideas  

Are you a business person looking for the best lash packaging ideas? Today eyelashes are among the most demanded beauty products. 

They make the eyelid appear shiny and fuller. Because of their high demand, the competition for selling eyelashes is ever-increasing. 

To stand out, you need to have more innovative and attractive packaging. The packaging design should also reflect your brand’s identity. This article lists some of the best lash packaging ideas to choose from. 

30 Lash Packaging Ideas

There are many eyelash packaging ideas, but these are our thirty best. Your customers, friends, and family will surely love them. 

1. Christmas Lash Box

Christmas Lash Box

This packaging idea is best for the Christmas period. The lash packaging box is customized with “Merry Christmas” messages, which makes it a great Christmas gift. You can send it to your girlfriend, mother, lover, or sister.

2. Colorful Eyelashes Boxes

Colorful Eyelashes Boxes

They are available in various colors, i.e., red, yellow, orange, and more. Your customers will have the chance to choose the color they love. Their design is also thoughtful; someone can easily view and select eyelashes without opening the case. 

3. Diamond Glitter Lash Boxes 

Diamond Glitter Lash Boxes 

Besides being available in different colors, these lash boxes are decorated with diamond-colored glitter. They appear more high-end and beautiful than most lash boxes on the list. 

The boxes are also easy to open or close, which saves time during packaging, and makes it quick to view the eyelashes. 

4. Customized Lash Box with Company Logo 

Customized Lash Box with Company Logo

If you intend to sell your brand, this lash packaging idea is for you. Various styles of lash boxes can be customized with your company logo or name. 

All you need is to find a whole seller who can offer you bulk lash boxes at a fantastic price and input the company logo and name.

5. Purple Eyelash Box with Clear PVC 

Purple Eyelash Box with Clear PVC

These holographic eyelash packaging boxes are outstanding. The clear PVC allows one to check the eyelashes without opening the box. You can also add details on the packaging, such as your company names, birthday or wedding wishes, etc. 

Lastly, there are many colors to choose from; pick various colors to offer your customers choices.

6. Lash Box with a Quote  

Lash Box with a Quote 

Today, the world is so fast-paced thus we use much energy to live. Other than just sending lashes, you can inspire someone by printing a quote inside the box. 

Motivational quotes offer a timely and quick burst of wisdom that helps people regain their focus. Plus, it’ll make your customers feel more connected to your brand because it cares about them. 

7. White and Gold Diamond Custom Lash 

hite and Gold Diamond Custom Lash 

The color combination makes the lash package exceptional, and you can make it more personal by adding your brand name or logo. 

The packaging also has an excellent shape that makes it appear elegant. It’s the best choice for a business that wants to associate itself with high-end products. 

8. 3D Mink Eyelashes Box 

3D Mink Eyelashes Box

The 3D lash box will be crucial in selling your brand as high-end. This design is catchier and will attract more customers –  if you advertise and sell online. 

Besides offering total protection to your eyelashes, the packaging will differentiate you from your competitors.

9. Eye Lash Box + Manual

Eye Lash Box + Manual

You can add a manual on how to apply eyelashes to your packaging. This will help you sell to new customers trying lashes for the first time. Ensure the manual is simple, with few but detailed steps.

10. Eye Lash Box with Butterfly Print  

Eye Lash Box with Butterfly Print 

Do you want people to associate your brand with positivity? If yes, you should pick this packaging. 

In addition to offering total protection to your eyelashes, it symbolizes nature’s beauty, transformation, and rebirth. For decades, the butterfly has been a popular subject in art, and today, its print is used in many packaging.

11. Small Tins 

Small Tins 

The small tins offer excellent protection to the eyelashes and are affordable. Many people use these small-sized tins to store candy, minor cosmetics, etc. They are also a great option if you intend to ship your lashes over a long distance using a vehicle. 

The tins prevent eyelashes from getting damaged or crushed and keep the eyelashes clean and organized. In addition, their locking design prevents the lashes from falling out. Various manufacturers offer a vast and affordable selection of these tins. 

12. Money Lash Boxes 

Money Lash Boxes

Who doesn’t love money? Everyone loves money, whether a child, teenager, or adult. You can make your lash packaging stunning by customizing them using money prints. Money always looks good, even if it isn’t real. 

13. Clear Lash Box with Bead Decoration

Clear Lash Box with Bead Decoration

The clear lash box allows customers to look at and choose the lashes they like without opening and touching them. It also has a fantastic design. 

The decorative beads make the box more stylish and add character to it. Your teen customers will surely love this packaging because of its beauty. 

14. Love Lash Box 

Love Lash Box 

This fantastic packaging idea can be used for various projects such as valentine’s, love, romance, etc. You can ask a professional to help you create a better version of this or buy those already made. 

15. Eyelash Box with Shiny Card 

Eyelash Box with Shiny Card

This box is best for handling high-end eyelashes. Each comes with a color card that looks shiny under the lights. The storage box will protect the lashes from being damaged or crushed, thus maintaining their beauty. 

Lastly, this eyelash box is light and portable. You can carry it in your wallet or handbag when traveling. 

16. Glittering Lash Box 

Glittering Lash Box

The glittering lash boxes come in different colors, i.e., gold, silver, diamond, etc., and are attractive. The glitter lash box is made from high-quality paper, and the tray is also made from durable plastic. 

Both materials are reliable and won’t harm the eyelashes. The box is also waterproof, meaning it protects the lashes from moisture. This packaging is ideal for gifts for your mother, lover, or female friend. 

17. Eyelash Storage with Mirror 

Eyelash Storage with Mirror

This eyelash case has a makeup mirror and can store up to three pairs of glamorous lashes. The lash case is compact and thus will only take up a little space in the purse or cosmetic bag. Additionally, it’s made from safe material and has no peculiar smell. 

18. Circle Lash Packaging Case 

Circle Lash Packaging Case 

The gold color gives this lash packaging case an exquisite appearance. In addition to its beautiful gold surface, the case has a glass mirror on the lid. You can use this mirror to check out your eyelash and beauty. 

This gold-colored packaging case can be an excellent gift for a girlfriend, mom, etc. They’ll love the beautiful appearance of the case. 

19. Three Layer Circle Eyelash Box with Mirror 

Three Layer Circle Eyelash Box with Mirror

The box can hold three pairs of false eyelashes, which offers convenience when going out. The mirror allows a person to remove or put the false eyelashes at any time. Lastly, it has a portable size, making it easy to carry in a makeup handbag or bag. 

20. Eyelashes Packaging Box – Mini Suitcase  

Eyelashes Packaging Box – Mini Suitcase 

It comes in a variety of rich colors – a total of nine. The eyelash box also carries several eyelashes at a time, which most people like. 

Besides eyelashes, this box can store hair clips, candy, and more. They are great for birthday parties, travel parties, and more.

21. Soft Square Lash Box 

Soft Square Lash Box

The square lash box has a window design in the middle that allows one to see the style of the false lashes before selecting and using them. This saves them from the hassle of opening the lash boxes. 

The built-in tray ensures the lashes are safe from damage, and its lightweight makes it easy to carry. The packaging box’s bright color makes it beautiful.

22. Lash Tray Holders   

Lash Tray Holders 

The rectangle tray holders are best for beauty salons, homes, and those traveling. They’re very lightweight and compact; you can quickly put them into your backpacks or cosmetic bags. The holders are also easy to open and close, so you can effortlessly access your lashes anywhere.

23. Acrylic Eyelash Packaging 

Acrylic Eyelash Packaging

This packaging will make your product appear high-end. The box is made from transparent acrylic material, similar to plastic. The acrylic material is high-quality and will keep the eyelashes safe from damage.

24. Ten Layer Acrylic Eyelash Storage Box 

Ten Layer Acrylic Eyelash Storage Box

This eyelash storage box is made from acrylic, which is crystal clear. It allows one to check out the eyelashes quickly. Its 10 layers offer enough space to hold several eyelashes. 

The box’s flip design prevents dust from reaching the eyelashes keeping them clean. The acrylic material is also quite durable, which makes this tool best for professional beauty salons and personal use. 

25. Eyelash Box with Internal Glitter Background 

Eyelash Box with Internal Glitter Background

The rectangular eyelash box has a glitter paper background designed to match the case nicely. Its overall design takes it to another level. 

This eyelash box comes in various colors, i.e., red, yellow, etc. It can also be used in multiple crafts, such as cardmaking, scrapbooking, etc. 

26. Rose Gold Glitter Sparkle Eye Lashes 

Rose Gold Glitter Sparkle Eye Lashes

You can customize this packaging idea as a present for almost all events, such as birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and more. 

It’ll make your customer or the guest feel special. The material is also high-quality and will offer total protection to your lashes. 

27. Pink Glitter Lash Box 

Pink Glitter Lash Box

This hot pink glitter label will make your brand stand out. Its shiny appearance makes it eye-catching, and teens will love it the most. You can customize it with your business logo and slogan to make it more personal.

28. Book Design Eyelash Box 

Book Design Eyelash Box

This book design eyelash box is unique and offers a different feel to your products. It can keep several lashes clean, dry, and organized. It provides convenience and is the best gift for mom and girlfriend. You can find it in various colors, including gold, rose, purple, etc.

29. Custom Backwoods Eyelash Package 

Custom Backwoods Eyelash Package

This packaging is customized with a lashes image on its top. It sells the product even before the customer opens it to check it out. 

They are available in appealing and attractive colors like silver, brown, etc. You should stock them in various colors to offer your customers options. 

30. Valentines Day Packaging 

Valentines Day Packaging

The valentines packaging idea is not only applicable to valentines. It can be used for all types of romance, like a marriage anniversary. Roses have spiced up the packaging to make it lovelier and more appealing. 


You need to be flexible regarding lash packaging ideas because there are many options. The best way to package eyelashes is by using boxes. They are available in different colors, shapes, sizes, etc. 

Choose lash boxes that match your brand and are also functional. But ensure it’s high quality and attractive; ladies love beautiful things. You can customize your packaging with your company logo or quote to make it more personal.  

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