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Logan Paul vs. Jake Paul..

Logan Paul Vs. Jake Paul – Who Will Win?

Since YouTube Sensation- Logan Paul battle Floyd Mayweather recently, the question on everyone’s lips is who will win a fight between Paul and Jake, who happens to be the younger brother. Paul was raised in Ohio alongside his little brother Jake and successfully ran his podcasts on YouTube since November 2018. Paul currently has more than 3 million followers on YouTube, while his Vlog channel on the same platform currently has more than 22 million subscribers with over 5 billion views. While Paul’s profile has been put out in public, little is known about the boxing career of the younger brother-Jake.

So, Logan vs. Jake – Who Will Win?

Both Logan and Jake are professional boxers, but Jake adds wrestling to his profession, but Jake likely defeats Logan when their boxing records are considered. After a rematch, Jake defeated KSI, who fought both brothers on different occasions, but Logan lost to KSI.

Logan Paul- What Other Things You Should Know About Him

The following are some of the essential information you should have about Paul Logan.

1. Paul is Involved in Many Avenues

Paul Logan was known by many as a YouTube sensation, but he has been into so many things. Paul is an actor and has appeared in many series and movies, including the famous Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and The Thinning: New World Order.

Paul Logan has also been into music; he released his debut music single titled “2016” in 2016. Pau Logan had his first boxing challenge in 2018 when he fought the famous British Youtuber, rapper, and boxer- KSI. This was an amateur white-collar boxing match that ended in a majority draw. In the rematch that followed, Paul lost the battle to KSI.

2. Logan’s Early Life

Paul Logan and his brother were raised in Ohio, and just like Paul, Jake is also an internet sensation. Paul began his YouTube career by publishing videos for a channel called Zoosh at the tender age of 10. He started his education at the Westlake High School, where he made it to the All-star Linebacker of his school’s football team in 2012. He also helped his school’s football team qualify for the state’s Athletic and wrestling championship in 2013.

3. Paul Logan was a Man of Controversies

Paul Logan has been involved in many controversies throughout his career. In December 2017, he was involved in some controversies during his trip to Japan when he visited the Aokigahara suicide forest and filmed a suicide victim before uploading the footage on his YouTube channel.

4. YouTube Career

Logan had an excellent YouTube career between 2015 and 2017. By the time he attained college, his YouTube followership had achieved a model level through the Vine platform.

He attended Ohio University, where he studied industrial engineering, but he dropped in 2014 to pursue a career as a social media entertainer in Los Angeles. By the end of 2014, he had gained over 3 million followers across the major social media network platforms. By the middle of 2014, he had attained more than 150,000 subscribers on YouTube. He has also garnered more than 4 million views after a compilation of his YouTube videos was made.

In 2015, Logan was ranked as the 10th most influential person on the platform- Vine. His first 6-second video earned him hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue. By October of the same year, Logan’s videos had generated more than 300 million views on Facebook.

5. Movie Career

Aside from his appearance in Law and Order: Special victims’ unit in 2015, Logan had appeared in Weird Loners on Fox TV. He also starred in the series- Stitchers, where he featured in two of the episodes of Freeform. In 2016, he was starred in the YouTube Red movie- The thinning.

Logan Paul had appeared in several advertising campaigns, including those he did for PepsiCo, HBO, and Hanes. Paul had also trained with drama coaches and have written screenplays for different shows before. In 2017, Dwayne Johnson started his own YouTube channel and featured Logan Paul.

 In November same year, Logan released his famous music single “No Handlebars.” This song was heavily criticized because Logan was seen riding many women as bicycles- a situation many people see as the objectification of women.

6. The Suicide Forest Controversy

One controversy that shook Logan Paul’s career was the suicide forest recording of a man in the suicide forest Japan.

The incident happened on December 31, 2017, and Paul uploaded the Vlog on his YouTube channel. The video had depicted the corpse of a man who died hanging himself in Aokigahara, which is located at the feet of Mount Fiji in Japan. Paul and the members of his group had initially planned to camp in the woods near the suicide forest before the incident.

Planeless Pictures also sued logan in December 2020 for the recording of the suicide incidence. Logan Paul had a brief meeting with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department after some passerby reported him throwing Poke ball at some passerby. He was accused of taking the video to escape a movie deal he had with the company.

In February 2018, YouTube decided to suspend advertising on Logan’s channel due to its perceived negative behavior patterns. He had tweeted a joke about the Tide Pod challenge when he said he removed a fish from a pond to give her CPR and taser some dead rats.

 Due to this suspension, Logan decided to broadcast on Twitch for the first time. Two weeks later, YouTube agreed to restore ads on Logan’s channel. He was also handed a 90-day probation period during which his channel was made ineligible on YouTube’s trending tab.

Logan Paul’s Amateur And Professional Boxing Careers

Logan Paul fought KSI in a white-collar amateur boxing match. The match ended in a draw, with two judges scoring in favor of KSI at 57-57 and 58-57.

Logan Paul’s professional boxing career took him to a battle with KSI once again in 2019. Before the fight time, Logan Paul had started a controversy, accusing KSI of terminating five pregnancies for his girlfriends. However, he received threats from abortion activists. Paul went on to lose the rematch at the Staple center in the United States of America.

Jake Paul – Logan’s Younger Brother’s Profile

Jake Paul was born in 1997, and just like his brother Logan, he is a professional YouTuber and boxer. He rose to fame through Vine and played a significant movie role in Bizaardvark, a popular Disney Channel series.

When it comes to controversies, Jake Paul seems to have more of them than his brother Logan. He was known to have engaged in a lot of risky stunts and inappropriate behaviors on YouTube. He was also fired from his role on the Disney television series- Bizaardvark over criminal trespass and unlawful assembly charges.

1. Jake Paul- social media Influencing and Music Career

Jake Paul launched his YouTube channel in 2014, and the channel was known for pranks, rap music, and controversies. Jake Paul’s YouTube channel now has millions of subscribers with hundreds of millions of views on his videos.

2. Music and Team 10 – From 2017 to 2018

Music has always been a significant part of Jake Paul’s success. On January 17, 2017, Jake turned 20. It was the same day he launched an entertainment collaboration with Team 10 and was also able to raise about $1 million to finance an influencer marketing management that will handle pure entertainment programs for his teenage followers.

Jake’s first single was “Its everyday bro,” which he released featuring Team 10. Though, the music video of the song went on to gain 70 million views but was voted as the third most disliked video on the internet that year. Jake Paul had since released several songs and albums after he did a remix of the first single- Its everyday bro.

3. Jake Paul’s Boxing Career

After Logan, his brother lost the second fight to KSI, known as Deji Olatunji, his brother Jake had taken up a fight and defeated KSI via a technical knockout in the fifth round.

Paul fought many battles in his professional boxing career. He fought AnEsonGib, another professional YouTuber in 2020 in Miami, USA. The match was a WBO collabo in the Middleweight category. Jake went on to win this battle through technical knockout.

In July 2020, Jake went on to fight a professional basketball player Nate Robinson, for his second professional bout. This was part of the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones exhibition match. Though the match was pushed into November of the same year and Jake won via technical knockout in the second round.

In December 2020, Jake fought his third professional boxing bout against Askren, a former MMA belt holder. Though the match was postponed till April of the same year and Jake went on to defeat Askren through technical knockout in the first round.

Jake is as controversial as his brother Logan Paul and they both share a number of family traits.

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