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Who Is Alex Choi

Who Is Alex Choi – Famous YouTuber?

People do all kinds of things on social media to gain followership and even transform such into monetary returns. While different entertaining content is produced regularly on YouTube, some entertainers are pretty unique in every way, and only a few people do what they do. To become a social media sensation today, you have to be good at what you do to get the following that can bring much financial success. Being a South Korean by birth, Alex has become an inspiration to other Asians worldwide with his exploits in the field of automobiles.

So, Who is Alex Choi?

Alex Choi is a YouTuber known for modifying exotic cars.

Alex Choi- What You Should Know About Him

The following are important information you should know about Alex Choi;

1. Background

Alex Choi is a 22-year-old YouTube sensation born in South Korea. He was born in October 1999. as a video creator, he has created several contents where he transformed different elements in popular automobiles to make them look even more unique.

2. Alex Choi Social Media Records

As of 2021, Alex Choi had amassed a whopping 785,000 Instagram subscribers and about 682,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. As of the end of 2021, he was reported to be worth about $1 million.

3. Alex Choi Early Life

Alex had lived most of his life in South Korea, his native land, before moving to Los Angeles with his parents at a tender age. He seems to be a proud Los Angeles resident now, as most of his videos show Beverly Hills and many other parts of Los Angeles.

Alex Choi’s parents lived private and secretive lives, which is why little information is heard of them. Alex revealed much about his parents during an interview he granted to DDE.

4. Alex Choi’s Social Media Career

Alex Choi started his career o social media with a video titled “Fiat 500-EDrift Car”. He completely rebuilt the famous Fiat car and posted the content on his Instagram and YouTube page in 2016.

In March 2018, Choi posted another attention-grabbing YouTube video where he said the police seized his car and sent him to jail. He further claimed that the arrest was made after he attended a stunt show in Los Angeles and some people were injured at the show. The incident was confirmed to be accurate, and in fact, Choi’s license was suspended after he was found guilty.

In September of the same year, Choi nearly missed a motorcyclist in an attempt to perform a doughnut stunt on the Mulholland highway. He later uploaded the video on YouTube, which generated controversies, especially among the motorcycle societies worldwide who condemned his negligent act.

Alex Choi has several videos on YouTube, and the most viewed among them generated more than 10 million views. He did a compilation video on reactions on Lamborghini Launch Control, and this is the video that generated 10 million views over a short period. Famous Emelia Hartford appeared on the video, which could have contributed to its enormous success.

5. Alex Choi’s Social Media Exploits

The Lamborghini Launch Control video is not the only successful video Alex Choi produced; almost all his videos generated hundreds of thousands of reactions.

In 2019, Alex Choi had amassed more than 570,000 subscribers on YouTube alone. He has even more subscribers on his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channel.

In 2019, his video on buying an illegal race car to drive at shows and on the street amassed a whopping 426,000 on YouTube alone, not to mention views on other social media networks.

How Alex Choi Was Able To Amass Wealth And Fame

Alex Choi didn’t make him famous without hard work. The following explained how Alex Choi was able to achieve stardom.

1. He Has Many Supporters

It is believed that the people who supported you at the beginning of your career will likely support you till the end. Alex Choi’s had the support of his parents from the beginning, and till today, they remain his number one supporters.

2. Alex Had a Past Time

One of the lessons we can learn from Alex Choi is that finding one’s past time and monetizing it is a sustainable way to create wealth and fame. Choi didn’t wake up to create videos from stunts and car remodifications one day. He enjoyed performing stunts and attending car stunt shows, including drag races, and from there, he was able to carve a niche for himself. He was also able to leverage the power of social media to get a lot of followership.

3. He Leverages on Ads and Sponsorships

Alex Choi was believed to have made even more money from the endorsements and ads on his videos. Since YouTube has a sharing formula for income generated from ads sponsorship, Alex seems to have generated many funds with diverse ads that run before and in the middle of his videos.

Other Things You Should Know About Alex Choi

 Alex Choi was born in Seol, South Korea, and he came from a humble beginning. The following are some other things you may want to know about him.

1. He Didn’t Attend University

Many people believed that he should at least have a university degree with his intelligence and smartness. Alex Choi only had a high school certificate but was able to acquire the skills to transform automobiles in different ways from the street. He was able to turn ordinary vehicles into fast-speeding ones that could perform at drag races and other events.

2. Alex Choi Relationship

Little is known about Alex Choi’s relationships with women. He seemed to be secretive about his affairs with women and was rarely seen socializing even before he became an internet sensation. Alex Choi has been romantically linked with a number of women, and it is widely believed he preferred Asian women. All these remained mere speculations as no one really found him in a serious relationship even after he became an internet sensation.

3. Alex Choi Body

Alex Choi is barely 5’6,” and that is typical of most average Asian men. He is known for his small body frame. He maintained his stature, especially with his predominant Asian diet. Alex Choi is also believed to have inherited the body stature from his parents, who are both Asian. He is also believed to weigh less than 75 lbs.

4. Alex Choi Religion and Beliefs

Alex Choi is suspected to be a traditional Buddhist, though he never mentions that, and he rarely practices the religion and is not seen in a Buddha mosque since he moved to the United States. From interviews he granted a few media organizations, Alex tends to be conservative with his belief in God. He tends to be more liberal and open-minded when it comes to religious issues.

 Alex Choi was sometimes spotted in Korea in the Buddha temple and had even done so severally when he visited his native country. This does not conclude that Alex practices one particular religion since celebrities often visit Buddha temples when they visit Asian countries.

Alex Choi And Controversies

Like other celebrities, including social media personalities, Alex Choi seems to have his fair of controversies.

Most of the controversies surrounding Alex were those generated from his profession. Since his arrest several times by the police for over-speeding and for other traffic offenses, Alex doesn’t seem to allow such setbacks to affect his career. He was once questioned for disregarding safety measures on some of these revamped automobiles, and such issues were generated because he put the lives of many people at risk.

He was once accused of being responsible for knocking down a motorcyclist, though the cyclist survived motorcyclist associations all around the world were furious at the issue. Alex Choi was on several occasions denied bail by authorities for violating road use rules. He was sentenced a couple of times but continued his drag-racing and car remodelling business.

Aside from his auto show business, Alex seems to generate some controversies on his relationship status. Though he was not reported to have been enmeshed in relationship scandals, many of his followers believe that he should have at least revealed the face of the person he was dating. His secretive nature doesn’t seem to sit well for most of his followers, and the media have also questioned that several times.


Despite his numerous controversies, Alex Choi remains an inspiration to many young and upcoming car enthusiasts, especially on social media. Many of his followers have since followed his footsteps to start their own auto shows, with some adding some variations to make it seem they didn’t copy him directly. Though there are no known charity courses he attends, it is widely believed that Alex helped many of his friends, family, and people he doesn’t know. Alex Choi has run several giveaway opportunities for his followers online and offline.

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