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Minecraft Fountain Design Ideas

20 Minecraft Fountain Design Ideas: Brighten Your World

If you’re an avid player of Minecraft, then you need to start thinking about Minecraft fountains design ideas.

It’s that simple, especially if you want to take things to another level as far as this game is concerned. 

Minecraft allows you to express your creativity through simple and elaborate builds. The game is full of possibilities and provides a platform for players to design and customize their builds.

The fountains range from simple to complex structures. There are so many great options for players to explore. Here are the best Minecraft Fountain ideas:

1. Single Pillar Quartz Fountain

Single Pillar Quartz Fountain

A single-pillar quartz fountain is a great place to start if you want a simple project. It fits in any Minecraft environment. The design is straightforward, and the concept is easy to follow.

To complete your landscape, you can add it to a garden or around a simple house. A fountain complements any build, especially if it gets executed properly. The single-pillar quartz fountain works well with simple buildings.

You can use it as a centerpiece for parks and other outdoor spaces. You could complete it in under one hour.

2. High Spiral Fountain

High Spiral Fountain

The high Spiral Fountain Build is ideal for anyone who loves a challenge. It is an elegant and elaborate build that requires creativity and attention to detail to get it right. The build is suitable for a long-term project.

The spiral fountain is quite beautiful. The water spring patterns are lovely. You can have variations of the same build with additional loops or two spiral structures.

The building is great as a centerpiece for outdoor spaces. It is relatively large and wouldn’t suit houses and simple builds.

3. The Fountain of Lava

The Fountain of Lava

A lava build is a great option if you fancy a bit of danger. It suits braver players willing to locate lava pits and make their fountains in those locations.

The lava fountain builds are only accessible in limited locations. You could start the project if you have a private server.

You can start the project if you want to spend your fire-resistant potions. It would help if you also had a fire bucket and black stone blocks. You can add variations to your lava fountain build.

4. Three-Pillar Fountain

Three-Pillar Fountain

Fountains can range in complexity and design. The three-pillar fountain is a beautiful yet simple concept. It requires you to focus on details like dimensions and equilibrium to get it right. 

The overall designs can vary, but the focus is on getting the size and spacing right. Such a setup is ideal for garden settings or in places with vegetation.

It ties these environments together. Getting the symmetry can be challenging, but the results are spectacular if you can get the balance right. It is relatively easy to build.

5. Elegant Two-tier Fountain

Elegant Two-tier Fountain

Adding layers to the base pillar can add style and complexity to any fountain build. A two-tier fountain is a simple and unique build.

It is a quick project that anyone can complete. The fountain design works with a variety of other structures. It goes well with houses and other simple buildings.

You can use the two-tier fountain as a centerpiece for roundabouts. You can personalize the fountain by adding plants or other designs around the base. The radial base works best with the fountain build.

6. Castle Fountain Build


The castle fountain built is elaborately-designed. It is complex and stylish and takes time to complete. 

It is one of the most beautiful Minecraft fountains you can build. The fountain resembles a medieval castle. It has multiple arches around a central beam design.

The gothic architecture ties well with old Roman Minecraft towns and other medieval structures. Its uniqueness makes it stand out from other fountain builds.

You can add multiple tiers if you want a complex design. The styles and heights may vary.

7. Staircase Fountain/ Frog Fountain


The frog fountain is an incredibly easy build. The abstract nature of the design makes it so that creating the base design is straightforward. It has few details. The frog fountain works well with shrines and modern architecture.

The staircase design creates a cascading waterfall effect that looks beautiful and unique. The cascading effect works well when you build the waterfall on the banks of water bodies. Since the building is simple, you can have many frog fountains in an area to create a calm ambiance.

8. Dripstone Fountain


The Dripstone Fountain is similar to the castle fountain. Both are elegant structures that require time and effort to complete.

The difference is in the arch design. The fountain is designed to look like a medieval castle. It has a core beam configuration with new arch  Gothic architecture that complements old Roman Minecraft settlements and other gothic structures.

Its distinctiveness characterizes it from other water tower designs. You can add objects to the base design to enhance its looks and aesthetics. The centerpiece fountain is bold and unique.

9. Doomsday Nether Fountain

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Nether fountain has a unique aesthetic. They may range in size and design. These fountains are intimidating and add spookiness and gloom to any environment. The nether fountains are fairly similar to lava fountains.

It would help if you had a fireproof portion to complete the builds. Blackstone blocks work best with nether fountain designs.

These fountains give guests to your server an impending sense of dread. You can add other materials to your build, such as blaze rods and nether warts as base decorations for the fountain.

10. Bare Stone Fountain

Bare Stone Fountain

The Bare Stone fountain is a modern fountain built. It has a sophisticated design and manages to maintain a simple look. It could be a long-term project, depending on your desired size or tiers. The fountain creates interesting waterfall patterns. You can get many unique variations depending on how you style the top. The plain design gives the fountain a simple aesthetic.  As a result, it fits well in any décor and location. The base design is plain and doesn’t require additional mods.

11. Simple Wooden Fountain

Simple Wooden Fountain

The wooden fountain is a breath of fresh air. It is a simple fountain that has a lovely design. The fountain is great, especially around simple villages. The fountain has a well-liked design. The building suits areas with vegetation. It could be a good centerpiece for a garden or park. The wooden fountain is a small project.

It shouldn’t last long. The design may vary. You can choose to add tiers or even use a multi-fountain design. Wood is easy to work with and is fairly abundant in many areas.

12. Royal Minecraft Fountain Build

Royal Minecraft Fountain Build

The Royal Minecraft Fountain Build is a long-term project. The build is relatively complex and could use a couple of players. The fountain works well with lavish builds like castles and mansions.

You could use it for gardens and town squares. It is a unique build, especially considering the jet patterns. The building consists of four square fountains and a central jet.

It would help if you got the symmetry right to have a unique build. You can style the outer perimeter wall and make it even more elegant.

13. Mansion Minecraft Fountain

Mansion Minecraft Fountain

Mansions are large exquisite structures. It only makes sense that they have fountains befitting their aesthetic. 

It is where mansion fountains come in. These are elaborate and beautiful fountains that complement any luxurious build. Mansion fountains are typically large and imposing. 

They require time and close attention to detail to design and complete. The designs vary, and you can choose from many styles. The fountains work well with gardens too.

Many mansion fountains complement the overall aesthetic, so the building should bear the same design language as the house.

14. Abstract Minecraft Fountain

Abstract Minecraft Fountain

The beauty of Minecraft is that it gives you adequate room for self-expression. You can showcase your artistic side in the game. What better way to try new concepts than building an abstract fountain?

These are structures that are open to interpretation. The player designs the fountain using randomized patterns and structures. You can explore new concepts and styles with abstract fountain builds. 

These builds don’t have to be complicated or large. The scope of the project and design depends on how large or complex you want the fountain to be.

15. Regal Desert Fountain

Regal Desert Fountain

You can make an elegant desert fountain in an oasis. These would be beautiful structures around areas with lush vegetation and plant life. The design works well with sand blocks and bare black stone blocks. The fountain build is a fairly complicated project. 

You can build it with your friends on a server, as it typically takes a long time to craft. You can have as many tiers as you want.

These fountain designs are customizable. Other variations of the desert fountains could have three pillars or spiral bases.

16. Epic Garden Fountain

Epic Garden Fountain

The Epic Garden Fountain is a beautiful structure that fits green landscapes. It is a simple yet beautiful build that brings life and beauty to any garden. You can also use it as a centerpiece for parks and other tiny structures.

The Epic Garden Fountain has two tiers; however, you can customize yours to have extra tiers. Building the fountain requires attention to detail. 

It is simple enough to be a one-player project. You can have multiple fountains depending on the size of your garden. It is a great project.

17. Floating Crystal Fountain

Floating Crystal Fountain

The Floating Crystal Fountain is one of the most aesthetically pleasing Minecraft builds. The project is complex and requires time and patience to complete. It also requires that players have enough crystals in their inventory since the structure is large.

The building works well in areas with a lot of plant life. The narrow base gives the illusion that the fountain is floating when you view it from certain angles. 

You might not get the building right the first time due to its complexity, but you will get there eventually.

18. Tranquil Oasis Fountain

Tranquil Oasis Fountain

The Tranquil Oasis Fountain is another build that works well with desert settings. It is a three-tier fountain that is relatively easy to build. Unlike the Regal Desert Fountain, the Oasis Fountain can be a short single-player project. The fountain is not only limited to dry environments.

It could work well with simple house-like structures or as a garden centerpiece. It has a neutral aesthetic, making it flexible enough for different environments. 

You can customize the fountain and add tiers. Players can also ditch the radial base design and use a square one.

19. Purple Haven Minecraft Fountain

Purple Haven Minecraft Fountain

The Purple Haven design could suit you if you want a nice monochrome color scheme for your fountain. It is a beautiful fountain with a lavender theme. 

The fountain design is relatively simple. The fountain build is a single-player project, and it shouldn’t take you long to complete.

The fountain fits into very specific environments. The lavender theme might not work well with plant life, but it suits modern towns and other city-like areas. It is perfect for the most tranquil environment due to its relaxing aesthetic.

20. Crescent Moon Fountain


The Crescent Moon Fountain is a simple and unique build. It gives the illusion of a floating crescent block as the waterfall hides the middle pillar support. It is a simple single-player project that should be easy to complete.

The building suits any environment, including gardens, parks, houses, and Minecraft villages. The build could be more customizable.

You can, however, stack crescents if you use a wider pillar. You can also choose to have variations with the base design. The overall look is great and innovative.


Minecraft fountains design ideas range in scope from simple to complex. Players can create stunning and one-of-a-kind fountains.

There are numerous excellent options for players to consider and we have summarized the best concepts in the article. 

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