What Kind Of Animal Is Arthur?

Your favorite cartoon show holds a special place in your heart because you’ve grown up watching it. Though everyone has a favorite, there are some cartoon series that everybody has a connection with. One such cartoon is Arthur. At the top or not, there are high chances that Arthur has been jotted down on your list of favorites.

Feeling nostalgic. Ah! We get it.

Walking down memory lane never fails to put a smile on your face, especially when cartoons are up for discussion. Now that we are talking about Arthur. We are sure not many of you can answer the question we are just about to ask. What kind of animal is Arthur?

This question warrants urgent attention, as it’s the right of the true fans of Arthur. So, get ready to unravel the mystery of this old and gold show. Let’s go!

The Beginning

The cartoon series is based on a book series named Arthur Adventure. The first episode of this cartoon was aired on October 7, 1996.

Well, let us throw a light on the number of seasons Arthur has to its name.

The cartoon is suitable for the age group of 4 to 8 years old, with 25 seasons consisting of 249 episodes. This show is phenomenal, and the fans are never wrong.

Created by Marc Brown, the IMDb rating of this cartoon series is 7.3. The animated series is not related to just one genre but is a vibrant pop of colors. Comedy-drama, a slice of life, problem-solving, edutainment is what we meant. The duration of an episode is between 20-30 minutes.

Another attraction of this animated series directed by Greg Bailey is the opening and the ending theme song.

‘Believe in yourself’ by Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers mark the cartoon’s opening. The ending is the instrumental version of this song.

Now, let’s find the values it teaches to the kids.

What Message Does This Animated Series Impart?

The cartoon series revolves around how to cope with childhood traumas and struggles. For example, dealing with bullies, teachers, and homework. It encourages positive social skills. It also focuses on developing a problem solving attitude in a child. Great!

It won’t make sense if we don’t shift our focus on the characters when we are indulged in a deep conversation about PBS’ Arthur.

Characters That You Can’t Forget

The cartoon is bustling with outstanding main characters and equally talented side characters, if not less. Moreover, 40+ characters are featured in this cartoon. Below mentioned are the names of some of the characters of the cartoon.

  • Arthur Read
  • Dora Winifred Read
  • Binky Barnes
  • Ratburn
  • Muffy Crosswire
  • Brain
  • Jane Read

Next, let’s talk about the character Arthur Read.

Arthur Read

9-year-old Arthur Read is a third-grade student. His teacher is yet another fantastic character Mr Ratburn. His home is in the fictional city of Elwood City.

His character is voiced by many renowned artists of the industry, including Michael Yarmush, Kye Sones, Ben Ellis, and Pamela Segall.

When is his birthday, peeps?

He was born on May 25, 1988. So don’t forget to wish him on his day.

Family And Friends Of Arthur

Talking about his family members, his father is David Read, who runs a catering business, and his mother is Jane Read, a work-at-home accountant. He has two sisters, Dora Winifred and Kate Read. In addition, he has a pet dog who is named Pal Read.

Can’t skip his best buddy Buster Baxter. Others on the list are Mary Alice Crosswire, George Lundgren, and Francine Frensky.

We’ve skimmed through the tiniest to the most significant piece of information about the cartoon. You must be wondering what’s next on the list.

Well, now comes the moment of discovery.

What Kind Of Animal Is Arthur?

Light brown or tanned fur, small nose, large protruding large ears, and black eyes. Which animal pops up in your mind when you consider the features mentioned above? Able to come up with something? If you can come up with something, let’s see if it matches with what we have to offer.

Arthur is an anthropomorphic brown aardvark. Fascinating. Let’s talk about an aardvark in a more detailed manner.


Antbear is another name given to aardvark. The meaning of aardvark in Afrikaans is earth pig. This name is attributed to its pig-like face and burrowing habits.

It’s native to Africa and is found south of the Sahara Desert. As far as its coat is concerned, it’s scant and yellowish-grey in appearance.

The face of an aardvark is narrow with reduced eyes, large ears, and an elongated snout. Weighing around 65 kg, this mammal measures up to 7.2 feet. The tail of an aardvark is heavy and is around 28 inches long. Its ears can be as long as 9.5 inches.

Some fans strongly disagree with Arthur being similar to an aardvark. But the good thing is the majority agrees with this comparison. So now you must fully answer this question if it ever comes across you. Good job!


In this article, we’ve talked about a frequently asked question about the protagonist of the cartoon series ‘Arthur’. What kind of animal is Arthur?

In addition to providing a legit answer to this question, we’ve also shed light on the theme song, message, and Arthur’s family and friends.

We’ve not halted our discussion there because Aardvark was a must to discuss. Given it’s a mammal that belongs to the Sahara Desert. Which cartoon series is on your streak next? Whatever it is, Arthur is a must-watch.

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