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What Time Does Bill Miller Stop Serving Breakfast.

What Time Does Bill Miller Stop Serving Breakfast? What You Should Know About Bill Millers

Bill Miller, also referred to as Bill Miller Barbecue, is known for providing some of the finest BBQ in Texas. The restaurant uses Oak fires made inside brick pits, which could contribute to the earthy and fresh flavor in its barbecue. From its humble beginning to highly-developed restaurant chains, Bill Millers operates more than 77 restaurants in Texas and some neighboring states. The restaurant is known for its standardized menu that daily offers various barbecue options for customers.

So, What Time Does Bill Miller Ends Serving Breakfast

Bill Miller stops serving breakfast at noon.

What You Should Know About Bill Miller Barbecue Restaurant

Bill Miller is a fast-food chain restaurant based in San Antonio, Texas. The company focuses on selling barbecue foods alongside side dishes such as coleslaw and potato salad. The company sells some branded baked foods. The following is essential information you should know about the restaurant.

1. History

Bill Miller was established in 1953, making the company 69 years old. It started operations in San Antonio, Texas, United States of America, and has spread throughout the state and neighboring regions. The business was originally a poultry business that was initiated in 1950. The founder- Bill Miller, had to take a $500 loan to establish the business. By the 1950s, the company had transformed into a fried chicken take-out restaurant. Today, the company has become a full barbecue restaurant. Today, there are roughly 77 Bill Miller BBQ restaurants in the San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Austin regions of Texas.

2. The Humble Beginning

William T, also known as Bill Miller, started the BBQ restaurant along with his wife- Faye Miller, with a $500 loan to start a poultry farm. With the transformation of the poultry business into a fried chicken take-out restaurant, many other components were added to the menu. The Hamburgers, for instance, were the first new options to be added even before the restaurant transformed into a BBQ restaurant.

The second Bill Miller restaurant opened in 1963 and remained a family business. Faye Miller had been working as a cashier and hostess when the company started. Still, fortunately, she and William were able to educate the kids on operating the family business. The children began working in the company on weekends and during the long summer holidays with their acquired training.

Upon his first son’s graduation in 1966, Williams Miller decided to retire while the son started running the company’s affairs. His siblings also joined the company upon graduation from the University. The Miller brothers, with their brother-in-law, had run the company for over 30 years.

3. Major Company Decisions Over the Years

In 1992, Miller BBQ purchased Fiesta Plaza, which was considered a failed mall, and later decided to donate it to the University of Texas in San Antonia. The purchase of the Fiesta Plaza was one of the first significant procurements made by the company since its inception. Today the Fiesta Plaza remains the significant building for the San Antonio downtown campus of the University of Texas.

In 1994, the street where the first Bill Miller restaurant was opened was renamed Bill Miller lane, from its original Offer street. This street renaming was done in honor of the restaurant’s founder.

4. The Bill Miller Business Model

In the early 1950s, the Miller BBQ was one of the few restaurants in Texas to offer the food-to-go service, and it ensured that their orders were processed within 5 minutes. This was a thing that was practically unheard of at that time. The Bill Miller concept of providing customers with fresh Barbecue meat alongside bread from day to day was unique in the industry, and other restaurants began to copy the model.

Bill Miller designed his pit for making barbecue meat in the 1950s; this pit has been modernized today and is being used in the industrial setting, with many other restaurants adopting it. With the miller’s industrial pit, it is possible to cook up to 2,500 lbs. of briskets on a single, even for 18 and 20 hours.

The central location or headquarters of Bill Miller’s BBQ is located in the downtown region of San Antonio, Texas. The primary plant was constructed in accordance with San Antonio’s police department guidelines, and this facility is inspected constantly by the Texas police department. The facility also meets the US government meat-packing procedures. Also, the city of San Antonio routinely inspects the Bill Miller facility. Today, Bill Miller Barbecue operates its real estate business and distribution centers, Nationwide.

The Bill Miller Barbecue Menu with Prices

Bill Miller has lots of tasty dishes for their customers, and many of these can be made available in a few minutes. There is a central commissary where everything is made before being distributed to all centers. The following are some of the critical options on Bill Miller’s menu;

1. The Bakery

The Meringue is an option in this section, and it goes for around $1.59. The Pecan can go for between $1.99 and $9.49. The restaurant also sells Peach Cobbler, and this may go for $1.49, while the Fudge brownies should go for about $1.90. A dozen brownies sell for roughly $5.99, and a loaf of rye or French bread will sell for $0.69.

2. The Combo Meals

The combo meals also come in a wide range of varieties from Bill Miller. You can buy the poor boy with French fries and tea for roughly $6.29. The 3-piece fried chicken goes for around $5.80- and this comes with large tea too. You can go for the regular plate that is served with large tea for $7.75, and you can also add white meat to this combo for an extra $0.75.

If you love the chicken tenders, you can get 3 pieces for $6.30 even if you add French fries with large tea. Or the small chicken sandwich option, you can add tea and white meat for $5.75. The salad de-lite option with tea is $6.20, but you can add barbecue chicken for an extra $0.75.

You can get two chopped BBQ sandwiches for $5.19, and you can add French fries and tea to the menu. You may also get the rancher plate with large tea will go for $11.10, and you can add white meat for $0.75. The crispy chicken sandwich is one of the most popular options here, and you can get it at $5.20. The 10 pieces of fried chicken come with a bucket of tea, and it costs $22. The small family is a name used to describe two sausage links and a bucket of tea- this goes for $26.

3. The Sandwiches

Sandwiches are great options at Bill Miller. The poor boy sausage comprises beef, ham, turkey, or sauce, and you can add half of a link. All these go for $4.19. The poor boy plus is an option that comprises all items in poor boy, plus extra side meat, and it costs $5.59.

The crispy chicken sandwich will cost $2.90, while the barbecue chicken sandwich will cost $2.99. The chopped barbecue sandwich will cost $8.59.

4. The Barbecue Plates

The barbecue plates sold at Bill miller comprise brisket, ham, sausage, turkey, and chicken. The regular plate comprising of your choice of meat plus three other side orders will go for $7.30.

The rancher’s plate comprises your choice of two meat, plus three other side options, and all of these go for $10.65. The Wrangler plate is an option comprising of your choice of meat, alongside two side orders which will cost you roughly $6.10. The Rodeo plate allows you to choose up to three different types of meat alongside two other side orders at the cost of $6.10.

There are many other options you may want to consider. The Barbecue pork sparerib plates, for instance, has a number of rib plate options. You can choose different meat and side options alongside the rib plates, with prices varying from $8.75 and $15.75.

There are also varying fried chicken options with different pieces of chicken. You can choose different parts of the chicken, thigh, breast, or wings. Prices of chicken options can vary from $2.90 and $31.90.


Bill Miller may end the sale of breakfast at 12 AM, but the restaurant continues selling lunch and dinner into the early hours of the next day. While most restaurants operate 24-hour service, there are days when these restaurants may not operate 24-hour service. Aside from the meat options on Bill Miller, you may also want to consider the salads and other side dishes offered. Many side dishes can be added to the main course meal at a very low price. Bill Miller has won several awards for providing quality service in several cities in Texas and some other states. The company has local and national awards and certifications.

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