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How To Tell If A Pokémon Card Is The First Edition

How To Tell If A Pokémon Card Is The First Edition?

If you are from the 90s generation, you might surely know about the craze and popularity of Pokémon cards. It was challenging to stay away from the Pokémon cards craze because every kid talked about it. Every family had Pokémon cards spread here and there in the house, and even parents were affected. Also, Pokémon fans know that the first edition Pokémon cards are the most valuable for their rarity.

This article will tell you how to tell if a Pokémon card is the first edition. Also, we will tell you about the reason behind their rarity and the importance of card conditions in detail.

What Are Pokémon Cards?

Pokémon is a Japanese franchise that has been around for more than 25 years now. It has a TV show, a trading card game, video games, and several toys. The Pokémon is a creature, and the owner of the card is known as the trainer, and they aim to catch all of them.

So, there are more than 800+ cards for it. A new set of cards is released every time a new Pokémon season comes on TV. So, the cards of a new series are known as ‘new generation cards’. These cards are used for collection and trading.

After understanding Pokémon cards, let us know more about the first edition Pokémon cards.

What Are The first Edition Pokémon Cards?

The first edition Pokémon cards belong to the 1999 Pokémon card set. It was the first set of Pokémon cards released for the US market. So, these cards were the first real cards representing the Pokémon figures. This makes them special and popular. The first edition of Pokémon cards has 102 cards in the original set.

Despite the release of more cards over the years, the first edition set is still considered more memorable than others in every regard. You will be surprised to know that the cards from the first edition even sell for 6 figure amounts, which is enormous.

Now, you know what makes the first edition Pokémon cards special. Next, we will tell you how to recognize whether a card belongs to the first edition or not.

How To Tell If A Pokémon Card Is The First Edition?

There are three easy way to recognize a first edition card that includes:-

A first edition stamp

An accurate way to identify if your Pokémon cards belong to the first edition is to check the first edition stamp. Look at the left edge of the box that shows Pokémon. Below that, there will be a dark circle. It will be at the corner of the Pokémon box in black.

It will have the number 1 written in the circle with letters that spell edition at the top of the circle. It follows the lines of the circles, and the words are curved. This symbol will only be in the first edition. So, if your card has it, then it means that you have a first edition card.

The most valuable card from the first edition is Charizard, which is highly rare. You can sell it at a rate of more than $20,000. If you want to purchase those cards, they will be more expensive than other cards.


Next, the first edition cards are shadowed. But, there is a chance for confusion. After the first edition, there was a second run printed. Even they were shadowed. The only difference is that the first edition card will have the first edition stamp. So the first edition card will have the first edition stamp, and it will be shadowless.

Analyze the copyright year

Another way to find the first edition card is the year 99 mentioned at the bottom along with the copyright symbol. The 99 was only printed on the first edition cards.

Now, you know how you can recognize whether a card is a first edition Pokémon card or not. You can use all the 3 methods, but shadowless cards can create confusion. So, you can look for the first edition stamp that is enough to prove its edition. Next, let us tell you why a card condition is essential.

What Is The Importance Of The Pokémon Card Condition?

If you plan to sell the Pokémon card, then the condition of the Pokémon card is necessary. The Pokémon card collectors are not interested in purchasing ripped, stained, or torn cards, even when they are rare.

There is something called mint condition cards. So, if you want to know whether your card is eligible for a mint card, you need to get it graded by a PSA (Professional sports authenticator) representative.

Of course, this officially graded card on its condition will increase its price. But, getting a card qualified by a PSA will also include a separate fee. So, only go for it if you are sure that your card has the chance to get professionally graded.

Next, let us know why a good condition is essential for a Pokémon card. Then, consequently, let us tell you what the worth of a first edition Pokémon card is.

What Is The Worth Of A First Edition Pokémon Card?

It is difficult to determine the worth of a Plaistow Pokémon card because its value depends on multiple factors. They are

  • Card condition,
  • Source set of the card game
  • Rarity
  • Language (English of Japanese)

Among all the other factors, rarity is significant. For example, in the first edition base set, cards are found for nearly $24,000, even though the median is less than a thousand dollars. So, the first edition cards in perfect condition are worth $40.


We have now reached the end of this article. We hope that you have answered the question: How to tell if a Pokémon card is the first edition?

So, let’s take a quick recap.

Pokémon cards are used for gaming, collections, and trading. The cards began their release in 1999 when a new set of cards was released each time a new season of Pokémon came to the TV. But, the first edition is most valuable because they were the first real cards that represented Pokémon creatures. Consequently, it is special than other cards and sold at a high price.

There are 3 ways to recognize the first edition card. It includes the first edition stamp, shadow less cards, and copyright year. So, these signs confirm whether the card you have is a first edition card or not. But the card should be in good condition to get its full value.

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