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If there happens to be a real mystery box, the ocean tops the list. It is home to 700,000 marine species. This article is specially dedicated to one of the friendliest marine animals. This aquatic mammal that always carries a smile on its face lights up the hearts of people who have happened to come across them.

Either through pictures or you’ve had a close enough encounter with it. And there’s no need to drop more clues about which mammal we are talking about. The answer is screaming to be heard. Dolphin.

So, what exactly this article is going to offer about the dolphins. Well, some incredible facts about dolphins’ mesmerizing moments that have been captured on camera are waiting for you. In addition to these, we will answer an uncommon question about them. What is a group of dolphins called? So, let’s start our discussion without any further delay.

Incredible Facts About Dolphins

First up, we will skim through some awe-inspiring and must-know facts about these playful aquatic animals. Here we go!

  • There are 36 species of dolphins.
  • Dolphins have a permanent smile.
  • The largest dolphin is the Orca which can grow up to 30 feet long.
  • The smallest dolphin is the Maui dolphin which is about 5 feet long.
  • The echolocating bottlenose dolphins can produce up to 1000 clicking noises per second.
  • Not all dolphins are marine, but most of them are.
  • They are graceful, intelligent, friendly, and playful creatures.

A fun question. Why do dolphins have a permanent smile?

Dolphins have curved mouth that blesses them with a permanent smile.

Let’s trace our way to an extensive guide about dolphins.


Their scientific name is Odontoceti. They are a family of toothed whales found in every ocean. Some dolphins are even found in freshwater streams and rivers. Dolphins have spindle-shaped, streamlined bodies with beaklike snouts and needlelike teeth. Just like fish, dolphins too have fins, but they differ from each other on various grounds. For example, they are warm-blooded and have blubber, which keeps them warm.

These playful mammals are swift swimmers reaching up to 18 miles per hour. Orca can even attain a speed of 56 km/hr.
Dolphins can reach up to 32 feet and can weigh up to 6 tons. When it’s time to communicate, they use clicks, whistles, and squeals to vocalize.
Talking about their offspring, a dolphin gives birth every 1 to 6 years. Then, just like humans, they feed their calves milk through their nipples. Depending on the species, an offspring stays with its mother for up to 6 years before venturing out in the open water on its own.

The average lifespan of the smaller dolphin species is around 20 years. At the same time, the larger dolphins can live up to 80 years.

Bottlenose dolphin, Amazon River dolphin, Ganges River dolphin, Commerson’s dolphin, Killer whale, Spinner dolphin are commonly found dolphins.

Can A Dolphin Remember Who They Socialize With?

Yes! The bottlenose dolphin has the longest social memory of any nonhuman species. So, if you happen to socialize with a bottlenose dolphin a few times, you’ll be stored in her memory.

How Do Dolphins Find Their Prey?

Fish and squid are the primary source of fuel for dolphins. A built-in sonar known as echolocating is used to track food. It bounces sound waves off the prey and reveals its location, size, and shape.

Moving ahead, let’s finally march towards the moment of revelation. What is a group of dolphins called?

What Is A Group Of Dolphins Called?

A group of dolphins is known as a pod. Depending on the species, a pod can have 2 to 30 dolphins. A pod life helps the dolphin ace the hunting game as a team and shield them from sharks. As dolphins are very playful creatures, pod life offers companions to play and enjoy. Sometimes smaller and different pods come together to form superpods. However, they don’t last for a very long time. Superpods can have a hundred or even a few thousand dolphins.

Mesmerizing Dolphin Moments

Catch with a pufferfish

After leaving their mothers’ pods, some male dolphins were out in the waters to form new pods. A pufferfish, the most poisonous fish in the ocean, was there to watch them in action. But how do things pan out? First, the dolphins started to play, throw, and catch using the pufferfish. Then, holding them in their mouths, they tossed it, again and again, enjoying a fun time.

The birth of a new member

Just after a few hours of birth, the baby starts to ape every move of its mother. The moves are jerky and uncoordinated. The mother doesn’t let her baby out of her sight for even a single second. The mother spends some alone time with the baby dolphin to give him sufficient time to adjust to the new world he’s entered.

Mud nets

The bottlenose dolphin stirred up the surface of the sea bed and created mud nets by carrying out motion in a circular motion. This created a structure like a fishing net around the dolphin’s prey. Unfortunately, this leaves no way out for the fishes, and they end up in the dolphin’s mouth, who are eager to have a nice lunch.

There’s no need to give another example to prove these agile mammals’ intelligence.

You can enjoy these moments on BBC Earth’s YouTube channel. It’ll make your day!


Such mesmerizing creatures dolphins are! They love to socialize just like human beings. Also, we humans share many emotional similarities with these playful and friendly aquatic mammals. So now you know what a group of dolphins is called.

Discussing their physical features, eating habits, and incredible facts. Towards the end of the article, we’ve thrown light on their magical moments.

This brings us to the end of our ride around the world of dolphins.

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