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Why Do Predators Hunt Humans

Why Do Predators Hunt Humans? – Everything Explained

If you are reading this article, then you must have watched those thrilling TV series where fierce predators chase after humans.

It can be exciting and scary, but have you ever wondered why predators specifically hunt humans?

From shows like Alien vs. Predator, prey, and Predator, we’ve seen that predators are species thrilled with the prestige and thrill of hunting humans.  

These predators are often portrayed as cunning and relentless creatures, always hunting for their next meal. And it seems like mercy is not something they are familiar with.

But why would predators travel light years from their home planet Yautja Prime to Earth only to hunt humans? Well, here is why, 

1. Dark Horse’s 1989 Comic – Alien VS Predator 

The comic starts with a conversation about whether humans have become too reliant on technology. 

We seem to have lost touch with our primal instincts and connection to nature. Instead of seeing tools as a means to an end, we have made them an end in themselves.

The predators are seen preparing an arsenal of advanced hunting tools. On the other hand, we witness conflicts among aliens that escalate to deadly battles over minor disagreements.

What lessons can we learn from this observation? It seems like humans should aspire to be like the predators, who rely not only on technology but also on primal instincts. 

They strike a balance between the modern and the primitive. While advanced, they still use feats of strength to settle their disagreements.

The comic suggests that predators hunt humans to remind themselves that they have not forgotten their origins and have not become entirely dependent on their weapons. 

Remarkably, they allow humans to use weapons even when victory seems imminent. 

This act demonstrates their resolve to face humans in hand-to-hand combat, showcasing their independence from technology.

The lesson is not to reject technological advancements but rather to find a balance. We can embrace the benefits of technology while also nurturing our physical abilities and problem-solving skills.

2. Predator books

It focuses on our dependence on technology as the reason predators hunt us. Where the Titular alien hunter carefully stalks and observes a group of skilled soldiers. 

Based on the movie, the book reveals that the predator targeted these soldiers because it recognized them as formidable adversaries, trained specifically for combat and killing.

The predator saw the soldiers’ proficiency and expertise in this captivating storyline as a worthy challenge. It’s understood that they possessed advanced weapons and were highly skilled in using them. 

However, it wasn’t just the soldiers’ weaponry that intrigued the predator; their training and the strategic thinking behind their actions captured its attention.

This scenario implies that our dependence on technology makes us attractive prey for predators. They see us as opponents who rely heavily on our advanced tools, making us vulnerable in other aspects. 

By hunting us, predators seek to test their own abilities and prove that they have not lost touch with their primal nature.

3. Batman vs. Predator comic

In this intriguing comic story, a predator sets foot in Gotham City, searching for worthy prey to satisfy its hunting instincts. 

However, the predator’s thirst for a true challenge remains unquenched until it encounters the only Caped Crusader himself: Batman. Batman employs a sonar skeleton suit to enhance his strength and agility. 

This technological marvel enables him to match the predator’s ferocity and level the playing field. But Batman also uses a wide-spectrum tranquilizer, a strategic tool to subdue the predator and ensure victory.

The battle between the predator and Batman becomes an enthralling display of skill, intelligence, and advanced technology. It showcases the impressive capabilities of both characters. 

This comic shows the predator was looking for worthy prey to hunt back and be worth the fight. And it got just what it wanted.

Yautja Prime Home Planet Of Predators Explained

The Predators are known to originate from the planet Yautja Prime, and interestingly, very little is known about this planet other than its atmospheric conditions and societal constructs. 

Due to its relatively low oxygen levels and high nitrogen content, a Predator cannot stay on Earth for more than a week without a breathing device. The planet’s biome is predominantly dry and hot, with intermittent sweltering jungles. 

Despite possessing advanced technology, the Yautja only seem to inhabit one planet – Yautja Prime – where they adhere to traditional cultural norms and follow a strict hierarchy.

Predator Abilities & Powers Explained

Predators, as portrayed in popular TV shows, are renowned for their resilience and ability to withstand physical harm during fights. 

They exhibit extraordinary endurance and can endure gunshots and stabbings without suffering significant injury. 

Predators possess immense strength that enables them to rip apart the limbs of their prey as a show of dominance. Predators display remarkable intelligence when it comes to hunting. 

They strategically position themselves on high vantage points and utilize their exceptional jumping and climbing skills to stalk their prey from above.

Predators’ vision operates on infrared, which enables them to swiftly detect their prey through heat disparities. 

In combat, they can utilize camouflage to become invisible, making it challenging for their prey to spot them. 

Predators possess formidable guns that can shoot energy blasts, and they also prefer traditional weapons such as spears, knives, and nets to capture their prey.

A Summary Of Predator Movies In Chronological Order

Predator (1987)

The story takes place in 1987 when the United States was involved in Central and South American politics. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a tough guy named Dutch who leads a team of soldiers into a thick jungle. 

They try to stop some bad guys, but things get even more intense when a scary Predator starts hunting them. This movie is special because it was the first one about the Predator. 

You don’t need to know anything about the other movies to enjoy it. It’s full of action and suspense, and you see Arnold Schwarzenegger being brave and strong. The movie doesn’t tell us much about the alien hunters; it keeps some mysterious things mysterious.

Predator 2 (1990)

In the movie Predator 2, the story takes place in Los Angeles. The city is suffering from a big heat wave, and there’s lots of crime happening everywhere. It becomes the perfect place for the alien hunters to visit.

The movie continues the story from the first Predator movie, with a character named Peter Keyes explaining more about the creatures to detective Mike Harrigan. 

We learn more about the dangerous aliens and what humans have discovered about them in the past ten years. 

Excitingly, Predator 2 also suggests that the famous monsters called Xenomorphs could exist in the same universe. 

We see a skull displayed as a trophy, hinting at their presence. And a fun item near the end connects to another movie, Prey.

Alien vs. Predator (2004)

Set in the present day, an expedition led by Charles Bishop Weyland investigates a heat signal on an Antarctic island, leading to a battle between Xenomorphs and Predators, with humans caught in the middle. 

AvP strives to connect the two franchises, featuring Lance Henriksen and raising questions about the Xenomorph origins. The movie aligns with Predator lore, showcasing a flashback linking their species to human history. 

Alien vs. Predator 2 (2007)

Despite receiving negative reviews from fans, the second Alien vs. Predator movie, AVPR, managed to capture the attention of dedicated followers with its intense and brutal moments. 

It continues the storyline from the previous film, exploring the idea of a shared timeline between the Alien and Predator franchises. 

AVPR introduces the concept of the Yutani Corporation’s advanced space travel connecting with Predator technology. 

Although not considered canon in the Alien series, the Predator timeline embraces these connections. 

The film also offers a glimpse into the Predator home world, revealing their civilization and operations beyond hunting on Earth.

Predators (2010)

Predators revitalized the Predator series by introducing new characters and expanding the mythology. 

The movie reveals different Predator races and their feud, united by their passion for hunting dangerous creatures. 

The story occurs on an alien planet, where Predators may have preserved their prey in cryosleep. As the subsequent installment doesn’t reference this film, its position remains uncertain. 

The Predator (2018)

In the 2018 film, The Predator, set in that year, different factions of Predators are introduced, expanding the species’ lore and technology. 

The movie connects to previous films, featuring a Predator shuriken and Xenomorph tail spear from Alien vs. Predator. 

It hints at potential plans for a new installment in that crossover series. Including characters like Ripley or Newt in scrapped endings suggests alternative storylines were considered. 

Prey (2022)

The film revolves around Naru, a young Comanche woman striving to prove herself as a warrior, coinciding with the first appearance of a feral Predator on Earth. 

This standalone installment is the earliest in the Predator universe, offering a self-contained story without direct ties to other films. 

While referencing Predator 2 subtly, it hints at the potential for a future “period piece” entry. With a unique historical setting, the movie presents an engaging and fresh perspective on the Predator saga.


Why do predators hunt humans? Predators possess advanced technology and incredible physical abilities. However, they hunt humans not for survival but to prove their primal instincts and maintain a connection to their roots.

While humans have become dependent on technology, predators showcase a balance between advanced tech and the primitive. They rely on their strength, skills, and instincts, even when they possess advanced weaponry. 

Understanding why predators hunt humans sheds light on the complex nature of these creatures. It teaches us that there is more to their actions than meets the eye. 

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