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Facts About Baccarat

9 Fascinating Facts About Baccarat

Baccarat is in demand among visitors to online casinos. The card game appeared quite a long time ago. Over time, it managed to spread around the world. With the development of the Internet, it found its niche in the virtual space. You can play baccarat online for money or choose free mode. Moreover, online establishments offer several types of entertainment that enable users to diversify their gambling experience.

So where did baccarat come from and what makes it so interesting? What information about the game may be unknown to you? A few facts below will expand your horizons.

Origins of Baccarat

The game first appeared around the 15th century on the territory of present-day Italy. Historians have not found yet more accurate information. Tarot cards were used in the first games, and the first player is believed to be Felixa Falguiereina. This theory exists, although few historians recognize it.

There is another version as well. If we believe the information, in the middle of the 16th century, baccarat became popular in France. It became a favorite pastime of the nobility. It was known there as Baccarat Banque. It was widely known in Europe in the 18th century, and at the end of the 19th century, the Chemin de Fer version was introduced.

To make the game affordable to all visitors to the casino (including customers who prefer low bets), such a version as the Punto Banco emerged in Cuba. As time passed it was introduced in American clubs as well. However, the casino owners changed the name of the game to Mini-Baccarat. Its pace increased, and the table became smaller. Nevertheless, the game is still played according to the basic rules adopted in Cuba.

Wins and Losses

In contemporary history, the game became a huge success because of Akio Kashiwagi. In 1990, the businessman visited a casino in the United States. He chose baccarat, and during the games, he won more than $6,000,000. By the way, the bet was only $ 200,000.

However, Akio Kashiwagi did not intend to stop there. After a while, he returned to the gambling establishment. Nevertheless, this time luck was not on the businessman’s side. Because of the non-winning sessions, he lost over $10,000,000 within a few days. Such a big loss in baccarat is the record to this day.

The Game’s Popularity

Baccarat is considered to be one of the favorite pastimes among casino visitors. It is inferior to slot machines only. Certainly, in the near future, the superiority of the latter will not be challenged. However, the honorable second place is occupied by baccarat quite securely.

Thus, in 2018, representatives of the Nevada Gaming Control Board presented an analysis. The largest total winnings in Nevada establishments were received by gamblers playing slot machines. They amounted to $3.3 billion. Baccarat took the next position with total payouts of $1.2 billion.

Game and Religious Custom: What’s the Link?

Historians believe that baccarat originated in the territory of France because mentions of it are contained in the Album des Jeux (“Book of Games”). The work was created by Charles Van Tenac, a rather popular author of the early 19th century.

This history of the baccarat origin is accepted by most historians. However, there is also a minority. The latter argue that the game emerged in the 15th century. If their version of history is to be believed, the baccarat was invented by Felix Falgier. This Italian took the ancient Etruscan myth of virgins as a basis. They were forced to throw a nine-face dice.

If the maiden had 8 or 9, she became a priestess. A face with a 6 or 7 was a reason for expulsion from the church. All numbers from 0 to 5 had a negative result. A virgin was instantly sent to execution (they used to throw the girl into the sea).

This information became the basis for the creation of the game. Falgier used the number rules, applying them to cards.

Baccarat and the Worst Hand in the Game: What Is There in Common?

Let us get back to the Etruscan origin of the game. It is believed that Falgier named his invention “baccarat,” taking an old Italian word as a basis. It means “zero” in translation.

It has been speculated that this came about because of the cards that bring zero points. If tens, Jacks, Queens, or Kings fall out, they do not add anything to the hand total. The number of points awarded for them is 0.

The situation is different with other cards. For example, 2 – 9 are evaluated according to their own odds. If an ace is distributed, it brings 1 point.

Betting on a Draw is the Worst Possible Option

Having chosen baccarat, you can bet on the victory of one of the participants (player/banker) or on a draw. In the first case, the payout is in accordance with the 1:1 odds. If, on the other hand, you bet on a draw and the bet turns out to be successful, you get a reward of 8:1.

Despite such a high payout, the chances of winning are only 9.51%. Following a simple calculation, we can conclude that the casino has a 14.36% advantage when betting on the draw. For comparison, when the bet is placed on the banker, it is 1.06%;  when the bet is placed on the player, it is 1.24%. Such a high percentage can be considered indecent. The rate of casino advantage during the betting on the draw can only be compared with keno. Here the average value varies from 15% to 29%.

James Bond Won First Playing Chemin de Fer

Bondiana made a splash all over the world. The adventures of Agent 007 allowed nobody to stay indifferent. More than 20 motion pictures have been presented to fans of the genre, and often James Bond spent time in the casinos. He can be seen:

  • playing gin rummy in Goldfinger (1964);
  • rolling the dice in Diamonds Are Forever (1971);
  • playing blackjack in License to Kill (1989);
  • playing Texas Hold’em at Casino Royale (2006).

However, gambling turned out to be an additional recreational activity for the secret agent. His first game was baccarat that was played in Dr. No (1962). Here he wins games easily with eights and nines. As a superagent, Bond confidently bets and increases his budget. In fact, ordinary casino-goers are not always that lucky.

All Baccarat Tables in Las Vegas Can Be Found on One Map

In Las Vegas, at least once a year there is a survey conducted at each casino. It deals with the selection of games and the specific number of certain tables. John Mehaffey supervises the process. The information is then publicly posted on the website.

In addition to the information about the number of games, and the data about the minimum and maximum bets, the availability of special rules are specified.

You Can Play Baccarat Against a Real Dealer at Home

Playing baccarat against a real dealer is possible not only in a land-based casino. Live mode is offered for this purpose. This segment is quite popular in online establishments.

The special feature of Live Baccarat is as follows: the croupier is in a specially equipped room. There is a table for betting and cameras are installed to capture the game from different angles. You can watch the dealer’s actions, listen to his voice, get information about the beginning and end of betting, etc. However, it is possible to contact the dealer only through online chat.

With this approach, you feel like a visitor to a real land-based casino. Play whenever you want and progress to the desired winning.

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