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Is Asics A Good Brand

Is Asics A Good Brand? Here Are The Facts

You might have heard of Asics if you have shopped for sports shoes before. Maybe you have even bought one since they are so comfortable. But then, is Asics a good brand? How do Asics stand up to other competitors like Nike?

In general, Asics is a good brand for sports shoes. Their running shoes are especially loved by long-distance runners and are also worn as walking shoes by many. Asics is also known for having a wider toe area, which means if you have broad toes, you would love Asics. 

This article will discuss Asics, why they are so popular, and how good it is as a shoe brand. We will also compare Asics against Nike and discuss the technology that made them comfortable. 

Is Asics A Japanese Brand?

Asics is a Japanese sports apparel brand founded by Kiichiro Onitsuka in. It started as Onitsuka Tiger in 1945 before renaming itself into Asics in 1977. The word ‘Asics’ is an acronym of the Latin phrase ‘anima sana in corpore sano,’ meaning ‘a sound mind, in a sound body.’

Asics produces multiple sports accessories and equipment, from bags to hoodies, swimwear, compression garments, and shoes. However, Asics is very well known for its well-made sports shoes, well-loved by many athletes across all sports disciplines. 

Asics also has a special relationship with Nike. Nike’s founder Phil Knight visited Japan after he graduated from Stanford. He saw Onitsuka Tiger’s products and was so impressed he applied to become their sales agent in the USA. In fact, he founded the company Blue Ribbon Sports for this purpose. 

Blue Ribbon Sports eventually evolved into the Nike we know today. It could be said that Asics was the brand that gave birth to Nike. 

Asics sponsors many sporting events, organizations and athletes, including Los Angeles Marathon, Cricket Australia, and tennis superstar Novak Djokovic.

Asics can be placed within the ‘popular and fashionable’ range, similar to brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Underarmour.

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Why Is Asics So Popular?

Asics are popular because they make high-quality shoes that perform excellently. Asics shoes are also comfortable. As a result, you can see Asics shoes worn and endorsed by professional athletes such as Novak Djokovic and Ryan Hall. 

The chief reason Asics are popular with many is that they make excellent shoes that can perform well. Asics are also known to be very comfortable shoes due to the technology used. 

As a result, Asics are worn and endorsed by many athletes across all types of sports. The South African Springboks rugby union players wear Asics. Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic wears Asics to play on the court. At the same time, many record-holding long-distance runners such as Ryan Hall and Sara Hall also wear Asics while running. 

Asics are also popular in sports such as volleyball and track and field, with many athletes from these sports wearing Asics as well.

As a result, many people associate these athletes’ choices as testimonials of Asics’s quality. So when they shop for a new pair of shoes, they purchase Asics. 

Aside from the performance and endorsement from athletes, Asics also has a less edgy and experimental design on their shoes, which makes them appeal to a more conservative audience. 

Why Is Asics So Comfortable?

Asics shoes are comfortable due to their materials, shapes, and the technology used to support the feet. Asics shoes are also known for absorbing impacts very well, being breathable and supporting people with wider feet.

Reviews from many sport shoes wearers revealed that Asics have a reputation for accommodating people with wider toes. This means if you have broad toes and find usual shoes a little tight for your toes, Asics may be much more comfortable for you. 

Asics also makes shoes that fit multiple foot types. The human foot can be categorized into roughly three types: high-arched, standard and low-arched. 

Each of these foot types requires different types of support to be comfortable. With Asics, you can get shoes for each foot type, making your wearing experience much more comfortable.

Asics also uses lightweight and very breathable materials. These lightweight materials do not feel heavy on the feet, reducing the effort needed to lift your feet when walking. The breathable materials also help moisture-wicking, helping your feet stay dry and cool all day. 

But what made Asics incredibly comfortable was their technology to support the feet, mainly the GEL and the FLYTEFORM technology. The GEL technology helps with impact absorption, while the FLYTEFORM helps to propel your feet forward, making it less tiring when you are walking or running. 

These factors, when combined, result in a very comfortable pair of shoes that many simply love. 

Is Asics Better Than Nike?

Asics and Nike are both good, but each is stronger in its own areas. For example, Nike has a reputation for great basketball shoes. In contrast, Asics has a higher profile in athletics and long-distance running. The main difference would be that Nike tends to apply more design to their products, while Asics stay conservative. 

Nike and Asics are great sports apparel brands, although you could say they might not appeal to the same audience. 

Nike has a broader reach, having a presence in many more sports than Asics. For example, Nike has many more gears for football (American) than Asics. 

Nike also seems more forward-looking and daring in its design compared to Asics, which are more conservative. Both brands are equally experimental with their products, introducing technology and features to help their wearers feel comfortable and perform better. 

For example, Asics is known for its GEL and FLYTEFORM technology. At the same time, Nike is famous for its AIR and FLYKNIT technology. These features improve the comfort, performance and fitting of the shoe. 

As a result, you can see Asics worn by people who appreciate fine technology but prefer to keep the looks of a regular sports shoe. Nike, in turn, tends to be loved by younger generations that do not hold back from showing their passion and love for performing and well-designed shoes. 

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