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All Might vs. All For One Episode

All Might Vs. All For One Episode- Season 3, Episode 48, My Hero Academia

My Hero, Academia’s TV series was filled with intrigues and action-packed scenes that kept followers asking for more. In this episode, All Might discovered that time was running out on him as he contends with his ultimate foe- All for One. This encounter was the final battle between the two superheroes. This episode was directed by Kenji Nagasaki and Setsumu Doukawa. It was also written by Kohei Horikoshi and Yosuke Kuroda. The episode has a total run time of 23 minutes and was released on 11th May 2019 in the United States of America, though released a few years earlier in Asia.

So, In what Episode Did All Might Battle All for One?

All Might battle All for One in episode 48 of season three of My Hero Academia animated series.

My Herod Academia Third Season Review

The third season of the animation’s series: My Hero Academia was produced by Bones and directed by Kenjo Nagasaki. Like the rest of the season’s series, the original manga series name has been adapted from the rest of the eight-volume.

The episode follows the adventures of Isuku Midoriya and his classmates from the UA high school, a prestigious school where heroes are trained.

The third season ran from 7th April to 29th September 2018 on Japan’s YTV. Toho had also released the season on DVD and Blu-Ray in eight different compilations. Each of the compilations contained between two and four episodes between 18th July 2018 and 13th February 2019. The animated series was released to English audiences in America and Europe later in 2019.

Funimation had licensed the season for the English language audiences in North America on 7th May 2019. The Funimation adaptation also ran from 3rd March 2019 to 18th August 2019 on the adult swim, Toonami block.

One thing that is different with this season is that the producers and directors decided to use four other pieces of theme music; these are two opening and two ending themes. The opening theme was “Old future” by Uverworld, while the first ending theme is titled “Update” by Miwa. The opening theme music ran for the first thirteen episodes. The second opening theme is titled “Make my story” by Lenny Code Fiction, and the ending theme is “Long Hope Philia” by Masaki Suda.

All Might vs. All For One- Summary

1. All Might Saved the Villains

All Might, alongside his fellow heroes, within the camp of the villains were able to identify the location of the league of villains and restrict them. Unfortunately, their moment of victory was short-lived when All for One teleported himself and the rest away from the scene, and those include Bakugo, another power warrior.

All for One was able to teleport his group to another place where a group of other Professional heroes, including Shoto, Momo, Isuku, and Tenya. These heroes were fear-stricken 

after the events that took place. Soon after the teleporting, All Might return in the sky to clash with All for One in one of the greatest battles of the season.

Around that moment, Bakugo had to try and evade the group of villains who had tried to capture and torture him.  

Isuku had tried to save his teammates, and he came up with a strategy that would help him and his friend save Bakugo. After Bakugo escaped with his teammates, All for One had decided to teleport Shigaraki, another team member, and the rest of the league of villains to protect them. It was after this that he resumed the fight with All Might.

2. A Battle Breaks Out

All for One cited Al Might flying from the sky, and a fight breaks out. All Might consistently land hits on All for One, who in turn landed even more brutal blows on All Might.

With both heroes taken hits from each other, it appeared the battle was heading for a stalemate. The stalemate was broken when All Might eventually overpower All for One with a string smash that knocked the villain down flat.

After the battle, All Might’s power seems to have completely drained out, and his body showed a significant level of weakness.

3. The Ending

With the final defeat of All for One, All Might raises his fist to assume his muscular form. He stood victorious while everyone watched the Symbol of Peace completed his heroic acts. The media announced the victory of All Might to the delight of his followers.

Season Three- The Episode Lists

There were 25 episodes on this season, and they are broken down as follows;

1. Episodes One to Ten

The first episode was titled “Game start” and was aired on the 3rd March 2018. In the episode, the students of 1A were seen having a PE class by the pool while reminiscing the events of the previous seasons. The second episode was titled “Wild, Wild Pussycats” and aired in Asia on 14th April 2018. In this episode, there was a forest lodge trip for Class 1-A and Class 1-B. The students had many encounters with the forest beasts in the episode.

Episode three was titled “Kota,” and it aired first on 21st April 2018. In this episode, the villains attacked the students while training. Episode four was titled “My Hero” and was first aired on 28th April 2018. In this episode, the villains had continued their attacks on the students and teachers. Episode five was titled “Drive it home-Iron fists” and was aired on 5th May 2018. In this episode, many villains were defeated, including muscular, and were teleported back to the camp.

The sixth episode of the season was titled “Roaring Upheaval” and aired on 12th May 2018. Midoriya saved Bakugo and Tokoyami, two of the students. Several battles between the students and villains also happened here. The seventh episode was titled “What a Twist” and aired first on 19th May 2018. Here the villains retreated with Bakugo leading to pursuit by the students. Episode eight was titled “From Lida to Midoriya.” It was first aired on 26th May 2018. The ninth episode was titled “All for One” and aired on TV first on 2nd June 2018. The tenth episode was titled “Symbol of Peace” and was first aired on TV on 2nd June 2018.

2. Episode Eleven to Twenty

Episode 11 was titled “One for All) and this is where the heavily-anticipated battle between All Might and All for One started. It aired on TV first on 16th June 2018. Episode 12 was titled “End of the Beginning, the beginning of the end” and was first aired on TV on 23rd June 2018. Episode 13 was titled “Moving into Dorms” and was first aired on TV on 30th June 2018.

Episode 14 was titled “Create Those Ultimate Moves” and was first aired on TV on 14th July 2018. Episode 15 was titled “The Test” and was first aired on 21st July 2018. Episode 16 was titled “Shiketsu High Lurking.” It was first aired on TV on 28th July 2018. Episode 17 was titled “Class 1-A” and was first aired online on 4th August 2018.

Episode 18 was titled “Rush!” and was first aired on TV on 11th August 2018. Episode 19 was titled “Rescue Exercises” and was first aired on TV on 18th August 2018. Episode 20 was titled “Save the World with Love” and was first aired on TV on 25th August 2018.

3. The final Five Episodes

Episode 21 was titled “What’s the Big Idea” and was first aired on TV on 1st September 2018. Episode 22 was titled “A Talk About Your Quirk” and was first aired on TV on 8th September 2018. Episode 23 was titled “Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2” and was first aired on 15th September 2018. Episode 24 was titled “A season of Encounters” and was first aired on TV on 22nd September 2018.

The final episode of the season was titled “Unrivaled” and was aired on TV on 22nd September 2018. In the last episode, the hideout of the villains was revealed where a certain visitor expressed the desire to join their league. Shigaraki expressed some resentments toward the guest, and he felt that he was too big to join the league of villains.

Midoriya and his classmates were also seen in the last episode going for a battle test with Mirio to prepare themselves for the next step to becoming real superheroes.

The Funimation region 1/A of North America has part one of season three that had 39-50 episodes while the second part had 51 to 63 episodes. The first part was released on 7th May, while the second part was launched on 3rd September 2019. The entire season and the episodes were sub-titled in both first and second parts.

The transition from one battle line to the other on these episodes were quite smooth and that is one reason why the followers are always tuned to the show. 

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