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do potions stack in skyrim

Do Potions Stack In Skyrim: All-Pro Details On Skyrim

When it comes to fun activities, gaming, both on PCs and Consoles, is one of the best choices. Millions of people choose to game over going out because of the additional thrill it offers. This is even more intense in fantasy games.

Skyrim is one of the best fantasy games, and it has everything you could want from a game. It has dragons, spaceships, guns, ancient weapons, and everything else, all mashed up into one fantastic game. Let us get more profound and see more about this game;

Do Potions Stack In Skyrim?

You cannot stack potions in Skyrim, if you use several potions with the same effect at once, you will only get the benefit of one, and the rest will go to waste. 

You can stack them if they have different values, but you can’t add more after getting to the maximum. As such, some potions can be stacked while others cannot.

A Summary Of Skyrim

Skyrim is a fantastic game, and it has a beautiful story. The storyline of the game is a massive part of why most people love it to begin with. 

You might not have time to play the game or watch hours of a playthrough, so here is a summary of its storyline;

The game starts with you in prison after getting caught trying to get past the Skyrim border. You will get sentenced to die by beheading without a trial, but fortunately, a dragon attacks the city, and this gives you a window to escape.

Your journey starts here, and you eventually make your way to the capital, Whiterun. Here, the city leader sends you on a quest to find a particular stone for his wizard. You go into Bleak Falls Barrow and find the Dragon stone deep in the caves.

The Dragon Stone is a map showing all burial sites for dragons in Skyrim. As you go back to Whiterun to return the Dragon Stone, a dragon attacks the city, and you are sent to a tower with some soldiers to kill it. 

You manage to kill the beast, and once it’s dead, you absorb some magic from it. This doesn’t go unnoticed since a group of wizards calls out for you to see them. This is seen as an honor, so you travel to see the greybeards in High Hrothgar.

The wizards tell you that you were born with a human body but a dragon’s soul, the Dragonborn. This means you have the power to kill dragons by absorbing their souls when they die. 

You are then sent to get the horn of their leader, but you find it stolen, and you need to get it from the thief. Delphine is the thief, and she works for an order that has served prior Dragonborn’s.

She thinks the elves are responsible for the dragon attacks and wants you to meet her contact that would get you in their embassy. You get into the embassy, but you have no evidence of the elves’ involvement in the attack.

This journey leads you across the world, and eventually, you come back to the Greybeards, and they allow you to meet their leader, a dragon. 

At this point, you learn that you need an elder scroll to discover a magical shout that can bring down the king of the Dragons.

You go to a college in Winterhall looking for the location of the elder scroll, and you eventually find out that it is in the Blackreach. This is a cave that was constructed by a race that went extinct.

You manage to get the scroll, and on your way back to the Greybeards, you meet the king of the Dragons. You fight him and win, but he gets away before you can make the kill.

You go to Whiterun because you need to capture a dragon and get it to tell you where their leader fled to.

The leader of Whiterun refuses this and says you will only get the dragon if you broker peace and end the civil war that is going on in Skyrim.

You manage to get the two leaders to meet in High Hrothgar, and they make a peace treaty ending the civil war, which gives you the chance to capture a dragon. You learn of a dragon called Odahviing, and you summon and trap it.

Odahviing tells you the location of Alduin, their king, and he lets you ride him to the Ancient Dragon Temple where the dragon king hides. 

You battle various enemies, and you finally get to the hall of heroes, where you get more heroes to help you fight Alduin. You manage to kill the beast and return as the greatest hero in Skyrim.

Is Skyrim Still Worth Playing In 2021?

Skyrim has a lot of fans because of the freedom it offers its players. As impressive as the game is, it was first launched in 2011, and there have been a lot of games that came out later that might lead you to question the game’s relevance now.

What made Skyrim so good in the first place? The graphics and details were not that impressive in the game. 

What made the game stand out was the openness and ambition the game had. You could look into the distant hills and freely walk there.

There are a ton of quests in the game, and you will always have something to do so you don’t get bored. 

Even if you finish the quests, there is always something you have missed; with freedom in mind, you could use a limitless number of plays.

There are various places to help make your character more lethal, and you are free to choose from them. 

There are guild missions, especially the thief missions, that make your world even more natural, and the rewards make you even better.

As the game progresses, you will get more attached and curious to learn about amours, potions, and weapons. 

The game works well in making you feel like you are a part of the Skyrim world and one of the factions you choose to be a part of. 

Skyrim, its setting, and the story take us back to a refreshing new world and terrain that will keep you entertained for over 100 hours. These are all positive, and for sure, there are some issues with the game.

The biggest concerns are graphics and bugs. Comparing the 2011 game with the 2020 games, the graphics will be awful, and the numerous bugs in the game could be frustrating at some point. As you go on in the game, around level 20, the game is easy, even on the greatest difficulty. 

The combat becomes repetitive and straightforward, but there is an answer for PC and Xbox mods. 

Mods are issues without bugs, and they give a more challenging platform for you to play. They offer new graphics, new quests, cities, and a whole new adventure for you to work around.

Even nine years after the initial release, Skyrim is still a game worth your time, and you should try and play it. 

It is a good trip down memory lane for those that have played it, and it will be a new and refreshing scene for beginners.

Helpful Tips For Skyrim Beginners

Skyrim is a fantastic game, but the freedom it offers, while it is a good thing, also poses a challenge and is intimidating for beginners. Here are three tips that should help make the game easier before you become a pro;

  1. Follow the primary campaign from Whiterun. The game allows you the freedom to do and do other tasks, but you should follow the main story if you are new. This will allow you to learn and make achievements with ease. Once you have the basics, you will do more tasks and develop your character better.
  2. Choose a play style and stick to it. Skyrim does not care much about you having skills in all guilds.  You should therefore avoid putting points in a wide range of skills at the same time. Instead, focus on one and collect as many points as you can to get all perks.
  3. Take advantage of the three guardian stones at the start of the game. These stones will give a 20% XP bonus for skills associated with warriors, mages, and thieves. There are more stones around Skyrim nut; these are easy to find and crucial for a start.

Another way to gain a 10% XP boost is by sleeping in an inn. You will get a 5% XP bonus for sleeping in sleeping bags that you might find along the way. These boosts will bring your XP bonus for some skills as high as 30%.

Avoid quick travel, especially when you are just starting, since you could lose most or all of your boost in a matter of seconds.


You can’t stack potions in the game unless they are of different values. As you play the game, you will be able to brew more potions that will make your endeavors simpler.

Skyrim is a fantastic game, and the freedom it offers the players makes this game relevant now like it was in 2011.

This is a great way to have fun and connect with an imaginary world that most games will not offer.

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