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An Ultimate Ways To Find A Good Videographer In Melbourne

An Ultimate Ways To Find A Good Videographer In Melbourne And Some Mistakes To Avoid 

A videographer shoulders the responsibility of the planning, filming and editing of videos. People hire videographers to document events, and the content allows them to relive those moments once again. 

One big question most people have is where to find a good videographer in Melbourne. Unlike other projects, there are no second chances in videography; you cannot capture the moments again. If you hire an unskilled videographer, they might not capture the event in the best manner possible. Here are some best places to find videographers. 

Internet Search

As per recent data, Melbourne has around 94,600 dwellings. The top place to start your search is the internet. You can use keywords like ‘good videographer in Melbourne’.  

Leading videographers maintain a good internet presence, and most videographers have their websites to showcase work and impress clients. You can visit the videographer website and collect as much information as possible. 

Social Media 

If searching on the internet has not helped and you still don’t know where to find a good videographer in Melbourne, visit social media platforms to find one. Social media platforms are popular in the Australian community. As per recent data, Australia has around 18 million social media users. 

Social media platforms are not limited to socialising activities. Today, leading brands use social media platforms to showcase their products and services to their target audience. Here are some interesting figures of Australia’s Social Media Demographics.

Social media platforms like Facebook are the most popular, with 16.5 million unique visitors every month. Likewise, YouTube and Instagram stand at 2nd and 3rd position with 16 million and 9 million, respectively, unique visitors every month. 

Most videographers also maintain a strong presence on social media platforms, and you can find videographers with the help of hashtags like #melbournevideography, Wedding Videography Melbourne and similar hashtags. 

Other Sources

You can also seek personal recommendations from people who recently hired videographers for their events. Other places to find videographers are job boards, marketing agencies, photo studios, film departments and other commercial areas where videography is needed. 

Knowing the places to find videographers is half battle won. There are hundreds of videographers in Melbourne looking for work but not every videographer is suitable for the job. The video quality depends on your choice of videographer; hence you should be careful while selecting a videographer.

Mistakes To Avoid 

As per recent data, Melbourne has a total land area of 37.7 square kilometres. The estimated resident population of Melbourne is around 183,756. Here are three mistakes you need to avoid when selecting a videographer. 

Hiring The Cheapest Videographer

Saving money is good, but the result might not be good when you hire the cheapest videographer. Melbourne videographers follow no standard fees model, and you will notice a massive difference in the fees charged by different videographers. Lower fees do not necessarily mean poor quality videos, and high fees do not mean best quality videos. 

In general, videographers who have mastered the skill of videography and have a long list of clients will charge more than novice videographers who want to establish their business and gain experience. It will help if you think of various factors like video equipment, experience, list of clients and portfolio while selecting a videographer in Melbourne. 

Expecting Same Day Delivery 

Creating video content has a lengthy process that involves planning, shooting videos, editing and post-production processes for the final content. You should not expect same-day delivery when hiring a videographer for your project

A good videographer will explain the timeline and tasks in creating the video content. The industry standard of video content delivery is around six months. If any videographer is promising delivery within a few days or weeks, it can be a red flag. 

The videographer is promising but won’t deliver, or he will work in haste and provide you with poor quality content. Hence, look for a videographer who promises good quality work and provides you with a timeline for delivering the video content in the contract.

To sum up, these are a few things you should keep in mind when finding and hiring a videographer in Melbourne. 

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