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How To Make A Car Radio Work Without Antenna

This Is How To Make A Car Radio Work Without Antenna

A car without a car stereo makes every trip boring. You’ll have nothing to occupy your ears and mind while driving. 

Some cars have car stereos but no antenna. What’s the implication for such cars? You can’t use the radio. 

But there are ways you can make your car radio work even without an antenna. You don’t need a technician to do it for you. Just read this article and follow the steps to get it done. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive in right away!

What A Car Antenna

Let’s be honest, having a car antenna is important. The antenna catches magnetic energy in radio waves, converts and transmits the wave to the radio to produce sound. It’s a connector of the radio waves and the radio itself. 

Radio waves are emitted from a transmission station or a transmitter. The car antenna attracts these waves and converts them into electric charges. Afterward, these small electric charges are sent to the radio through the transmission line. 

Furthermore, the small electric charges are converted into sound energy/waves. This sound is what you hear from your radio whenever you tune in. The antenna is vital for your car radio to work.

But even when you have a faulty antenna, you can make your car radio work. Here’s how to do it. 

Use of the car chassis, Bluetooth connectivity ( When your car radio has Bluetooth feature), analog cable, FM transmitter and an Android phone.   

How To Make A Car Radio Work Without An Antenna Using Chassis

Metal makes up the major body part of a car. And you can use the metallic body part of the car as an antenna by connecting the car radio to the Chassis. Here are the steps below:

To connect your car radio to the Chassis of your car, you will need some tools to aid your work. 

These include screwdrivers, plastic tape, wire cutters/pliers, coax plug/butt connector, etc. 


Gently remove the car radio from the dashboard. You can achieve this by loosening the screws/bolts on the dash panel holding the radio to the dashboard. You can use the appropriate screwdriver for this task.

The dash panel’s design is not the same for all cars. So go around your dash panel carefully to locate the bolts, screws, and joints. You don’t want to cause any damage to your stereo.


Locate the ground wire among the network of cables at the back of the stereo. The ground wire is usually black. This wire powers up the CD player of your car stereo. And it links the metal chassis of the car to the CD player. Chop off some part of the black wire with a cutter.


Identify the antenna wire and cut off some portion with the wire cutter/plier to connect with the ground wire. If your stereo doesn’t have an antenna wire, kindly procure one with a reasonable length. 

You can connect the ground and antenna wires using the insulated butt connectors. It is better to use an insulated butt connector than plastic tape joining the ground and antenna wire. 

Step #4: 

Lastly, connect your car radio back to its original position. Please put it on and search for frequency stations. You will get some frequencies on your stereo. 

The steps above are possible because the antenna wire has been connected to the ground. And the ground is linked to the Chassis. The Chassis uses the car’s metallic body as an antenna.

How To Make A Car Radio Work Without An Antenna Using An Android Phone     

If you find the use of Chassis too technical, you can try using the android phone method. All you need is a smartphone and a car stereo.

Most Android phones have Bluetooth connectivity features, FM Radio, USB ports, and auxiliary ports. You can connect your smartphone to your car stereo using any of the android phone features above without the aid of an antenna.

Put on the car radio Bluetooth, if it has one. Put on the phone Bluetooth and search for a new device nearby on the other end. Connect the phone to the radio. 

After that, launch the FM Radio on your phone and select a frequency station. The car stereo will play the same frequency station as your phone. 

Without Bluetooth connectivity, you can use the auxiliary cord and link the android phone to the stereo. But you will have to set your radio on auxiliary mode.

You can also use the USB port and FM transmitter with the aid of your smartphone to play your car radio without an antenna.

Furthermore, the smartphone provides the option to play your favorite music. You can enjoy the video, mp4 files, 3gp if your car stereo has a screen and the feature. 

How To Make A Call Through The Car Radio

You can make and receive calls on your cell phone through the car radio while driving. All you need is the Bluetooth property in the phone and the car radio.

You can get a hands-free device if your stereo does not have a Bluetooth function. Kindly follow these simple steps below:

Step#1: put on the car radio and your smartphone since they both have Bluetooth properties. 

Step#2: enter your phone setting, locate the Bluetooth option, and tap on it to open. Please put it on and search for Bluetooth nearby.

Step#3: Select your car radio Bluetooth name or hands-free device name as it appears on your phone and pair. Upon successful connection, your stereo will beep a small sound. Congratulations, you can now make and receive calls through your car radio. 

Some high-tech car radios also have voice commands. The above explanation will allow easy interaction with your phone via the stereo using the voice command.

The use of a cell phone while driving can distract the driver, which can, in turn, lead to an accident. Therefore, using a hands-free device or Bluetooth connectivity can allow the driver to concentrate more on driving while talking via the radio speakers.

In some states, it is prohibited to hold the phone while driving. But in other states, it is not a serious offense. Using your phone while driving, as discussed above, can save you some legal tussle or fine.

How To Improve Car Radio Reception

You may notice some disconnection in your stereo. Other times, it could just be some static sound emanating from the stereo or interference of some frequencies.

Frequency disruption can arise from so many factors. It would be best to improve car radio reception in case of continuous frequency interruptions. 

The first thing to improve your signal strength is to check the antenna. It can greatly enhance the car radio reception, as simple as this may sound. Some antennas are retractable. Ensure you extend them all up to get a better signal.

Secondly, you can check if your antenna has an issue after extending it and the radio reception is still poor. Ensure the wire connection to the antenna is intact. 

And watch for rust at the base of the antenna; if any, replace the antenna. The antenna is the signal receptor. It needs to be good for the car radio to function well.

Moreover, you can check your car radio and ensure it’s working properly. If you observe any default, kindly change the car radio. It is more economical to change the car radio than to repair it.

Additionally, you can approach an electrician to check if there is any possible interference of the car radio frequencies with any part of the car.

Lastly, radio frequencies are always disrupted in mountainous and skyscrapers regions because of physical barriers. You can do little unless you get out of such an environment. Moreover, you can use the transmitter booster to improve the radio car reception in these areas.


The secret to a functional car radio is the antenna. When the antenna fails to pick up radio waves and transmit to the stereo, your radio will not work. Also, the car radio without an antenna cannot play FM or AM modules.

Nonetheless, you have now learned how to make a car radio work without an antenna using the Chassis method, FM transmitter, android phone method, etc.

It’s up to you to implement any of the methods highlighted in this article to make your car radio work without an antenna. That way, you can enjoy your favorite station while on the go.

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