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Are Electric Gates Safe

Are Electric Gates Safe?

Electric or automatic gate systems are becoming increasingly popular in homes all over the world. They act as a symbol of sophistication and home security. Electric gates are a simple yet effective addiction to your home’s safety, making your property much more secure. 

However, over recent years, hundreds of people around the world have been seriously injured or killed by automatic gates. So, this begs the question, are electric gates really safe? 

In this article, we will look at the safety of electric gates, the risks involved with using electric gates, and how to prevent any problems with electric gates. 

Are Automatic Gates Safe?

Electric gates are powered by an automatic mechanism. This technology is used commonly; in some towns, you can find electric gates on almost every property. However, it’s important to recognize the importance of hiring a professional when fitting new electric gates

Since electric gates are so common in many towns, people tend to overlook the fact that they are very powerful and, therefore, can be quite dangerous if not used correctly or when proper care is ignored. The most common injuries that occur due to electric gates are broken bones and strangulation. In some cases, electric gates have been known to be lethal. 

However, it’s important to note that these types of accidents are very rare when you consider how many electric gates there are in the world. These isolated incidents tend to be due to poor judgements and not taking proper care when using the gates. 

Overall, electric gates are actually very safe when they are used correctly. However, if they are not used correctly or if they are not installed correctly, this can lead to a range of potential risks. 

What Are The Risks of Electric Gates?

Many people overlook the fact that they need to take care when using their electric gates. A lot of people forget the fact that just because something is well-designed doesn’t mean that it is completely safe. It is important to keep on top of inspecting your electric gates and to take care when using them to ensure you avoid any potential accidents. 

Many electric gates come with safety features that help to ensure injuries and accidents are kept to a minimum. However, not all electric gates have this luxury, so it’s important to be vigilant when using them. 

One of the biggest risks of electric gates is incorrect installation. This is why it is so important to avoid installing electric gates yourself and to, instead, opt for a professional, reputable electric gate specialist to complete the installation for you. 

Some of the most common risks that come with the use of electric gates include the following:

  • Impact – The gates may strike an individual in the path of the closure
  • Crushing – The gates may close with an individual in the path of the closure
  • Drawing in – The gates may catch on bags or clothing and drag an individual into the mechanism
  • Shearing – The gates may damage parallel objects such as a nearby wall and risk derailment
  • Hooking – The gates may catch body parts or clothes due to protruding parts of the gate
  • Entrapment – A person may become involuntarily trapped due to the gate opening or closing

Most of these risks are because the gates are designed to operate until they are completely closed or open. However, some newer models of electric gates come with safety features that will cause the gate to stop if it comes into contact with any pressure. 

Some additional potential issues that may arise include electrocution, exploding mechanisms, and minor hazards from faults in the installation or manufacturing. 

However, as we’ve mentioned, these are usually very rare occurrences, and in the grand scheme of things, electric gates are considered to be very safe. 

How to Prevent Problems With Electric Gates 

There are several things that you can do to prevent accidents and injuries. It’s important to keep on top of the preventive methods. 

One of the most important things you can do, as we’ve mentioned, is to get your electric gates installed by a professional, reputable electric gate specialist. Professionals will teach you everything you need to know about how to safely operate your gate, and they will always leave a copy of the operations manual, which you can read over for safety. 

There are several additional safety precautions that you can take, such as installing safety mechanisms. These can include the following:

  • Pressure ribs – Installing pressure ribs on the gate can help to prevent injuries during use. These ribs will automatically stop the gate if they come into contact with something, preventing them from closing in on any person or object that may be in its path. In some cases, the pressure ribs may reopen the gate when they come into contact with something. 
  • Infrared sensors – Infrared sensors are a great addition to electric gates as these can detect any objects that may be in the path of the gate. When an obstruction is detected, the gate won’t open or close until the path is clear. 
  • Limitation monitors – Pressure limitation tools are great for detecting the average amount of pressure needed to close the gate. This device will shut off the gate if it detects that the pressure is higher than it should be. 

Another thing you can do to ensure your electric gates remain as safe as possible is to keep them well-maintained. You should get the gates checked by a professional regularly to ensure everything is working as it should. 

Avoid making any DIY repairs to the system. If you think there is a problem with the mechanism, call a professional to inspect and repair it. 


Electric gates can be quite dangerous when installed or used incorrectly. However, they are not unsafe. If you take some simple necessary steps such as ensuring they are installed by a professional, electric gates are no more dangerous than a garage door or a car. 

While it’s important to be aware of the risk involved with the incorrect use of electric gates, you shouldn’t allow this to put you off installing them at your home. Electric gates are a great addition to your home’s safety, security, and curb appeal with proper attention and correct use. 

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