Thursday , July 18 2024

Mario Garcia

Hello I am Mario Garcia, I find human beings fascinating, especially our more or less endearing behavior. Bit by bit I’ve come to see us human beings not as autonomous agents in conscious control of our lives, but as incredibly complex biological organisms embedded in the process of our evolving culture. Here in our blog you will find a lot of life hacks, tech tips and information about just Being Human

How to Edit Gaming Videos Like a Pro: Top Tips!

How to Edit Gaming Videos Like a Pro

The gaming industry is rising. Nowadays, almost every second person is either a gamer or is interested in gaming. This has led to the internet flooding with gaming videos. Since many videos make it to the internet every day, the competition in the field is extremely high.  Therefore, it is …

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Why do Horses Need Horseshoes? The Reason Explained

Why do Horses Need Horseshoes

In the world of equestrian, horseshoes are quite well-known. A U-shaped piece of metal attached to the bottom of a horse’s hooves is known as horseshoes. The U-shape design replicates the horse’s hoof. Often nails are used to attach a horseshoe to the hoofs. A special type of glue may …

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Why Did Voldemort Kill Harry’s Parents? The Reason Explained

Why Did Voldemort Kill Harry's Parents

Harry Potter, famously known as, The Boy Who Lived survived the attack by Voldemort at Godric’s Hollow. Despite Harry’s survival, Lord Voldemort’s reign of terror was temporarily ended that night. His parents, James and Lily Potter, however couldn’t survive the attack. They died to protect their son. The question here …

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Does Taco Bell Take Apple Pay? Lets Take A Look

Does Taco Bell Take Apple Pay

Taco Bell is one of the most popular chains of fast-food restaurants based in America. The brand has stores at more than 7,000 locations in 31 different countries and more than 350 franchises. Taco Bell is a subsidiary (the Daughter Company) of Yum! Brands, Inc. As of 2021, Taco Bell …

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Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne? Read This Before You Indulge

Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne

There are many myths and misconceptions about smoking weed and its impact on the skin. This article will discuss what the research says about smoking weed and acne. Does smoking weed cause acne? The short answer is probably not. There is little evidence that directly links smoking weed to acne. …

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How Many Spark Plugs Does A Diesel Engine Have?

How Many Spark Plugs Does A Diesel Engine Have

Diesel engines and gasoline/petrol engines are both internal combustion engines, which means that they convert energy from the burning of a fuel into mechanical action to drive the vehicle. But their ignition systems are different. Where gasoline/petrol engines use spark plugs to ignite the fuel, diesel engines rely on the …

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What Does 1st On LinkedIn Mean?

What Does 1st On LinkedIn Mean

When you invite someone to connect on LinkedIn, you have the option to choose between first, second, and third connections. This article explains what those are and why they matter. First connections are people you are directly connected to in your network. How Do You Connect On LinkedIn? When you’re …

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