Sunday , June 2 2024

Mario Garcia

Hello I am Mario Garcia, I find human beings fascinating, especially our more or less endearing behavior. Bit by bit I’ve come to see us human beings not as autonomous agents in conscious control of our lives, but as incredibly complex biological organisms embedded in the process of our evolving culture. Here in our blog you will find a lot of life hacks, tech tips and information about just Being Human

Dog Ate Chocolate Cupcake Wrapper: Read The Possible Outcome

Your dog ate chocolate cupcake wrapper, and you’re terrified that something terrible might happen. It’s normal for dog owners to feel that way towards their canine friends. After all, both of you have built a solid relationship over the years. But before you panic and hurt yourself in the process, …

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Why Most People Believe Habitat For Humanity Is Bad

Do you know why Habitat for Humanity is bad? Or are people attacking the organization’s reputation for no reason? If you’re here to know why people are ditching Habitat for Humanity (HFH), don’t skip this post. Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit housing organization with a presence in local communities …

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A Comprehensive Guide On The Helen Fisher Personality Types

The Helen Fisher Personality Types

Have you taken the Helen Fisher personality test? If you haven’t, then chances are you haven’t heard the name. Or perhaps, you’re not a fan of In 2015, the dating platform, hired Helen Fisher to help find the best answer to an old but confusing question. The question …

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What Are Baby Eagle Called? Things You Need To Know

What Are Baby Eagle Called

Eagles are birds of prey. They are big and powerful birds and have been given the tag “apex predators” in many settings. There are many species of eagles, most of which are from Africa and Eurasia. Only fourteen species come from different parts of the world. Like any other living …

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What Is A PC Baby? A Show We Can Never Forget

South Park is one of those shows that have stood the test of time. The show, which started in 1997, has risen to become one of the highest-rated shows on comedy central. The satirical work made for an adult audience has at different times influenced popular culture. PC baby is …

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Check Out The Body Part That Starts With S

How well do you know the different human body parts? Can you also identify body parts that begin with the letter S? If not, this post is for you. Humans boast 78 organs, with the teeth and bones counted ones. If you decide to count the teeth and bones individually, …

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What Is A Baby Whale Called? What You Need To Know

Do you know that the Antarctic blue whale is the largest sea mammal on the planet? This remarkable creature weighs approximately 400,000 pounds, which is equivalent to 28 adult male elephants. And it reaches 100 feet in length. In addition, whales are warm-blooded, just like humans. And interestingly, they look …

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