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Can You Kill Liberty Prime? Exploring Liberty Crime In Fallout Video Games

The Fallout game series is an apocalyptic video game that was launched in 2010. It is an action role-playing video game that allows multi-player mode. It seems the new Vegas edition, also referred to like Fallout 3, is superior to other series because it comes with more branching paths. Fallout: New Vegas also comes with diverse options or ways to resolve questlines with unique skills and S.P.E.C.I.A.L.S statistics. The New Vegas also comes with the best write-up among all Fallout video game versions. With more unique characters and more intelligent characters, Fallout: New Vegas is simply the best.

So Can You Kill Liberty Prime?

No, but you can force it to become hostile towards the player and their followers.

What You Should Know About Liberty Prime

Liberty Crime which is re-designated as Liberty Prime Mark 2, is a unique American US military robot that measures about 40 feet in height. It is the main villain in the Fallout video game series, and it is heavily armored for all kinds of combat. It is built with a powerful eye laser plus tactical nuclear bombs that make it very dangerous against the enemies. Other things you should know about Liberty;

The History of Liberty Prime

The Robot had been destroyed at the satellite relay station and remained in disrepair until 2287 when it was brought to Boston for repairs and restoration. The Brotherhood of Steel discover Liberty Crime and re-constructed it to bring it back to order. The restoration of the machine was perfected by Dr. Madison Li, who eventually resolved the Robot’s power issues in the year 2277.

Liberty Prime was a product of US military contract 38917 handled by RobCo Industries and General Atomics International. The Robot was designed to re-possess the Anchorage in Alaska from the Chinese occupation. The goal was to develop the best and most potent combat robot in human history.

Liberty would be the American representation of might. It can walk, talk and even nuke the enemy to remind all nations that America remains the world’s super-power.

Liberty Prime Had Power Issues

While components like Voice module, weapon systems, and chassis were effectively installed and worked on Liberty crime, the designers could not develop the power source that could power all its systems.

The project leader could not solve Liberty’s power issue, and even Vault-Tec company failed to help the situation. Though the Robot could move and navigate through different terrains, it could do these when its weapon systems are offline.

Some developers had gone into seclusion when the Robot’s problems developed power issues. The delay of the Robot’s launch became unacceptable to the United States military, and they decided to push forward without Liberty Crime. The waste of money, time, and material was quite enormous for the military, and they decided to put the Robot in a bay below the Pentagon. At the same time, the developers waited for a solution to the power issue.

The Capital Wasteland Abandonment

After the great war between America and China, Liberty Prime was abandoned and forgotten until 2255 when Lyons Owyn and the Brotherhood of Steel team arrived in Washington and found the Robot in ruins beneath Pentagon.

Upon discovery of Liberty Prime, there was resumption in the development of the Robot, but the energy consumption was still there. The Brotherhood also had challenges powering the Robot, and this went on for about 20 years. As of the year 2277, the new research team had been able to restore about 46% power to the Robot’s internal processors, and about 37% power was restored to the power management systems.

Many Attempts Were Made to Divert Power from the Robot’s Systems

There was an initial attempt to draw more power from Liberty Prime’s weapon system. In this process, the power drawing fried some of the power’s circuitry and cause even more setbacks.

There was another attempt to draw power from the Robot’s system in July 2277. Still, there was a faulty power capacitor that led to a power spike and eventually degraded system performance. This had resulted in dropping the Robot’s internal processor, weapons, and power management to lower levels of 12%, 13%, and 1%, respectively.

The researchers stopped rerouting power and concentrated on the Robot’s accelerated vector fusion mode to meet the Robot’s power demands. The results caused injuries to many individuals working on the project. There was accidental weapon discharge, which led to the team imposing stricter control on the project.

Help came unsuspectedly when Dr. Madison, who worked on the project: Purity, arrived at the experimental center. He was highly skilled in Fusion research and applications. He and his team members eventually found a solution to the power management problems.

The research team and staff eventually brought Liberty Prime back online after two centuries of unsuccessful launching. The Robot was able to destroy the Vertibirds and many other weapons from the enemy. It was also deployed against the Enclave in the “Battle of Project Purity.”

The Destruction Of Liberty Prime

Two supporting individuals known as Lyon’s Pride and Lone Wanderer were mopping up and destroy those enclave personnel that escapes the destruction path of Liberty Prime. Upon their arrival at the memorial, Lyons Pride and Liberty Prime had set up a security parameter while Lone wanderer and Sarah Lyon went straight into the facility.

For two weeks of engaging the enemy, the Brotherhood forces were able to mop up the Enclave forces inside the Capital wasteland just before the battle of Rockland. In the battle of Rockland, Liberty Prime spearheaded the attack as usual while the ground troops followed.

The initial attack had gone well until Liberty Prime decided to create an access point by breaking through the concrete walls.

Liberty Prime was lured into a Cul-de-sac in front of the Rockland facility, a ploy by the enemy to destroy the Robot. A tactical missile bombardment initiated by the Bradley-Hercules orbital weapon platforms transformed the entire area into a kill zone. The Enclave was able to destroy Liberty Prime, but the Tristan forces managed a retreat to a safe zone.

The destruction of Liberty Prime had put the Brotherhood in a challenging situation because the Robot was the only advantage they had over the Enclave. The ongoing water delivery program worsened the problems the Brotherhood faced after the death of Liberty prime. The Brotherhood eventually pooled all resources together and depended on the Lone Wanderer as their last strategy.

The Rothchild had immediately begun working on Prile Liberty while the war was ongoing, and they hoped to restore him into good working order. With little success achieved, the project to restore Liberty Prime was shelved.

Facts About Liberty Crime’s Interaction With Player Characters

There are specific facts you should know about Liberty Prime’s engagement capabilities when interacting with other player characters, and these include the following;

Liberty Prime Was Found in an Inactive State

Liberty Prime was first discovered in its inactive state in a laboratory under the Citadel. The Lone Wanderer is capable of getting information about Liberty Prime. The Lone Wanderer can also use a computer terminal to Prime’s dialogue, and in most cases, it can also use this computer facility to initiate dialogue tests.

It Can Fire Dual and Head-mounted Beams

Liberty Prime is a robot of diverse capabilities. It can fire dual and head-mounted energy beams – these are shots fired from a similar Tesla Cannon. The beams fired from Liberty Prime are capable of killing many Enclave soldiers at the same time, even with a single shot. Liberty Prime also has a backpack that holds lots of explosives that get activated upon contact with the enemies.

Liberty Prime is Immune to Many Conventional Attacks

Aside from being immune to all kinds of conventional attacks, Prime is capable of breaking through many energy barriers by walking into such. The Robot can also grab and rip the barriers off. While moving through the Wasteland, Prime was heard repeating some anti-communist phrases and saying that Democracy will never be defeated.

It Follows Pre-scripted Paths Only

Due to its massive size, Liberty Prime-only follow pre-scripted paths and it has very little independence outside of these paths whenever it appears. The walk into the Purifier for instance was full of scripted elements that the Robot had no choice but to obey.

It Cannot Be Killed

Liberty Prime could not be killed but could be turned into a hostile robot working against itself or the enemy. When it turns hostile, Liberty Prime will try to eliminate players and their followers.

As Liberty Prime was being lifted out of the Citadel Lab, it hits the wall of the Citadel due to its massive size, and in the process , dislodged some pieces from the wall. Liberty Prime cost the US government several billions of dollars but was able to deliver a significant victory. The Robot could have won the battle if not for the lack of foresight on the path of its operators.

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