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Mustang Vs. Envy Episode – Episode 53 Of Fullmetal Alchemist: The Flame Of Vengeance

Episode 53 of the popular series Fullmetal Alchemist was one hell of a battle between the two most popular characters; Mustang and Envy. The episode, which is the 53rd of the animated series, was referred to as “Alchemist of Steel in Japan. This series is the second independent animation adaptation from the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga series produced by Hiromu Arakawa. Hiroshi Onogi wrote the series. The epic battle between Mustang and Envy resulted in a heavy casualty, and at the end of the day, there was a winner.

Did Mustang Kill Envy?

No, though Mustang was on the verge of killing Envy when his brother stopped him. The people around were able to stop Mustang because he would be accused of being a murderer in the end.

The Storyline

Mustang’s team had made arrangements for the interview of Bradley’s wife on a radio show. With the assistance of the Ishvalans, there was a spread of a likely coup d’état. The citizen of the region started supporting the rebels against the government in charge, and at the same time, the Briggs Fortress Troops had launched an attack on the Central Command Headquarters.

Mustang was able to destroy the enemies’ mannequin soldiers surrounding Edward’s armies; he could do this by burning them to ashes. In the Upper levels, May had successfully lure Envy into a trap. Both May and Envy fell into the chamber located below Edward’s group.

Envy was also forced to confess that he killed Hughes, infuriated Mustang, who unleashed his fury on Envy. The remainder of Edward’s group moved forward as Mustang expressed his anger, causing Envy to burn.

Edward became concerned for Mustang, who was apparently on the verge of being consumed by his hatred towards Envy. Envy, upon realizing that he couldn’t match the superior powers of Mustang, flee for his life. When Mustang’s behavior became a source of worry to Hawkeye, he followed Mustang into the tunnels, but his presence was noticed by Envy. Mustang eventually confronted Hawkeye.

What You Should Know About The Fullmetal Alchemist

The Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood episodes are the independent animated adaptations of Fullmetal Alchemist Manga developed by the Bones. The following is essential information you should have concerning the series.

The Plot

The series follows two alchemist brothers Edward and Alphonse, who had gone on an item of expenditure to restore their bodies after a failed attempt to revive their mother back to life through Alchemy.

This second series follows the theme and plot of the original Manga, which made it very interesting. The first adaptation of the storyline was different as it diverged into a completely original storyline while it is halfway through its run. The new series comprised 64 episodes in total, alongside four original video animations.

It was Originally Written and Shot in Japanese

The Fullmetal Alchemist was initially shot in Japanese but was premiered in English five days later in Asia on April the 5th, 2009. The show premiered on MBS-TBS on the Japanese anime time-block, replacing the Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Fortunately for the English speakers, the anime series was subtitled in English, few days after the series aired on their website and YouTube channel.

There was an Accidental Leak of an Episode

Funimation, the original producer of the series, had suspended the episodes for a few weeks following the accidental leak from its servers just before it aired in Japan. The episode was titled “One Piece.”

Animax Asia was one of the hosts of this show in the Asian territory. In Australia, Madman entertainment was airing the show. The English version of the episodes started airing in America in February 2010, almost a year after it premiered in Japan. Aside from the Japanese aired episodes, the owners of the series also made all episodes available on networks like Hulu, roughly 14 days after the original airing.

DVD and Blu Ray Editions were Released the Same Year as the Series Premiered in Asia

In August 2009, few months after the premiere of the series, Animex had decided to release the Blue Ray and DVD. The first release had contained an original video animation and two episodes. Later on, four episodes plus other volumes were released but with no video animations. The producers and writers also included more video animations in the fifth, ninth- and thirteenth-episodes volumes.

Great kinds of music accompanied all Episodes.

Akira Senju was the Brotherhood’s music producer; he composed the opening and end of the first 14 episodes with the song “Again” by Yui and the music “Uso” composed by Sid. The song “Hologram” by Nico Touches the Walls and “Let it Out” by Miho Fukuhara were the opening and closing theme songs of episodes 15-16.

The “Golden Time over” song by Sukima Switch and “Tsunaida Te” song by Lil B was the opening and closing theme songs for episodes 27 – 38. For episodes 39-50, the theme songs for the opening and closing of the series were “Period” by Chemistry, featuring Shunkan Sentimental, and “Sentimental Moment” by Scandal.

The opening and ending theme songs for episodes 51 to 62 were “Rin” by Sid and “Ray of Light” by Shoko Nakagawa. The last two episodes 63 and 64 didn’t come with opening theme songs, but Rain and Hologram songs were theme songs used for the ending of the series.

The Last Three Episodes Of Fullmetal Alchemist

The last three episodes of Fullmetal Alchemists were some of the best episodes of the 64-long series.

Episode 62: A Fierce Counterattack

In this episode, Hohenheim and other soldiers had prevented “Father” were prevented from creating more Philosopher’s stones. Edward had also decided to rejoin them, but Father could spawn some humans that look like Xerxes before he finally attacked with full force. The attack from Father had resulted in the destruction of half of the headquarters.

Alphonse and Hohenheim barely escaped the blast that nearly wiped out the headquarters, but Father could kill Edward. Alphonse eventually traded his soul just for Edward to return, and it was him that unleashed the deadliest blow on Father.

Episode 63: The Other Side of the Gateway

The battle continued with Edward pummeling Father with superior firepower. To survive Edward’s onslaught, Father tried to absorbed Philosopher’s stone from Greed. Father eventually destroyed Greed’s soul. Edward eventually released a blow into Father’s heart and removed all the souls of the people of Xerxes in the process. Edward also forced Father through the Gate of Truth, forcing Father to remain trapped for eternity.

Everyone did mourn the demise of Alphonse after the death of Father. Edward also rejected the proposal to use Philosopher’s stone to bring Edward back to life. Edward performed a human transmutation on himself, sacrificed his gate, and released himself from alchemy’s power. Edward finally got Alphonse back in his original body, and everyone eventually healed from their wounds.

Episode 64: The Journey’s End

Mustang resurfaced in the final episode of the series and worked hard to resolve issues with the Ishvalan people. In the process of resolving his issues, he was approached by Marcoh and Knox, who tried to help him by recommending the Philosopher’s stone to him to restore his sight.

Mustang rejected the Philosopher’s stone offer and instead recommended that it be used in restoring Havoc’s leg. Olivier at this time was secretly nursing some wounds and worked towards completing the healing so he could assist Miles in rebuilding Ishval.

Alphonse had also decided to travel with the former chimeras of Kimblee while Jerso and Zampano travelled to the Eastern countries and Xing where they learned about the Alkahestry. Edward also learnt more spirituality in the Western region, and he hoped that he would eventually pull research and resources together with the rest.

As Edward continued exploring the West, he found love and he got along with Winry, though the relationship was kind of awkward. They eventually use the equivalent exchange terms to get along. In the last episode, a photograph of Edward and Winry was shown with two kids, and Alphonse was also standing with them alongside May, Garfiel and Paninya.


Though Mustang didn’t kill Envy, he however delivered several attacks that had weakened Envy, who could have died if not for the interruption of the epic battle. Envy’s death interestingly seemed to be the most symbolic in the episodes of the series, even Father’s trapping in eternity didn’t generate as much emotions as that of Envy. It is popularly believed that Envy might have committed suicide if he didn’t eventually succumb to Edward’s attacks. Envy had committed suicide upon discovering that he had been envious of humans. This opinion was supported with the way Envy criticized humans all through the episodes of the series that he was alive. He used to look down as humans as extremely weak creatures.

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