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Can You Unsend iMessage

Can You Unsend iMessage? Understanding iMessage

iMessages are sent through Apple’s servers. They are still stored on those servers, and you can delete them from there. But you can’t unsend them once they’ve been sent to the recipient’s phone. There is, however, a way to unsend an iMessage. This article will discuss a few steps to do so. These methods may help you avoid an embarrassing scenario.

What Are IMessages?

iMessages are messages sent using Apple’s proprietary messaging platform that allows users worldwide to communicate quickly and easily between Macs, iPhones, and iPads. The service is encrypted across all devices, meaning that every message from any device will still appear on the other devices where you are logged in. iMessages can be sent over both Wi-Fi and cellular data networks and generally require less bandwidth than standard SMS text messages when used on a Wi-Fi network.

Can IMessages Be Unsent?

While it is impossible to change or recall an iMessage once it has been sent, there are ways you can prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future. If you’ve ever regretted sending an iMessage, as soon as you click “send,” you’re not alone. While there’s no direct way to unsend or revoke an iMessage on iOS, there are a few ways you can successfully delete it before it shows up on the other person’s phone.

Switching On Airplane Mode

You need to escape sending that message. You need to act quickly and turn on Airplane Mode as soon as you send the iMessage to prevent it from being sent.

Disable Send As SMS

When you switch on Airplane Mode, your iPhone will start keeping track of which calls and messages it has been unable to deliver. If you disable the ‘Send as SMS’ setting on your iPhone, your iMessage will not be sent out as an SMS.

Delete The IMessage Once It Fails

Once the iMessage fails, delete it immediately. To delete the iMessage, go to the messages menu and choose old messages. Find the message that was not sent and swipe it to the left. Tap More, then tap the trash icon.

Turn Airplane Mode Off

Once you have deleted the message, turn your airplane mode off.

Is iMessage Better Than Other Chat Apps?

The world has seen many chat apps released in the last decade. Some have found success; others have not. IMessage has been one of the most successful apps in this category, and it’s easy to see why when you compare its features to those offered by other chat apps.

iMessage is a social networking app that allows users to communicate with each other through private messaging, group chatting, voice calls, and video calls. It also allows users to access their messages from any device that is connected to the internet. Since many people use multiple devices throughout the day, this feature makes it easier for them to stay connected and keep tabs on what their friends are up to. Even if they’re away from their phones.

Other apps may provide similar features as iMessage, but they don’t have as many options or capabilities. For example, some apps allow users only one type of communication (like text messaging), while others provide multiple communication options (such as voice calls). In terms of capabilities, some apps can only send messages between two people at once; others allow up to 10 people per conversation.

Can You Unsend An SMS?

You can’t unsend an SMS on iPhone, but there are other options to keep you from making regrettable mistakes.

SMS messaging is a quick and easy way to send text messages to friends and family, but sometimes it’s not so fast you can’t run into issues. In fact, one of the most common problems with SMS messaging is sending a message to the wrong person.

While you can unsend messages in Apple’s Messages app on Apple products, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. There isn’t currently a method and Apple may never let us unsend an SMS message.

If you accidentally send a text to the wrong contact, the best thing you can do is delete the message thread immediately after sending the message. When you delete a thread, it will remove all of your sent messages and any received messages in that thread. You’ll need to act fast because this will only work if no one has seen your message yet. If they have seen it, deleting the thread won’t be enough to hide that embarrassing “hey bae” text you meant for your girlfriend from your mom.

Is Android Messaging Better Than iOS?

Android and iOS messaging apps, in general, are fairly similar. The bulk of them do what you expect: let you exchange messages with other people who use the app. They have various bells and whistles to differentiate themselves from each other, but they all do the same thing at their core.

Messages on Android allow you to send text messages and multimedia messages to your contacts using your phone number as an identifier. This means that you can communicate with anyone else who has a phone number. Including people who don’t have smartphones or even mobile phones. You can also send multimedia messages like images and videos or files like audio recordings or PDFs. You can also send GIFs and emojis, and stickers from various sticker packs available for free from Google Play Store.

If you’re an iOS user, your choices are more limited. You can use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or iMessage—and that’s about it. If you want to connect with someone who uses Android (which is the majority of people worldwide), you’re out of luck.


It seems that Apple put a lot of time and effort into making unsending iMessages difficult. Luckily there are some workarounds – which is why you should never send something you aren’t 100% sure of. We hope this article helped you understand how to unsend an iMessage in the unfortunate event you sent one out.

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