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Why Are My Messages Green On My iPhone

Why Are My Messages Green On My iPhone?

Surveys show that most people prefer texting over calling as it gives them a sense of freedom to revert when it’s convenient for them instead of getting accused of not picking up phone calls. Moreover, it’s easier and quicker to shoot a text to someone instead of calling them. Hence saying that messages are an integral part of our day-to-day conversation makes absolute sense. And you probably belong to this family of text senders.

But do you know that the bubble color of text messages on your iPhone has a piece of latent information to convey? And sometimes, it can be tricky to decipher it, especially when you have recently switched from android to iOS.

This leads us to today’s topic of conversation, wherein we’ll be decoding a question that pops up in our mind when we see green-colored text bubbles on the screens of our personal Apple devices. Why are my messages green on my iPhone? Well, to find out, it’s advised that you read this article. Let’s go!

What Is iMessage?

iMessage is a free inbuilt Apple to Apple instant messaging application found in Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, iPods. Apple users can use it to share texts, videos, Animojis, emojis, stickers, voice notes, documents, and so much more over the Internet.

Here’s an exciting thing to know about iMessage. If you send a message to your best buddy, an Android user from your iPhone or iPod, it’ll be delivered as a standard SMS. Now we are familiar with the bubble color of SMS; it’ll be green.

How To Set It Up On Your Apple Device?

Setting up iMessage is anything but complicated. But for new Apple users, a detailed guide comes in handy. So here we are! Let’s see how to set up iMessage on your iPhone step by step.

1. Go to Settings. Scroll down and tap on Messages.

2. The best option that you will notice will be iMessage. By default, it’s going to be disabled on your iPhone.

3. The third step is to tap the slider present on the extreme right of the iMessage option to turn green. A message will pop up just below the iMessage stating ‘Waiting for activation….’ It’ll take 2-3 minutes to activate. As soon as iMessage is enabled, the message mentioned above will vanish.

And that’s all you need to do to enable iMessage on your iPhone. Just 3 steps, and off you go. See, it’s that simple!

Now let’s answer your question. Why are my messages green on my iPhone?

Different Colored Text Messages

To differentiate text messages sent via iMessage and standard SMS/MMS from each other, Apple uses 2 different colored text bubbles. Or we can say that iMessage and standard SMS/MMS are separated based on the color of message bubbles.

Messages that are sent your way via iMessage have a blue-colored message bubble. At the same time, standard messages sent from androids or other non-Apple devices have a green-colored message bubble.

Now it’s a piece of cake for you to explain when someone bumps you with this question. Why are my messages green on my iPhone? Bravo! We’ve decoded the color concept behind the message bubble on Apple devices.

Is iMessage Service Provided On All Apple Devices?

Well, it depends on your device’s iOS version. iMessage is built into iOS version 5 and higher devices. So, if your device fulfils this simple requirement, you can enjoy the seamless services of iMessage.

Advantages Of iMessage Over SMS/MMS

  • All you need to text using iMessage is the Internet, either Wi-Fi or cellular data. It’s great news since the texts you send or receive iMessage don’t skyrocket your SMS/MMS allowances in your cellular messaging plans. So, you don’t have to worry about exceeding your per-day text limit.
  • The first merit is followed by speed. Sending messages via the Internet is faster than doing the same via cellular networks.
  • The read receipts feature makes it even more efficient as it lets you know whether or not the receiver has seen the messages.
  • Not everybody wants people to keep track of whether they’ve seen a message or not. iMessage doesn’t impose it on you. You can always choose for yourself by tapping the On/Off switch present beside Send Read Receipts by launching Settings < Messages < Send Read Receipts.
  • Another merit of iMessage over standard SMS/MMS is security. All the messages you are about to send are encrypted before you tap send.
  • It allows you to create group chats for friends and family to come together.
  • iMessage has a special gift for businesses. And what is that? It’s the Apple Business Chat feature. It can be a boon for businesses to reach out to their customers via iMessage.

Are There Any Disadvantages Of iMessage?

There’s no such demerit of iMessage. The only thing you have to keep in check is your cellular data, as cellular data rates will apply when you send texts using iMessage.

Is It possible To Change The iMessage Bubble Color?

The answer is a plain no. There’s no direct way to change the iMessage bubble color. So, this may be added to the list of disadvantages of iMessage. But relax! If you’ve finally decided to take the steering wheel to change that bubble color, some applications can do that for you.

So which apps are those? FancyBubble is one such app that has gained popularity amongst iMessage users to add a pop of color to your texts.

Other applications include Color Chat, Custom bubble, Live Messages, Color Text Messages, Keyboard Skins for iPhone, and New Cool Fonts Keyboard.

You can check out their reviews on Apple Store to decide which app satiates your color needs for the job.

But here’s a twist again. These applications don’t change the bubble color. Instead, they create a picture with the help of the text that you’ve typed into the customized message bubble and ship it off as an image.

Until and unless Apple decides to allow official bubble color customization, you can’t change it.


Apple is known for its cut-above-the-rest services in the world of personal electronic devices. One such service is iMessage, which we’ve extensively discussed in this article. However, there’s a question about the unfamiliar green bubble color they come across while sending texts using the application. It leaves them wondering, why are my messages green on iPhone? That’s what we’ve successfully decoded in this article.

In addition to this, we’ve shed light on the advantages and disadvantages of iMessage. And finally, we’ve winded up the article by discussing whether it’s possible to change the iMessage bubble color. We ardently hope this article was worth your time.

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