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Why Are Dogs Noses Wet

Why Are Dogs Noses Wet? Understanding Your Pet

Dogs can have extremely wet and cold noses that might concern pet owners. Do you ever feel concerned about your dog’s damp and cold nose? If yes, we will tell you why dogs’ noses are wet? Also, we will tell you if you need to take it to a doctor and some interesting facts about Dogs in Detail.

Why Are Dogs Noses Wet?

You might feel that their nose is cool and wet when they rub it against your hand. But, as a fact, there are multiple reasons for your dog’s wet nose, and science doesn’t have a valid reason.


If your dog would have rubbed his tongue along his lips and nose, then the wetness is caused by saliva. Dogs do this for a bit of cleaning or tasting the scented particles that gets stuck  to their nose.


Another reason for the wet nose of dogs is perspiration. Dogs don’t sweat like humans. For this reason, sweat keeps their body cool.


A dog’s body secrets a thin layer of mucous. This mucous captures odors and improves its fantastic ability to smell.

Other wet factors

It’s a natural habit of any dog to put its nose in weird objects and smell different things. So even when they put their nose in water to drink, it makes their nose wet.

Usually, the moisture factor helps humidify the air when it moves in and out in the nasal cavity. It keeps their respiratory system from becoming completely dry. In turn, it prevents infections. These are some reasons for a wet nose of a dog. Next, let us know if a highly wet nose is typical or not.

What Does A Highly Wet Nose Mean?

A dry nose can be a sign of a problem, and even an extremely wet nose is concerning. A clear colored nasal discharge is normal. But if you see that the discharge is thick and yellow or greenish, you should visit a vet.

This nasal discharge can be a symptom of a respiratory infection caused by foreign particles in the dog’s respiratory system. Even blood discharge can be a cause of severe disease.

Now, you know that you must visit a vet for a highly wet nose of your dog. Moving on, let us know if a dry nose is typical for a dog or not.

What Does It Mean If A Dog Has A Dry Nose?

If it is normal for a dog to have a wet nose, it does not mean a problem. Wet noses are common, but healthy dogs have dry noses. So, your dog’s nose can go from being wet to dry, depending on their daily activities. For instance, if your dog has been playing in the sun, it might become dehydrated and have a dry nose.

Also, dogs keep on licking throughout the day; their nose is wet primarily. But, at night, it becomes dry when they stop licking their nose. Also, it can be caused by sunburn with dryness and red or flaky skin. Toenail prevents sunburns, and you can apply sunscreen on the dog’s nose. However, if the skin gets inflamed or becomes painful, you should immediately see a vet.

In some cases, a dry nose can show fever in dogs. For this reason, if your dog behaves to be sick and it has a dog nose, then it can be a concerning situation.

After understanding the reasons and actions, you must take for a dry nose, tell us when you need to take your dog to a vet.

Should You Take Your Dog To A Vet If He Has A Dry Nose?

It can be expected when the dog seems fit and fine while having a dry nose. You can give some water to the dog and take him to a humid place and try to monitor other symptoms. Its nose may become wet, and it will be expected.

But, if the dog seems lazy, unwell, scared and is not eating well, then you must visit a vet. In addition, you can see the vet if the nose of the dog seems extremely dry. Moreover, if the nose is crusty or has bleeding spots, you should immediately see a vet.

Now, you know that when you must visit a vet, next let us tell you about some benefits of a dog’s nose.

Is A Dog’s Wet Nose Helpful to Humans?

The dog’s unique ability to smell has multiple benefits for humans. For instance, search and sniff dogs can search people by smelling their clothes or personal items. Also, specially trained dogs can detect bombs and other explosives keeping public places safe.

Medical doctors can detect particular diseases in humans like low blood sugar. But interestingly, they can also predict before a person gets an epileptic seizure because they can recognize a change in smell when they have an epileptic seizure.

After understanding the different benefits of a dog’s wet nose to humans, let us tell you about some essential tips to keep your dog’s nose healthy.

Some important tips that can help to keep the nose of a dog healthy

Dogs often don’t require extra care or maintenance. For example, you can wipe a dog’s nose that seems dirty and see any other signs like red, flaky skin or colorful discharge. Also, it is normal for them to sneeze. But extra sneezing can be a symptom of an allergy.

After getting some essential tips to keep a dog’s nose healthy, let us tell you some fascinating facts about dogs.

Some fascinating facts on dogs

  1. Dogs have a 40x better sense of smell than humans: The areas of brain cells in dogs are 40 times bigger than humans. For this reason, a dog can recognize more smells than humans.
  2. Dogs don’t sweat like humans: Dogs don’t sweat like humans. Their body makes a pheromone laden oily substance. We humans cannot detect it. They can only sweat at their paws.
  3. Dogs are not colorblind: Dogs can see blue and yellow colors.
  4. Dogs dream like humans do: If you see that your dog is twitching in their sleep, they are probably dreaming just like humans.
  5. Pups are born blind and deaf: Newborn puppies are developing, so their eyes and ear canals are closed.


We have come to the end of this article. We hope you would have got an answer to your question, why are dogs’ noses wet?

There are multiple reasons for a dog to have a wet nose like saliva, mucous, sweat or other wet factors. But it is entirely normal. Even a dry nose can be expected, but you must visit a vet if the dog seems unwell and has a dry nose. Also, if the dog has other symptoms like dry, flaky skin, extremely dry or wet nose, it can cause concern, and you must visit a vet.

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