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Does Amazon Ship To PO Boxes

Does Amazon Ship To PO Boxes? Here’s What We Know

Amazon is known for its swift, hassle-free delivery. While they offer several shipping services, some do offer delivery to a PO Box, while others don’t. Services that do not deliver to PO Boxes rely on the United States Postal Service (USPS) for final delivery, so the package must be delivered to a physical address.

Not all products are eligible for every type of Amazon shipping service, so check your cart to see which options are available for your purchases.

Here’s a breakdown of the types of Amazon shipping services and whether or not they deliver to PO boxes:

  • USPS Priority Mail Express Shipping: Yes
  • USPS First-Class Package Service: Yes
  • USPS Priority Mail Service: Yes
  • USPS Media Mail Service: Yes
  • Standard Shipping (4-10 business days): No
  • Two-day Shipping: No
  • One-day Shipping: No
  • Same-Day Delivery (if available in your area): No

Shipping To PO Boxes

When you’re just starting out in business and order items on Amazon, the process could get confusing, and there may be some stumbling blocks along the way that might stop you from placing orders with Amazon. One of these major doubts would be about whether or not they could deliver packages to a location of your choosing. Even if you haven’t rented out an office space yet but want to take advantage of an ongoing sale on Amazon, you can order the items and have them shipped to a PO box.

If you’re wondering whether or not Amazon ships to PO boxes, the answer is yes with certain limitations. Before ordering items on Amazon, it’s important that you correctly enter a valid physical address during checkout. Once your orders are confirmed, and your shipments are processed, the company will transport your items via one of its delivery services. However, it might be a problem if these items include valuables or are too large to store in a PO box. While Amazon ships to PO boxes, it has certain rules about items that can and cannot be delivered to a PO box.

Can All Amazon Packages Get Delivered To A PO Box?

No, not all Amazon packages can be delivered to your PO box. It might sound like an annoying rule, but it’s for a good reason. Some items just can’t be delivered to your PO box because of the way they’re processed in the shipping network. For example, if your package is shipped via UPS, it travels through the U.S. Postal Service and eventually gets delivered to your door by a postal worker. This means it has to have a street address, not a PO box address.

If you have a PO box address and are trying to place an order on Amazon that requires a street address, you may be able to call the seller directly and work out an alternate delivery method with them. Unfortunately, not all Amazon packages can be delivered to a PO box. Additionally, some types of items cannot be delivered to a PO box regardless of their size and weight. These include:

  • Any item valued above $1,000
  • Any item deemed hazardous or flammable, such as aerosols, fuel, paint, or fireworks.
  • Firearms, ammunition, or explosives
  • Items from the following categories: Automotive, Industrial & Scientific Supplies, Grocery & Gourmet Food, Health & Personal Care, Jewelry, Lawn & Garden, and Pet Supplies.

How To Use PO Box As Your Shipping Address On Amazon?

Some people have to use a PO box as their mailing address for various reasons. Sometimes, people may not want to reveal their home addresses due to safety concerns. Since Amazon is a website that sells, ships, and delivers items via mail, you may wonder how to use your PO. box as your shipping address when ordering from Amazon.

When you place an order on Amazon, the site will show your default shipping address listed in your account as the first option for where you want the item to be sent. If you want to change that address before placing your order, click “Change” next to the shipping address and type in your PO box number and other information concerning your mailing address into the appropriate fields.

However, if you are ordering a gift card online, you will have to select another option besides using a PO box as your shipping address on Amazon because gift cards cannot be mailed to PO boxes. They must be sent using a standard delivery method such as FedEx or UPS. These services don’t rely on postal services to deliver Amazon products.

Pros And Cons Of Shipping From Amazon To PO Box


  1. It’s a secure way to get your package
  2. You can avoid having to sign for the package
  3. Can receive packages from multiple sources at once
  4. You don’t need to be present to receive the package
  5. Avoid having to schedule delivery of your package


  1. There could be a delay in the delivery if your box is full when the courier attempts delivery
  2. If the items are too large and cannot fit in your PO box, they cannot be delivered

Why Stores Ship To PO Boxes?

There are many reasons that stores ship to PO boxes. Not everyone has a street address, so they cannot get packages delivered to them at home. Some people live in an area with no street addresses, and they live in a small community that uses PO boxes as the only form of mail delivery.

It’s also cheaper for the store to deliver packages using postal services than private carriers such as UPS or FedEx. The cost of shipping with a private carrier can be quite high, especially when you consider how many packages stores send out each day and how much those packages weigh. It is much more cost-effective for stores to use postal services since the costs are lower.


Amazon does ship to PO Boxes, but not all Amazon vendors do. As a general rule of thumb, products sold by Amazon are shipped directly from the manufacturer or an Amazon warehouse near you and cannot be delivered to a PO box

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