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Does CVS Sell Target Gift Card

Does CVS Sell Target Gift Cards? Purchasing Target Gift Cards

Target stores offer you a wide range of merchandise to shop from. They have large and functional store chains all over the country, which is probably why their gift cards are in high demand. 

Target gift cards give you access to a wide range of shopping options; basically, anything you can get at a Target store. 

So, it is not shocking that most people want to know where to get a Target gift card. Especially if there isn’t a Target store around them, so, this question comes up often: 

Does CVS sell Target gift cards? 

Yes, CVS pharmacies sell Target gift cards. There are over 10,000 locations where individuals can purchase Target gift cards. This number isn’t exclusive to CVS pharmacy; other retail stores sell Target gift cards. 

The gift card assortment at CVS ranges from $25- $100. There may also be multipacks or open denomination cards. Usually, the assortment of Target gift cards available is dependent on the distributor and the store’s location. 

Keep reading for all the important information you need about Target gift cards and other gift cards you can find at CVS. 

What Is A Target Gift Card? 

A Target gift card is your chance to shop for various products from any Target stores in the country. With a Target gift card, you can purchase small home appliances, home decor, fashion items, food, accessories, etc. 

Target gift cards are exclusive to Target stores and In other words, you can only use a Target gift card at a Target store. 

Where To Buy A Target Gift Card 

You can buy a Target gift card from any of the following places:

Target stores:

You can buy your gift cards at any of Target’s physical stores. Usually, the cards are available at the checkout point.

The Target website offers you three different gift card options. The Physical Target Gift cards, Target eGift Cards, including Mobile Target GiftCards. 

The website is easy to use. First, visit the site; select your Target gift card design and amount. Then proceed to select your preferred mode of delivery. 

Afterward, add the selected gift cards to your cart and complete your order. 

Target app:

Download the Target app to digitally purchase your Target gift cards. You can buy any of the three different gift card options on the platform. Gift cards purchased via the Target app get to you via email, text, or mailing address. 

Delivery time is often dependent on the mode of delivery you choose. For example, delivery via email would take about 4 hours, while delivery to a mailing address would take 7-10 days. 

Other retailers:

More than 10,000 retail stores in different locations sell Target GiftCards. We answered the question: does CVS sell gift cards? So, you know that CVS is one of the many retailers that distribute Target gift cards. Other retailers include Safeway, Kroger, and Rite Aid pharmacy. 

What Are Other Gift Cards Available At CVS? 

Aside from Target Gift cards, you can purchase about a hundred more gift cards at CVS pharmacies nationwide. The gift cards available serve a wide range of purchasing needs. 

Here are some of the available gift cards at CVS: Adidas,, Andronico’s market, American Eagle, Auto zone, Bath and body works, Banana Republic, Barnes and Noble, Randall’s, eBay, buybuy baby, California Pizza Kitchen, The cheesecake factory, crate and barrel, cub, coach, ExxonMobil, Express, Domino Pizza GiftCards, Disney, Hallmark,, Nike, Old Navy, Uber gift cards, etc. 

What Can I Buy With A Target Gift Card? 

With a Target gift card, you can buy almost anything in a Target store; alcohol, Starbucks (provided it is a Starbucks in Target), or any other restricted item. 

However, you can’t buy MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or iTunes gift cards. You also can’t purchase any specialty gift cards (usually for gaming, restaurants, or music) or any Target gift cards. 

Do Target Gift Cards Expire? 

Target gift cards do not expire or lose value, according to the Target website. So, provided your Target gift card has a scannable barcode and an access number, you can use it till you finish the funds in it. 

How To Add A Physical Gift Card To Your Target App/

It is possible to add a gift card you purchased in-store to your app or the Target website. Here is what you need to do:

Target app:

Step#1: Open the Target app and access your account. 

Step#2: Tap “Wallet” 

Step#3: Go to the GiftCard section and tap “add” 

Step#4 Tap “add gift card” 

Step #5: Scan the barcode behind your gift card or input both the access code and gift card number. 

Note: The access code and gift card numbers are found under the silver strip at the back of your physical gift card. Remove the strip to access it.

Step#1: Go to

Step#2: Log in to your account 

Step#3: Go to your name 

Step#4: Click on gift cards 

Step#5: Click on the “+” sign or “save a new gift card” 

Step#6: Type in your gift card number and access code. 

Step#7: Then add. 

Do Target Gift Cards Require Activation? 

People often ask if they can use their gift cards immediately after buying them. The answer is yes! The purchased gift cards get activated when you pay for them. 

However, Target encourages their customers to check their receipts because sometimes activation may require a 24-hour wait period. This waiting period is often stated clearly on the receipt. 

Target gift cards purchased on any of Target’s digital platforms become active once they arrive at your chosen point of delivery. 

How To Use A Gift Card Stored To Your Account 

Adding a Target gift card to your account isn’t useful if you don’t know how to use it. So, here is how to use a Target gift card that you added to your account: 

Target app:

Step#1: Open your Target app 

Step#2: Tap “Wallet” 

Step#3: Tap “gift cards” 

Step#4: Choose from the list of saved gift cards. 

Step#5: Tap “save” 

Step#6: The payment sheet automatically closes. 

Step#7: Look below the barcode. Your wallet screen appears there, displaying your chosen gift card. 

Step#8: Scan the barcode to apply for the chosen gift card.

Step#1: Go to and access your account. 

Step#2: Go to “I’m ready to checkout” 

Step#3: Go to the payment section. Click edit. 

Step#4: Then click on “apply a Target gift card” 

Step#5: Choose the gift card you prefer. Usually, Target allows you to use up to 10 Target gift cards at once. 

Step#6: Finish the checkout process. Target stores would charge your purchase to the GiftCards you choose. 

Would Target Replace My Damaged or Lost Target Gift Cards? 

If you have an issue with your Target gift cards, maybe a damaged or faulty barcode, you can reach out to the people at Target. Target has a gift card team that handles all gift card concerns—Call 1-800-544-2943 to replace your Target gift cards. 

If the access code on your card is still intact, your local Target stores may be able to help you. They can scan your visible barcode and replace your card. 

Also, if you lose your gift card and it still has purchasing power. You can request that Target replace it. They would give you a partially used card with the amount available on your lost card. 

Note that replacing lost and damaged cards can only happen if you have your original receipts. 

What Every Target Gift Card User Should Know 

Gift cards are common. However, different brands have different gift card policies. So, you must know what to do and what to expect when you use Target gift cards. Here are a few things worthy of note:

Target gift cards with debit/credit cards: You should know that your Target gift card gets charged first when making payments for items with your credit/debit card and Target gift cards. Every additional payment may come from your debit card afterward. 

Number of GiftCards per order: You can use up to 10 Target gift cards per order. account: You need a account to redeem your mobile and email GiftCards. It applies to both online and in-store purchases. 

Access number: To redeem your gift card’s purchasing power, you need your gift card access number. You should know that this doesn’t apply to physical stores alone. You need it for as well. 

Barcodes: All gift cards must have a scannable barcode. If your barcode is defective, call the Target gift card team for a replacement. You can’t use your Target gift card without a barcode. 


Does CVS sell Target gift cards? Yes, alongside several other stores in the country. The people at Target have made it easy to get and use their gift cards. 

Target gift cards provide you with a wide range of shopping options and ease of use. This ease applies to both online and in-store shopping. 

So, if you have a Target gift card, this post should enable you to use it without hassles. But, of course, the same applies to wanting to buy a Target gift card. 

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