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Does Ion Permanent Need Developer

Does Ion Permanent Need Developer? The Natural Hair Dyes Company

The question, “does Ion Permanent need developer” is an important one for people looking to dye their hair. So if you are planning to dye your hair, don’t make a move until you’re done reading this post

Ion is a company that deals in natural hair dyes with unique products that match every hair type. In addition, they have an Ion Color Coder app, which helps consumers search the color that’ll fit their hair type before application.

Ion products range from semi-permanent to permanent hair dye, developers, contemporary styles, root cover, and lighteners. The Ion permanent hair dye comes in various shades. It’s, however, important to find out if you can use it with a developer.

Does Ion Permanent Need Developer?

The simple answer is yes. The developer works in proportion to the level of color used. For example, the high lift blonde series is a 1:2 mixture, meaning it contains two color ounces to 4 ounces of 40 Volume Ion Sensitive Scalp Developer. 

The developer helps the color find a way into the hair. Without the developer, you won’t notice a color change in the hair when applying the dye except for the hair type that does not need a developer.

Ion Permanent Hair Dye

Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Creme hair color contains pure ionic micro pigments that give your hair an intense color. It penetrates your hair cuticle and stays in the cortex. 

The Ion permanent hair dye blends with your hair as it soaks deep into each hair strand, hence the name permanent. High lift shades can lift to 5 levels without you having to bleach your hair.

It’s PPD-free and contains 38% less ammonia than other hair dye products. In addition, it’s gentle on various hair types with a formula that contains Hyaluronic Acid, Pequi Oil, and Aryan Oil and botanicals that nourishes and strengthens the hair.

Permanent hair dyes can last for 6-8 weeks. So, they may begin to fade or lose their glow after 6-8 weeks. So, to keep the glow, you’ll have to re-dye the hair.

How Ion Developer Works

Ion Sensitive Scalp 20 Volume Creme Developer contains wheat germ protein protecting your hair from scalp sensitivity. It keeps your hair smoother, healthier, and stronger during and after coloring your hair. 

Ion developer helps lift the cuticle layer to give way for dye molecules to penetrate the hair. In addition, it breaks down the hair’s chemical bonds to ensure the removal of melanin. It also reacts with ammonia in artificial hair color to aid the oxidation process.

The developer measures in percentage (%) or volume units (Vol). Please not that the higher the volume the stronger the developer, and the lighter the hair.

Can Developer Damage Your Hair?

Yes, a developer can damage your hair if not used properly. One major factor to consider when choosing a developer is the hair type. A medium or coarse hair texture will not lift less, while a fine-medium hair texture will lift more.

If you use a developer that’s stronger than your hair texture, it’ll lift the cuticle too much that you won’t be able to smooth it down. 

How To Choose The Right Developer

Choosing the right developer is critical and as important as the color you choose. Here are factors to consider when choosing a developer:

Choice by hair type: 

Hair types go a long way in influencing the type of developer to use. So let’s consider some hair types:

Fine hair:

  • It blends easily with the desired color, easily becoming darker or lighter.
  • If you want to color your hair a darker shade, use a lighter hair dye; else, it’ll be too dark.
  • Use the volume developer lower than the one recommended.

Normal hair:

  • It normally reacts to the color.
  • Use the recommended volume of the developer.

Thick hair:

  • Very difficult to lighten or darken.
  • White and gray hair can be very resistant.
  • Use a higher volume of the developer than recommended.
  • If you want a darker shade, it ends up looking lighter than you desire.

Choice by color type:

There are three types of developer color types:

  • Permanent colors which blend with moderate developers – 20% to 30%.
  • Temporal colors are semi-/demi- permanent colors. Mix them with weaker developers (3 Vol. to 20 Vol.)
  • Due to the bleaching powder and creams, you must use strong developers (30 Vol. to 40 Vol.).

Choice by hair quality: 

The quality of an individual’s hair can also influence developer choice. However, it’s good for an individual to have different hair qualities, for example, normal hair with dry and split ends. 

Porous hair:

  • It easily absorbs color and brightens up but washes off quickly.
  • When it has to do with lightning, you can use a shorter processing time of dyeing, or better still, use a lower volume of the developer than required.
  • When it comes to the darkening of the hair, use a higher volume developer than the one required.
  • Towards the last 5-15 minutes, you can apply the dye on the hair ends.

Healthy hair:

  • This hair absorbs color very well.
  • Consult the box for instructions and follow it.

Choice by the degree of lightening or darkening: 

The concentration of the developer will determine how light or dark the hair will be. For instance, if you want to maintain your hair color level, you can use a 3% developer to lighten by only one degree.

10 volume developer (3% peroxide), and no lift developer:

  • It darkens the hair by 1 level.
  • It works well when moving the hair from a lighter shade to a darker shade and not from a darker shade to a lighter shade.
  • If the hair maintains its lightness level, it’ll add a bit of tint or shade to it.

20 volume developer (6% peroxide):

  • Perfect for covering 100% white hair.
  • You can do 1-2 levels of lifting with it.
  • Mixed with permanent dye or temporal color.

30 volume developer (9% peroxide):

  • It offers three levels of lightning.
  • Mixed with lightening cream or powder, and permanent color.
  • Perfect for coloring gray hair. Also suitable for dyeing or lightening hair.

40 volume developer (12% peroxide):

  • It can only lighten the hair. Offer eight levels of lifting. 
  • Mixed with a lightning powder or cream.
  • Best for a super platinum blonde result.
  • Not for home use because there is a high risk of hair burn.

How To Apply Ion Permanent Hair Cream 

If you’re tired of your natural hair color and you need a change for the first time, or you’ve not colored your hair for up to 3 months, here’s how to apply the hair dye:

  • Mix 1:1 mixing ratio.
  • Apply it on your dry, unwashed hair.
  • Apply gently on your hair just as you’d do a shampoo, in little cuts at a time, till you have applied it everywhere.
  • Follow the processing time on the manufacturer’s manual. After processing, add a little warm water to the hair and wash it till it foams.
  • Rinse off the dye till the water runs clear.

Here’s how to color your hair for those who use a shade of similar tone and level every 4-6 weeks:

  • First, part your dry, unwashed hair in 1/4″.
  • From the front to the back of your head, apply the dye mixture onto new growths only. Leave for 25 minutes when the processing time is complete. Add a little warm water and wash hair very well till it foams.
  • Rinse till the water runs clear.

Note: Apply this dye mixture to highlighted or pre-lighted hair, using a 1:1 mixing ratio. Always consult the product’s manufacturer’s manual for complete directions, warnings, and instructions. 

Ensure you mix your color in a tint bowl and use a tint brush. Do the strand and patch test before applying the mixture.

Things You Should Know Before You Dye Your Hair

Get two boxes for long hair: 

Is your hair long? Is it longer than shoulder length? If yes, you need to purchase two boxes of dye. Why? Besides the length, long hairs generally absorb more dye. In addition, the thicker your hair, the more dye it will absorb. 

Another thing you need to consider is the processing time. Keep in mind that the tip of your long hair will absorb more dye. Thus, the longer the processing time, the darker the tip of your hair will become. 

Unless you want the tip of your hair to be darker, don’t extend the processing time. Please pay attention to these tips on long hairs, most especially if you’re doing an all-over application. 

Gather all your supplies before starting:

Get all your supplies ready before you proceed. You need a dark towel (a white towel would get stained), an old shirt, plastic hair clip, a comb, petroleum jelly, and a timer. 

A Handy Tip: Remove the direction from the package and read it carefully. Read multiple times to understand how to use the dye. Then, take out the gloves and get ready to apply your dye. 

Before you start applying dye, ensure you have all the supplies placed where you can easily access them.

Work with time:

You have to work with time when dying your hair. Understand the type of hair you have and set the timer accordingly. 

Do you have fine or coarse hair? Note that coarse hair generally takes longer to absorb the color, so the timing will be longer. Fine hair takes far less time to absorb color, so the timing will be shorter. 

On the other hand, dry and permed hair absorbs color quicker. Thus, their timing is shorter. 

A Handy Tip: Conduct a strand test to ascertain the type of hair you have. This way, you won’t make the mistake of setting a wrong processing time.

Things To Avoid After Dying Your Hair

Avoid using hot water for washing:  

Using hot water to wash your hair after dying will only raise the outer layer of the hair color and cause it to fade quickly. Instead, it’s best to use cold or warm water.

Avoid excess sunlight:

Too much sun harms colored hair. It’s therefore advisable to get a good UV spray protectant for your hair.

Avoid washing it soon after dying it:

It’s not advisable to wash your hair or go for a work-out soon. Instead, give newly dyed hair three days to settle, the cuticle to close well, and the color set properly. Washing it earlier than that will only result in you washing out the color from the hair, making it look old and faded even before you start using it.

Avoid adding chemicals:

After dying your hair, avoid applying products containing chemicals to your hair. Also, avoid too much blow-drying, as all these can open the cuticle, making the color leak out.

Keep hair away from chlorine:

Chlorine is very bad for colored hair, so you want to protect your hair very well. When going out, put on a hat and sun-protecting hair products.

Avoid the heat:

Keep colored hair away from anything that produces heat. Don’t use volumizers, hairsprays, mousse, gels, or any styling tool that produces high heat. This type of hair is too fragile and requires extra care.

Don’t use treatment masks and shampoos:

Wash your hair with treatment shampoos like dandruff or clarifying shampoos. These kinds of shampoos help with hair tone correction. So, if you like the color and tone of your hair don’t use them. 

Using thick treatment masks is not also good for your hair. It goes deep into the hair and drags out the color pigment. Just avoid any form of hair treatment, including applying hair oil, for some time.


So, does Ion Permanent need developer? Yes, Ion Permanent needs a hair developer, and the application should be in proportion to the level of color used. The developer helps the color find a way into the hair. Without the developer, there won’t be any definite color change in the hair when applying the dye.

Ion products range from semi-permanent to permanent hair dye, developers, contemporary styles, root cover, and lighteners. Choosing the right developer is as important as the color.

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