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Does Firestick Need To Be Plugged In

Does Firestick Need To Be Plugged In? Ultimate Firestick Setup Guide

Streaming has become a popular choice for most viewers, especially in the US, since it offers higher quality at more reliable costs. 

There are numerous options to choose from in terms of streaming sticks, and the Amazon Firestick is among the best.

The initial setup is the most crucial part of connecting your wireless viewing media; thus, you must get it right.

 Knowing the options you have for making a connection to your TV is a big part of this, so let us break it down and make the job easier for you;

Does Firestick Need To Be Plugged In?

Yes, the Amazon Firestick needs an external power source to work. It needs power at 5V at 1000mA; thus, a power outlet using a standard USB cable is the best way to power it.

Connecting Your Amazon Firestick

Setting up any device is a big part of using it, and you have to get it right for the device to work correctly. Here is a guide on how you can set up your Amazon Firestick with each step outlined separately; 

1. Plugging in

To set up your Roku Firestick, you need a TV with an Internet connection and HDMI port. In the package, you will get an adapter and micro USB cable along with the Firestick. You will also get two AAA batteries, remote control, and an HDMI extension.

Start by plugging the Firestick into your TV’s HDMI port, plug the USB cable into the Firestick, and connect the cable to the adapter.

 Alternatively, you can connect the adapter to your TV’s USB port and use it as the power source.

Some TVs have ports that will not accommodate other connectors alongside the Firestick, or if the positioning doesn’t allow you to fit the Firestick directly. 

In such a case, you can use the HDMI connection since it will be more flexible and leave more space on its sides. 

Turn on your TV and change the source or input mode to the HDMI port into which you plugged the Firestick. 

If your TV has several HDMI ports, make sure you select the one you put the Firestick in, lest the screen will remain blank since there will be no signal from the port. 

Put the batteries into the Firestick remote, and that is all the connection; it is time to go to software settings on the TV. Keep everything off while making the initial connections since you might get an electric shock. 

2. Using the Firestick Remote

You can control both your TV and the Firestick using the voice control remote, which is a significant advantage that makes it much easier to manage your viewing options. Use the directional trackpad to find the arrow keys.

You will use these keys to navigate up, down, left, or right to select shows and channels you want to view. 

In the middle of the circular trackpad is the select button, and it is convenient to make it quick and easy for you to choose a show.

The home button will take you back to the home page no matter what you are doing. The three lines icon next to the home button will display an additional list of settings through which you can personalize your experience.

Use the back button to go to the previous screen. The three media buttons allow you to rewind, pause, play, and fast-forward media playing on your TV. The huge button with the + and – signs is the volume button to increase or lower the volume.

Use the mute button to turn the sound on or off. Use the power button at the top to turn the TV on and off, and you can hold down the voice button to turn on voice control.

 In voice control, you will be speaking with Alexa; thus, you enjoy all the perks that come with it.

If you have any problems connecting the Firestick or using the remote, you can consult the detailed user manual that comes with the Firestick.\

The customer care line is always open, so you can call them if you have trouble setting up your Firestick.

How To Setup Your Amazon Firestick

After connecting the devices, we must choose settings that determine how the app works. The boot-up process will take time since the Firestick needs to install updates and download various apps.

Press the home button to bring up the startup screen on your TV, then press the play button to continue to the language menu. 

Use the up and down keys to scroll through the list and select your language, then use the enter button to confirm.

The TV will scan for your Wi-Fi, and it will get all the networks in range. Use the select buttons to choose the network you want to use. If the Wi-Fi has a password, a keyboard window will appear to type in the password.

You can use the back button on the remote to go to the previous screen at any point of the setup. After connecting to the internet, you need to create or log in to an Amazon account. You will need all account information to log in, and once you do this, select continue. 

Make sure you select the option to save your passwords since it will make your experience more effortless in the future. 

You can add parental controls and put a pin code to prevent children from making purchases or watching graphical content.

Scroll down and select your TV’s make so you can pair the Firestick remote to your TV. You will use the remote to control the TV and the Firestick, changing the volume and turning the TV on and off. 

The screen will guide you on a series of tests to ensure the volume button works correctly; if they do, click yes then confirm on the next screen. 

You can now customize your home screen with your favorite channels and apps by clicking “Get started” on the following screen.

Select the streaming apps and TV channels you want on your TV, then select finish once you configure everything. You can always add more channels later on, so you don’t have to go into overdrive at this point.

All the apps you selected will download, and it might take a minute, depending on your internet speed. Once you do this, tap on your profile, and you are ready to start watching. 

Why You Need A Firestick VPN For Streaming

Amazon Fire TV and Firestick have made video entertainment readily accessible for many users. They offer a wide array of entertainment options, including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime, among others that make it stand out from the competition.

Streaming and getting rid of cords is good, but it often comes at a cost. It can potentially compromise your online security and privacy. 

Amazon doesn’t stream any content; it only helps you stream content from other sources; that’s why you need a Firestick VPN.

1. Privacy and Security

Firestick allows you to stream content from other sources, and some of the content might be under copyright without you knowing. In the worst case, this content could get you in legal trouble.

A VPN will encrypt and tunnel all your online activity through their server. This means your online activity is anonymous and hides it from prying eyes like your ISP. Thus you will be safe and private while you watch.

2. To Avoid Censorship while Traveling

Some countries have extreme internet laws, while others don’t have restrictions.  You might go into a country that restricts free access to the internet, or your content is illegal. A VPN will help you watch your content without getting arrested.

Streaming giants like Netflix often have regional restrictions for the content they show. It is best to have a VPN subscription if you are traveling abroad since it will keep your original media library from all services.

3. Prevents ISP throttling 

Most people know that ISPs keep tabs on their user’s online activities. ISPs often intentionally throttle your connection speed and bandwidth, causing you to experience a lagging or slow internet connection when streaming.

This happens when the ISP notices your online activity and throttles the connection to save bandwidth. The VPN will encrypt all your online activities, and your ISP will not know what you are up to; thus, you won’t get varying internet speed.


You need to lug your Firestick into an external power source for it to work. You can use a power outlet and an adapter or plug it into one of the USB ports on your TV if you have a free port. 

Please make sure all your connections are solid and semi-permanent, so you don’t need to change them repeatedly.

Using a VPN service is cheaper, and it can be a great way to save some cash. You can have a secure and uninterrupted streaming service on your device if you get a premium VPN provider. Don’t allow your search for media files to compromise your data.

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