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Does Kroger Drug Test

Does Kroger Drug Test? What You Should Know

Kroger’s policy on business ethics stresses that employers reserve the right to conduct drug tests on employees and those seeking employment at any time. Kroger will likely require applicants to submit to a drug test before they can be hired.

Kroger has over 465,000 employees across its many locations, making it a reputable employer. Part-time and full-time positions are frequently available, with cashiers and sales associates being the most frequently posted. Considering all this, you may be wondering how Kroger’s employment process works, especially if they test for drugs.

If you are using non-prescription drugs, you should be aware that you may be tested for these substances at any time and that Kroger reserves the right to fire or deny employment to anyone who tests positive for them.

As of 2022, Kroger stores will conduct periodic drug tests on existing employees as well as conduct pre-employment drug testing for new hires. Typically, Kroger employs mouth and urine drugs tests to detect substances, and if a test returns positive, the employment may be terminated.

Kroger stores background checks are similar to those conducted in the grocery and retail industries. Kroger requires you to pass a criminal history check and a drug test to get a job. The background checks are usually conducted after an offer of employment is made, and the offer is contingent upon the successful completion of the background check.

These background checks at Kroger stores do not always include a drug test: some stores have stopped testing altogether. But you should still expect to undergo a drug test. These drug tests are typically conducted through mouth swabs.

Let’s dive deep into what this drug testing policy is all about and how Kroger tests its employees or potential employees.

Kroger’s Policy On Drug Testing: What Is It?

Kroger cares about how customers perceive its employees, so you are sure to undergo a drug test before you are hired. Kroger’s Code of Ethics outlines its commitment to moral, ethical, and legal principles and expects employees to follow them. Hence, a drug test and preliminary background check are some of the pre-employment checks Kroger conducts on potential employees.

Most of the employees at Kroger have confirmed that Kroger tests for drugs and it is a compulsory part of the recruitment process, but that doesn’t happen in all cases. Some stores do so, while others don’t, as we discussed. However, if the company deems it necessary to assess the behavior of a potential employee, it may request a drug test.

When Does Kroger Drug Test?

Kroger conducts pre-employment drug tests early on in the hiring process, according to former employees. Prepare yourself for a pre-employment drug test, which may be conducted during the first interview or even earlier. You can’t reschedule or delay the drug test when it’s time to take it; you must take it at the scheduled time.

Although Kroger takes pre-employment drug tests, whether you’ll be tested for drugs or not is a complex issue. 

A Kroger location is very unlikely to administer a drug test to all employees. But if any employee is ever suspected of using drugs or being under drug influence at work, that employee would need to undergo a drug test. Of course, it is obvious that if an employee is caught using any drug at work, they would be immediately terminated.

What Type Of Drug Test Does Kroger Do?

Kroger typically performs mouth swab tests, which check your saliva for banned substances. Former Kroger employees report this practice. A mouth swab test can detect substances up to 72 hours after they are used. This period is extended to a week for THC since that compound is known to stick around in your body for longer periods of time.

A mouth swab test tests for a number of commonly abused drugs, including:

  • Amphetamines
  • Barbiturates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana (THC)
  • Methamphetamine
  • Opiates
  • PCP

You may wonder if Kroger still tests for THC in areas where marijuana use is legal for recreational purposes. The answers to this question differ depending on the former employee, but most are cautious. As testing for THC in these areas may pose a liability to Kroger, the company is still likely to conduct tests there.

You should limit the use of drugs as much as possible the month before your test if you’re worried that you won’t pass Kroger’s mouth swab drug test.

Remember that most substances can be detected within 72 hours and THC can be detected for a week. To provide a good sample, remember to brush your teeth twice a day and use mouthwash frequently. Stay hydrated on the day of the test as well.

Do Kroger’s Existing Employees Undergo Drug Testing?

Kroger’s Code of Ethics mandates that employees undergo drug tests when necessary, with the decision to administer them left to the store manager.

What Happens If Your Drug Test Comes Out Positive?

Positive drug tests for Kroger employees can result in termination. When you go through an interview at Kroger, you might want to avoid taking drugs if you’re a regular substance user. The experts say that you can pass a drug test by abstaining from drugs for at least four to one week before the test.

In most cases, Kroger will offer you a job before requiring you to take a drug test, so keep in mind that the position is provisional and will only be confirmed if you pass the test. During this process (starting a few days before the testing begins), it is best to avoid getting high (since it is not possible to know when exactly you’ll be tested). 


For most Kroger stores in the United States, potential employees are subject to pre-employment drug screenings and background checks. However, recreational drug use is legal in some states.

Kroger can also perform periodic drug testing on existing employees and tests for five common substances including cocaine and methamphetamine.

Now that you know how drug testing at Kroger works, be cautious if you plan to apply here!

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