Does Urine Hold DNA? Here’s What We Know

There is a common question related to diagnosis: Does Urine Hold DNA? So, we have brought you an answer to this question. However, you need to know a few more things to become informed about the presence of DNA in Urine.

Let’s get a more detailed understanding of this concept.

What Do We Mean By DNA?

DNA means deoxyribonucleic acid. It is the genetic blueprint for all living organisms.

In particular, DNA has genetic details on a living organism’s appearance, chemical makeup, and functionality. It can be like a computer program containing all the details used to build any living organism. Consequently, DNA is present in every cell of a living organism. In addition to blood, DNA is also found in saliva, hair follicles, and decomposing bones.

DNA can be found in urine. However, it is related to the presence of epithelial cells and not in the urine. In addition, DNA is better detected in female urine. The reason is that women have more epithelial cells that come with urine from vaginal walls.

After understanding What DNA is, let’s get an answer to our question: does urine hold DNA?

Does Urine Hold DNA?

The cells within the body are actively dying when a person urinates. Consequently, the DNA in the Cells broke down in a process known as lysis. So, the answer to the question: Does Urine Hold DNA is Yes. Urine does contain DNA.

However, Urine does not have the complete sequence of DNA that makes up every cell in the body. As mentioned above, DNA has more than a hundred bits of information required by the body for proper functioning.

Moreover, DNA is present inside the cells of a living organism. So, urine does not have sufficient DNA for testing. DNA that remains after a cell dies is not the same as the DNA in cells.

When a cell dies, the DNA in the cell is broken and becomes a part of the serum. Consequently, the DNA can be utilized to measure and test on a test strip. But, there will not be sufficient DNA left for testing and interpretation on a test strip.

Furthermore, it isn’t easy to extract DNA from Urine. Less white blood cells and epithelial cells can affect the DNA in Urine. DNA can reduce quickly in urine making it difficult to extract biomarkers.

After understanding that urine does Hold DNA, let’s tell you about paternity and maternity tests that require DNA samples.

What Is The Most Precise Method To Get A Paternity Test Done?

Mostly, urine can not be used as a sample to get a paternity test done. The reason is that urine contains a small amount of DNA. So, it’s not adequate to get a paternity test done as it has been broken down when it is released for the human body.

However, if there is sufficient DNA left and their sample is correct, it can be used for a paternity test in rare cases. There is an exception in the case of a premature child. In that case, the minimal amount of DNA left can be used for paternity tests.

Additionally, urine samples do not have stability. It has a shorter shelf life, and you can’t use it for paternity tests as it quickly changes when it leaves the body. Also, it loses the ability to retain genetic details.

For a reliable paternity test, the sample should have an extended period so a qualified lab technician can test and interpret its results.

A precise way for paternity tests is by DNA testing. DNA testing is done manually, and it needs to be conducted by a qualified technician. However, it is a precise method as it uses the DNA of mother and father to test biological relations.

DNA testing is the best way for paternity tests to ensure the highest standard of accuracy. However, there are multiple kinds of paternity tests, and it is essential to ensure that the test requested is suitable for the intended purpose.

Note: Drug traces stay for a long time in urine. So, you can use urine for drug tests.

What Is The Precise Way To Get A Maternity Test Done?

An accurate method for maternity tests is DNA testing. It’s the same method as a paternity test. A DNA test is done by stabbing inside a woman’s mouth for genetic markers. A maternity test can determine whether the child is genetically related to you or not.

DNA testing is an accurate method for maternity tests. Also, there are DNA tests that are done by a blood draw. Maternity tests are more precise than cheek swabs tests as it has a long shelf life and gives an accurate result.


A common sample for testing drugs and paternity tests is urine. So, we hope you have got the answer to your question, Does Urine Hold DNA? Urine does contain DNA. However, Urine does not have the complete sequence of DNA that makes up every cell in the body.

Urine can be a sample for paternal DNA testing for a premature child. But, other than that, DNA cannot be used for any other DNA testing as it lacks the essential DNA required for accurate testing. So, DNA tests must be conducted through blood or cheek swabs as they are more accurate.

Still, Urine samples are not entirely useless. It gives clues on overall health and helps a doctor diagnose some particular diseases. Also, research suggests that it is possible to witness more urine-based DNA tests in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does urine hold DNA?

When urine is stored at -4°F, around 75% of FNA degrades within 28 days. A temperature of -112°F improves the recovery up to 28 days of storage. After that, however, the cost involved in storage increases.

2. Can we recognize blood type from urine?

It is difficult to identify the cause of blood in urine until a urine test is done. It helps you to find white blood cells that can be a symptom of infection in the kidneys or another part of your urinary tract. It is important to visit and consult a doctor. Be sure to tell your doctor if you have blood in your urine so they can decide what to do next.

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