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Does target drug test

Does Target Drug test? This Post Answers The Question

Target is an American retail company and one of the largest retailers in the United States. They have stores in all the states of America and can boast of having over 350,000 employees. 

Target is a reputable organization with an image to uphold. Therefore, they hold their employees to specific standards. And that standard has made many potential employees and critics to question if the company ever conducts drug test, given their status.  

Here’s the question.  

Does target drug test? 

Yes, Target does drug tests. This drug testing is because of their drug-free workplace policy. 

There are specific roles that require compulsory drug tests. These tests are taken and passed within 24 hours. 

If you care to know more about Target’s drug tests, keep reading!

When Does Target Require A Drug Test? 

At target, there are three reasons to get a drug test:

Before employment:

The target drug policy requires that you get a drug test before employment. You must take the test and pass it before you join the target team. 

Although this testing is not done for all the new employees, it is specific to those applying to managerial roles or those whose job requirements involve operating a machine. 

When there is reasonable cause:

The Second reason why an employee may be subjected to a drug test is if there is cause to believe that they are distributing, using, or under the influence during work hours. Make sure you know your state laws by looking up Illinois drug testing laws so you are informed on what legally you can be tested on.

It is essential to know that the people at target cannot randomly select employees to take a drug test. They must have a reason to believe that the employee is using. Usually, this suspicion stems from their behavior, for example, erratic behaviors or accidents. 

After an accident:

Target runs a drug test on an employee after getting in an accident or caused an accident—especially in situations when there is significant damage, and the person needs medical attention. 

Target runs a drug test at this point to make sure the accident wasn’t caused by anything drug-related. To keep the staff and customers safe at all times. 

What You Need To Know About The Target Drug-Free Policy 

The Target handbook for team members informs employees about the drug test policy. It gives new employees an insight into what the company requires of them; focus, which is motivation, and productivity. 

To achieve these requirements, Target has some ground rules that every employee must obey. Failure to obey these rules leads to them taking corrective measures or sometimes termination. 

You cannot engage in any activities that break the ground rules during Target working hours or within the company. That is, you can not engage in the activities; at Target off-site properties, Target parking lots, when driving company vehicles, or anywhere that is Target-owned. 

According to the company’s handbook, here are some examples of activities not allowed in the company:

  • Using or possessing mood enhancing chemicals or drugs that health professionals did not prescribe.
  • Coming  to work or discharging your daily duties while impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  • Misuse legal drugs (unprescribed) or prescription drugs; purchasing, distributing or receiving illegal drugs.

The Target in its Policy form describes drugs as any controlled chemicals, inhalants, or substances. This list excludes drugs prescribed by a doctor or any other health care provider.

What Type Of Drugs Does Target Carry Out?

During a Target drug test, they are looking to see if the employee has used any of the following recently:

  • Cocaine 
  • Marijuana 
  • Heroine 
  • Synthetic drugs 

In the case of marijuana, which is legal in some states (recreational and medical uses), the Target company would advise an employee on what to do and how to use it at work. 

Target and Marijuana 

Target has not yet explicitly stated that marijuana would get removed from its drug-testing program. However, given the world is changing, there is now a change in marijuana use and regulation. 

The change is also affecting the number of companies opting out of marijuana screening. Would Target join the bandwagon? We can’t say for sure. But Target is likely to follow and join the marijuana is an acceptable group. 

According to the most recent Gallup poll, 68 percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana in the United States. In the United States, 18 states have already legalized recreational marijuana, with more than two-thirds of states approving medicinal marijuana use.

With all the recent changes, it is no longer shocking that companies testing for cannabis in the United States have reduced in the past few years. 

The labor market, competitiveness, and hiring shortages, particularly during the pandemic, have accelerated this downward trend among businesses. 

In the context of marijuana drug testing, Target’s employee screening vendor ‘Accurate Background’ says, “Is it worth losing a good employee over recreational marijuana that they use responsibly.”

Many companies remove marijuana from their drug testing programs and replace it with ecstasy and semi-synthetic opioids like fentanyl and oxycodone. 

Given that several world-class companies have removed marijuana from their drug testing lists, it is not surprising that Target may do the same. However, if they suspect that a particular employee is abusing or addicted to marijuana, they may conduct a drug test.

Are Random Tests Allowed At Target? 

Target has the right to run drug tests on its employees. They do this to maintain a drug-free workspace for their employees. Because of their policy, they have the right to check containers and packages that they suspect contain illegal drugs or any prohibited substance. 

Those that work with machines or vehicles may have to undergo random drug tests more often than others. Those who work in managerial positions or as assets protectors may also undergo regular and random drug tests. 

People who work as retail staff, cashiers and part-time workers do not have to get tested, except there is a reason to believe that they are under the influence at work. 

What Type Of Drug Test Does Target Do?

Employees at Target are subjected to a variety of drug tests. Accurate Background, a third-party company, manages these tests in facilities near Target stores. 

If they suspect drug use, Target can conduct blood, urine, and breath tests. Target can also use hair testing, which is often regarded as a more reliable method due to its longer detection span.

The Drug Testing Process

Target drug testing centers will be located near the Target store where you work or apply to work. 

During your interview, they will inform you if the position you have applied for requires a drug test. Typically, jobs involving machinery or vehicles at Target will necessitate a drug test. 

Furthermore, you must take your Target drug test within 24 hours of accepting your job offer from Target or after being asked to do so by Target. 

If you agree to take the test, Target will inform you of the steps to take and will require a government-issued ID to confirm your identity at the test center.

What Happens If You Fail A Drug Test At Target?

If you fail your test, one of two things may happen. One is you may lose your job while the second is you could get suspended. The consequences get determined by your manager. And the decision they take is often based on many different factors. 

The result of your drug test is confidential. Target doesn’t have the right to disclose its results to anyone because it is confidential. 

Can You Still Be Hired At Target If You Fail A Drug Test?

If a drug test is a condition of your job offer, failing it or failing to complete the drug test within the allotted time (1 day) will result in the withdrawal of your offer of employment. 

Target requires motivated and dependable employees, and a positive drug test may indicate that you are not the right fit for the position. 

If you work at Target, you might be interested in learning about Target’s dress code, Target bereavement policy, and Target statistics.

How Effective Is Drug Testing In The Workplace? 

There are several reasons why drug testing is becoming more effective in the workplace. According to The Effectiveness of Drug Testing, drug users are less likely to apply for jobs in companies that have drug testing policies in place. 

Similarly, a survey of Navy personnel revealed that random drug testing had become a deterrent to drug use. However, all of these perspectives on whether the procedure works are subject to change. This change is subject to whether certain companies adjust or take a different approach to their drug testing policies. 

Can Drug Tests Be Manipulated? 

Many people have uncovered various ways to manipulate and pass drug tests. Some people boast of enjoying years of repeated and undetected usage of drugs. 

These manipulations allow users to pass simple urine tests while others do not work. 


New employees at Target, those who operate machines/vehicles, and those who got involved in an accident undergo drug tests to ensure they are not under the influence. 

These tests happen at an off-site property owned by Target stores. These facilities where the employees get tested are managed by Accurate Background.

Failing a Target drug test has serious consequences. These consequences may or may not affect your employment. Target has the right to implement random drug testing if they suspect an employee of misconduct.

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