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7 Tips On How Do You Find Happiness In Life If Nobody Likes You

7 Tips On How Do You Find Happiness In Life If Nobody Likes You

We all deserve to be happy in life. We all deserve to love and be loved. But unfortunately, life has a way of dictating things for us. It has a way of throwing challenges our way. And one of such challenges is finding happiness amid trouble. 

It’s simple logic. When people hate you for no reason, happiness would elude you. Some people may even make daily moves to see you sad. They’ll turn other people’s minds against you and do all sorts of things to make you miserable. 

But the truth is, you can find happiness even if nobody likes you. The only reason you think you can’t is that you haven’t attempted it. Or perhaps, you don’t know what to do to locate happiness amid all the hatred. 

In this post, you’ll find practical tips on how to be super happy, even if the world hates you. You should allow yourself to put the information shared on this post to practice, and you’ll see the result. 

Let’s get to business.

1. Understand That You’re Not The One With The Problem

Now, here’s one of the things zapping most people’s happiness. It might be affecting yours too. 

When you feel that people hate you because of your attitude, you have automatically given them the power to control your happiness. 

So, how can you find happiness in this kind of situation? Firstly, understand that there’s nothing wrong with you. Those who hate you are the ones with the issue, not you. 

If you start seeing things this way, chances are you would be happy for the rest of your life. But if you see yourself as the problem, you’ll start worrying unnecessarily. And before you know what’s happening, you’ll drain yourself up emotionally. Then bitterness would creep in. 

So, please, if people don’t like you, don’t blame yourself. Be yourself, and don’t go begging anyone to love you. You can’t force people to like you. The bond won’t last long. 

2. Engage In Activities That Make You Extremely Happy

How can one eliminate hatred in their life? It’s simple. Shower yourself with extreme love. You can find love in the arms of your spouse, relative, or children. 

Now, what should you do if the same people you’re looking up to for love despise you? 

In this case, turn your attention to your hobbies. Look for an activity of great interest to you. Is it watching movies, singing, listening to music, and reading, playing musical instruments, writing, painting, cooking, or something else?

If you can identify one or two things that get you elated, you can find happiness even if the entire world hates you. Instead of thinking about those who hate you, you’ll have reasons to channel that energy towards your interest. 

By the way, who knows, that one interest which happens to be a skill that you have been building instead of thinking of the people that hate you, might make you successful in life. You can become a great songwriter, singer, programmer, etc.

So, identify your interest, and ensure it’s something productive. It will also be best to choose something you don’t know completely, so you can spend more time growing your skills than thinking about people who hate you.

3. Seek Motivation

Is people’s hatred towards you affecting you negatively? Does it weigh you down? If yes, here’s what you have to do – seek motivation. 

Hatred creates negative energy, which, if left to thrive, can consume the happiness you have left. But if you can find a way to stay motivated, you’ll be happy no matter how much people hate you. 

Now, how can you find the motivation to stay happy when surrounded by hatred or people who want to see you angry for the rest of your life? It’s simple. 

Read books. Yes, books. Search for books written by renowned authors, and read them in your quiet time. If the books have audio versions, which you prefer listening to, go for that. Just find a way to occupy yourself with books that can engulf you with loads of positive energy. 

The books you read also matter a great deal. So, choose carefully. The kinds of books you need now are the ones that can keep you motivated. They should be books that strengthen your mental state, assure you that you’re making progress, reassures you that the baby steps you have been taking are worthwhile, etc.

It’s also crucial to note that books aren’t the only things you can get motivation from. You can get it from movies, writing, or positive confessions, and speaking with people ahead of you in life, such as your boss, elderly, older colleague, older friend, etc.  

The bottom line here is to get motivation. How you get it doesn’t matter that much. 

A Handy Tip: You can find inspiration by watching inspirational speeches from top individuals or renowned public speakers. The individuals could also be respected politicians, movie stars, entrepreneurs, etc.   

4. Talk To A Counselor

This option will require some investment. But the good thing is that it’s going to be worth every penny. Counselors are trained professionals with vast experience helping people to reclaim their lives. 

So, if you tried other options and couldn’t get a positive result, then talk to a counselor about your situation. Expect the person to listen and proffer a solution to your challenges, which in your case is finding happiness. 

Furthermore, have in mind that varied counselors exist. You’ll find marriage, mental health, educational, substance abuse, rehabilitation, guidance and career counselors. So, know the one that best suits your situation. You’re looking for help, not an opportunity to see a counselor. 

If your challenge is only about finding happiness amid hatred from people around you, a mental health counselor might be able to help you. However, some people may need to see other counselors before meeting a mental health counselor. 

If people hate you because you do drugs, you can win them back by stopping that habit. In this case, you need to see a drug abuse counselor, followed by a mental health counselor to reclaim your life. 

5. Volunteer For Social Service

Don’t waste your precious time thinking about the people that hate you, why they hate you and how you can please them. Keep in mind that certain people’s opinions about you will never change no matter how hard you try to impress them.

Time is precious, so spend yours well. Many NGOs are looking for those who can devote time to assist in various community projects. So, instead of spending your time thinking about how to please people whose hatred is strong or trying to get them to like you, spend your time helping others.  

Check for NGOs that need a helping hand and volunteer to join them. Put a smile on others’ faces, and see how that reflects on your life. 

As the famous saying goes, “you’re earning a living via the things you receive, but making a life for yourself by the things you give.” 

6. Surround Yourself With People That Want You

Let’s be honest. Not everyone likes you. Or rather, not everyone that comes around you wants you. Most people are excellent at pretending. They’ll give you the impression that they like you. But in reality, they don’t.

It’s easier to identify people that come around you but don’t like you. End the benefit they’re getting from you, and watch the friendship end. They’re already seeing you as a friend with benefits. But unfortunately, you’re not seeing them that way. 

So, if you want to be happy, always surround yourself with people that like and want your company unconditionally. Keep friends that will give anything to be with you and not the other way around. 

If you can’t find one or more friends that like you, then consider your relatives. You can even create a strong bond with either of your parents. 

7. Take Advantage Of Social Media

The internet and the advent of social media have made the world a global village. Now, you can communicate with anyone you choose to with ease. You can make friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and establish deep connections with people you barely know. 

It’s also a bit hard for one to be lonely these days, as you can easily bump into a friend’s inbox on any social media platform and initiate a conversation. 

So, if you think the people around you hate you, turn to social media to find people that would not only love but create time to interact with you. 


So, these are the seven different ways to find happiness if nobody likes you. In the real sense, the whole world can’t hate you. One or more people might like you for who you are. 

But have you asked what if people around you hate you? Well, it’s quite possible. People might even hate you for nothing. However, their hatred for you can only affect your happiness if you permit it to happen. 

So, if you discover that people hate you for no reason and it’s affecting your happiness, use the tips in this post to find happiness and enjoy your life. 

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