How Many Cards In Uno? Understanding The Game Of Uno

If you love to play games and listen to music, combining your two passions might seem like a fun idea. Not sure how many cards in Uno? While the answer may seem obvious, given that the game uses the exact number of cards there are in a standard deck, not all players will have the same number of cards when they start.

There are 112 cards in Uno. This includes the following:

  • 19 blue cards
  • 19 green cards
  • 19 red cards
  • 19 yellow cards
  • 8 skip cards
  • 8 reverse cards
  • 8 draw 2 cards
  • 8 wild cards
  • 4 blank cards

How Does Uno Work?

Uno is a card game played with a specially printed deck. The deck has cards in four colors, with each color having numbers 0-9 and Skip, Draw Two, and Reverse cards. In addition to colored number cards, the deck also contains eight Wild cards and eight Wild Draw Four cards. Each player is dealt seven cards at the beginning of the game. If a player cannot make a match with the card on the table, they must draw from the draw pile until they can play a card. The first player to discard all of their cards wins!

How Many Cards Does Each Player Get In Uno?

In addition to asking how many cards in Uno, people also ask how many cards each player gets. Each player should get seven cards in the game of Uno.

The dealer distributes seven cards to each of the players. The remaining cards are placed in a pile known as the DRAW pile, and the top card is placed face-up next to it.

What Is A Blank Uno Card?

What is a blank Uno card? It’s exactly what it sounds like: a blank card that you can use to play with the deck of Uno cards you already have at home. Instead of having to write something on an index card, or worse, try to use a stiff napkin, this blank card is made of the same material as the other Uno cards and is the same size, so it’s perfect for use as a wild card in any game.

How Many Color Cards Are There In An Uno Deck?

There are four sets of 19 color cards each in an Uno deck

What Does A Skip Card Do?

A skip card in Uno is used to skip the next player’s turn. It is represented by a blue circle with two white arrows, one pointing directly left and one pointing directly right. The skip card can only be played when the player to its left has already played a card, and it must be played on top of a card of the same color or value. For example, you can play a blue skip card on a blue number card or another blue skip card. If you draw a skip card that cannot be played, you must draw one more card to replace it.

What Is the Role Of A Reverse Card?

The role of a reverse card in Uno is to change the direction of play. The reverse card is one of four types of wild cards in the game, including draw two, skip, and wild.

All four cards are considered special cards because they function outside the game’s rules, allowing players to have more control over their hands and the progression of the play.

While there are many variations of Uno, the game always consists of a deck containing 108 cards that players must discard by matching their color, number, or symbol. The first player to discard all their cards wins the round.

What Does A Draw 2 Card Do?

Draw 2, or Draw Two, is a card in the Uno card game. Whenever a player plays this card, the next player must draw two cards and forfeit their turn. In short, it is the same as when a player plays a Skip card.

The only difference between a Skip card and a Draw Two card is that when a Skip card is played, the next player who has to miss their turn is the one after the person who played the card. But when someone plays a Draw Two card, it is the person’s turn directly after the person who played it.

Example: If ‘Player A’ plays a Draw Two card during their turn, ‘Player B’ must skip their turn and draw two cards from the deck.

What Does A Draw 4 Card Do?

Draw 4 cards are wild cards in the game of Uno. They can be played at any time, but the player’s color must match them before you lay it down. When you play a Draw 4 card, the next player must draw 4 cards and lose their turn.

When you play a Draw 4 card, you can decide what color the next player has to match when they play their turn. You should also be strategic when playing your draw 4 card and keep in mind how many cards in Uno exist.

Can You End The Game With A Draw 4 Card In Hand?

No, you cannot end the game with a Draw 4 card in hand. This is because doing so would make it impossible for the other players to determine whether or not you had an additional card to play after Draw 4 was played.

The rules of Uno state that when you play a Draw 4 card, you are required to show your hand to the other players, proving that no playable cards are remaining. If you have a Draw 4 card and another playable card in your hand when it is your turn, you can play either one; but if you only have a Draw 4 card in your hand, you must reveal all of your cards and end the game.


Uno is a fun game that can be played with friends and family, either in person or online. There’s no reason not to try the game out sometime if you’re interested in an engaging new way to pass the time or if you want a new card game to add to your collection of favorites. We hope this article answered how many cards in Uno.

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