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How to Care For Your Lab Grown Diamond

How to Care For Your Lab Grown Diamond

It’s always wonderful to see a new addition to your jewelry collection, especially when it’s diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are an eco-friendly and less expensive option for rings and other jewelry. However, like anything valuable, they need to be cared for and maintained to keep their high quality. Here are a few tips for handling your diamonds in a way that will ensure they last forever.

Store Your Diamonds

There are times the diamonds will need to come off you. If you’re engaging in physical activity, the best thing to do is put your diamond in a safe space. Just remember that mixing your diamonds in with other jewelry can lead to scratching the surface. To prevent this, wrap it in a soft material and keep it within its own compartment within your jewelry case.

Know What Substances Are Safe

Substances that are part of your everyday life can dirty your lab grown diamonds if they aren’t handled carefully. These substances can be perfumes, lotions, body sweat during a workout, and household cleaning chemicals like bleach. In the worst-case scenarios, these can cause lasting damage. In the best cases, they just cause build up and the need for more frequent cleaning.

Clean At Least Twice A Month

As careful as you want to be, diamonds are going to need regular cleaning for the unavoidable grime. Luckily, you don’t need a lot of specialized products for this. Jewelry cleaner will work but so will fragrance-free soap and water. Soak the diamond for a few minutes and softly brush the diamond free of dirt before rinsing and drying. It’s recommended that you give your diamonds two good cleanings a month.

Deep Cleaning And Maintenance

Those twice a month cleanings are a good step toward keeping your lab grown diamonds in good condition, but there will be times that deep cleaning is needed for the build up in the nooks and crannies. More involved cleaning involves professionals who will be able to use methods like ultrasonic cleaning and steam cleaning. This removes the dirt, dust, and oil build up in a way soap and water can’t quite handle.

Give Your Diamonds A Day Off

Finally, it’s a good idea to just give the diamonds a day off once in a while. Regular usage will inevitably cause some grime to build up from the environment or from body oils. If you know there will be some harder physical activity or it’s the time for spring cleaning, go ahead and store your diamonds for the day. There won’t be any build up and you won’t need to worry about the dangers of last minute storage solutions. Best of all, you’ll hold onto that sparkle for longer.

Whether mined or lab made, diamonds add some brilliance to your look. Use these tips to clean and care for them, and you’ll be able to hold onto that brilliance for years to come.

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