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Shopping Malls with Free Wifi in USA

Shopping Malls With Free WiFi In USA

The internet has changed the way we live and work. Having high-speed internet is no longer a luxury but a key. The increasing reliance on technology has prompted broadband companies to introduce new services. Because more and more people are using the
internet, both public and private spaces have introduced free Wi-Fi hotspots.

No matter whether you’re in school, at a park, or in a mall, you’ll find free internet. The
previous decade saw unprecedented growth in the number of Wi-Fi installations at shopping malls. Retailers and businesses are starting to think out of the box to provide a wholesome shopping experience to their customers.

The growing role of the internet in both private and professional lives has enabled
broadband companies to offer affordable goods and services. Just think about it. Getting an
internet connection powered by Spectrum promotions is affordable than it has ever been. This is one of the reasons why malls across the U.S. are now offering free Wi-Fi.

Increasing Competition In Digital Age

There’s no denying that technology has allowed businesses and brands to compete with
each other effectively. Companies have shifted from traditional practices to advanced tech
tools. Why? Because technology offers multiple advantages. These include reduced costs
and improved productivity. Companies taking advantages from technology can maintain
growth and success for years to come.

Because shopping malls are a highly competitive industry, retailers need to come with
innovative solutions to improve customer experience. The current generation of shoppers
uses the internet to look for their favorite products and services. They spend much of their
time browsing the web when it comes to shopping. Providing free Wi-Fi to these shoppers
allows malls to gain a competitive advantage over rival brands.

A Wholesome Shopping Experience

Using tech tools isn’t just about improving one aspect of the business. It’s also about
bringing value and creating a better shopping experience. Retailers and brands can benefit
from technology in multiple ways. They can generate leads, increase sales revenue, and
offer quality-after sales services. People visit shopping malls for different reasons. Some
want to shop. Others go just for entertainment.

Even if you aren’t doing anything, you are still using your smartphone at a mall. Retailers are looking to capitalize on every opportunity available to them. By providing free Wi-Fi, brands at shopping malls can upsell. The strategy is to prevent the visitor from sitting idle. Even if you’re using Facebook on your smartphone inside a shopping mall, chances are you’ll come across multiple promotions.

Must-Have for All Retailers

Mall of America was one of the major retailers to introduce free Wi-Fi several years ago. The largest mall in the U.S. saw the potential in emerging technologies. The management
realized that the use of smartphones will only continue to grow in the coming years. It
introduced free Wi-Fi in 2016 and is now one of the many malls that are offering free internet to visitors.

Mall of America is a successful case study for retailers looking to capitalize on the internet’s
potential. The mall created a responsive mobile website that allowed it to track smartphone
users and offer promotions. The initiative was an instant success and more visitors began
bringing their smartphones in hopes of getting discount offers and promotions.

Increasing Number Of Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

There are more than 0.4 million free Wi-Fi connections in the U.S., according to WiFiMap.
The widespread availability of free of cost Wi-Fi signals the retailers’ willingness to accept
emerging technologies as the way forward. There’s no denying that smartphones have
become the biggest shopping companies for consumers. They provide a great deal of
comfort and convenience when it comes to shopping.

It is worth mentioning here that shopping malls do not have a direct relationship with
consumers. Countless customers use these facilities to visit individual stores. The same
goes for airports that do not have any direct relationship with any of the travelers.
Passengers use the facility to reach different terminals and airlines. The point is, customers
have a relationship with individual stores.

That makes public Wi-Fi a central contact point through which shopping malls target
consumers with promotional offers. Also, using the internet allows shopping malls to collect
crucial demographic information on their shoppers. Malls can use the information to improve the shopping experience for countless shoppers who come through their doors to reach individual shops and brands.


Shopping malls need to understand the importance of giving free Wi-Fi to shoppers.
Consumers are using smartphones more than ever. Malls should capitalize on the
opportunity that comes with offering free internet services to countless consumers.

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