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how to cheat the skill machine

How To Cheat The Skill Machine: Gaming And Cheats

I’m sure you are wondering what the skill machine is. The SWP (Skill with Prizes) machine is a gaming machine that gives a prize (payout). 

However, the outcome of the game depends on the skills of the player. It’s, however, uncommon to hear about the skilled machine. Today it’s popularly known as the slot machine. 

Indeed the slot machine is among the most lucrative and popular games in the casinos. The slot machines are available for cheaters, the house, and its players.  

The skill machines are known to offer huge payouts. It’s because of this that many cheaters target the machine. This has been happening ever since the invention of these machines. 

In this article, we are going to check out the possible ways to cheat the skill machine. The tricks have been in use by the cheaters for years, and they have worked at certain times. 

However, I do not recommend that you ever try them. If you are caught cheating in a casino, you might have to pay a considerable price for it. So let’s find out. 

How to Cheat the Skill Machine

The best way to cheat the skill is by using your smartphone. All you need to do is record the spins on the smartphone. 

Later, you use these recordings to crack the slot’s randomization pattern. If you keenly observe the individual game sequences for an extended period. 

You will be able to notice a certain kind of pattern in the results. You can do this better by recording the individual games. Mastering this pattern will help you cheat well and perfectly. 

I can assure you that this scam is reasonably practical and elegant. Up to date, the slot machine manufacturers and the casinos have not been able to stop it. 

Additional Information

In the 2000s, famous slot makers such as Aristocrat Leisure and Novomatic got unusual reports from their specific casino clienteles. According to the clienteles, the machine was giving out small and medium sizes payouts. 

The payouts were more than what their preprogrammed odds are to allow.  The engineers from the specific slot makers did comprehensive investigations and reviews on the machine. 

However, the audit was unsuccessful since the engineers could not find any physical manipulation on the skill machines. In early 2011, the Novomatic Company gave a warning statement to its client casinos. 

Novomatic did warn about the existence of potential weaknesses in the slot machine. It was known as PRNGs (Pseudo Random Number Generators). 

So what makes the slot’s RNG ineffective. As it turns out, the RNG is not randomized technically. 

Thus it hugely depends on manmade inputs to generate the random results. I can assure you that the results will appear randomly over long and short-term sessions for an average player. 

According to Novomatic, it’s possible to discern discernible patterns. It’s because of their pseudo nature. 

The cheat or player has to be so keen and know what to watch for to beat the slot. You need to have comprehensive mathematical skills. 

There is one known professional hacker that was able to beat the slot system. He was known as Alex. Alex has a great understanding of mathematics such that he could comfortably crack the coded algorithms in his head. 

He was able to master the codes of a specific Novomatic slot machine model. He also deciphered codes of the Aristocrat Mark IV model. 

Therefore, Alex designed a unique program to predict the exact time that cheats and players need to press the “SPIN” button. The press would guarantee them a quick win. 

He went further to form a team of players. He taught them how to record a few low-stakes spins using their iPhone cameras secretly. 

The recordings were then uploaded to his computer, and it cracked the patterns. It gave the exact time in milliseconds when one should press the “SPIN” button. With a single press, you would trigger a win. 

Other Ways To Cheat The Skill Machine

Using Shaved Coins 

However, this trick is not as popular today. Or instead, it’s not that effective on the modern skill machines. 

But if the device you use is from the past decade or decades, you can certainly pull this off.  Though it’s not common, it’s still good to know about it. 

Why is the trick not as popular today? With more technological advancements, the manufacturers have integrated the light sensor to help register payment.  

In most slot machines, the optic sensor and the physical comparator did function differently. It means that each time the shaved coin was put in the machine with an object that matches the shape and size of the coin needed to stake. 

The shaved coin will always return while the other object will remain in the machine and start the play. 

Fake Coins 

This method of cheating has been prevalent throughout history. Using fake coins has been a thing, and most people still try it today. 

The most popular scam artist known for using fake coins is Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio. He did use this method to scan various casinos until his 1998 arrest.  

The funny thing is that after his release in 2006, he went back to this cheating. He successfully conned a few casinos for months before being caught again. 


Using a magnet is one of the old cheating tricks. It was so popular during the days. Today it’s a bit tricky using it since modern-day machines do not use magnets. 

All of them are programmed and use computer software. It was also possible to cheat on the old computers because they were entirely made of metal. 

Cheating using the magnet was relatively straightforward. All you had to do was spin the reels. After turning, you then use a magnet from the outside to stop the machine from spinning. 

That is when you notice a winning combination. The cheaters would remove the magnet and claim the payout. 

It was not always the shrewdest cheat, but I can assure you that one could win a massive amount of cash if done well. 

Light Wand 

Many think that the light wand is about magic. But that’s not true. This trick was popularized by the tone of the notorious slot cheats in history known as Tommy Glenn Carmichael. 

Magicians can create an illusion of something that is happening. Like magicians, Carmichael did use the light band. The tool was able to make jackpot wins magically come out of thin air. 

Let’s find out how the light wand did work. The machine could effectively blind the slots machine optical sensor. 

With the optical machine not working, the machine could not know the number of coins deposited on the skill machine. 

Therefore the machine won’t be able to know the exact amount to payout or when to payout. The famous Carmichael would easily manipulate the slot machine by turning the small wins into big wins. 

Software Glitch

This is the one trick that can apply to modern machines. The cheats have manipulated the software glitch for quite a long, and by this, I mean decades. 

This was possible by playing a specific pattern of games and stakes. The players could somehow confuse the machine through this, triggering a glitch that makes the skill machine payout the jackpot. 

It has been a thing among the slots cheats for years. It has even led to issues whereby most jackpot winners are not always given the winnings because of it. 

As mentioned, the software glitch can be actualized on modern slot machines. The recent and most famous incident was in 2015.  

The funny thing is that it was a granny that won. Pauline McKee, a ninety-year-old grandmother who comes from Illinois, won a whopping forty-one million dollars. 

She won it from the Casino hotel waterloo on miss kitty slot machine. However, she was not given the amount. The lady went ahead to sue the casino in 2012, but it was rejected after three years. 

However, you cannot blame the casino.  It’s the historical instances that gave the casino an upper hand in the case. 

Computer Chip Replacement

It was an idea of Denis Nikrasch. He changed the cheating game with it. Denis was exceptionally patient and an eager learner. He bought a skilled machine and messed with it from his garage to learn about its flaws. 

He found out that the computer chips could be easily re-programed. Through this, he could manipulate the machine to offer jackpots with a tap. 

David bought several chips and got a team of scammers. He then looked for several keys to the slot machines and started conning them. He and his team were able to do this for years. 


The history of gaming cannot be traced to an exact time. You should know that it has been around since the very beginning. 

You have undoubtedly read the right article if you want to know the tricks on beating the skilled machine. You should note that the game of skills is not only about the button push. 

It needs skills and unending attention. If you have all these, you can successfully use the above tricks to cheat the skill machine.

However, I do not recommend you to do any of the above because of the consequences. You might be banned from the casinos or risk being imprisoned. 

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