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how to improve chess

How To Improve Chess: From Novice To Master

Chess is one of the most common board games globally, and it is among the most complex. From the rules, characters, and board movements, chess seems to stand out from other board games such as checkers, and it seems hard for most people.

The fact is, if you take your time to learn, chess is an exciting game that will help keep your brain active and in peak performance. 

If you are a beginner and you find the game hard, here are some guidelines you could use to improve your skill level;

How To Improve Chess

Learning anything from scratch can be a bit intimidating to most people, and chess is no exception. You could be a beginner surrounded by professionals, and you want to win a few games, but you don’t know how.

  • If you want to improve in chess, you need to practice. You need to play as many games as you can, and it will help you build most of the skills you need to become a master. Like all other activities, practice makes perfect. 

Playing is the best form of training and is the only way to develop your instincts. Play against computers, other opponents, or on your own to learn as much as you can about the patterns and strategies. 

  • Try to access as much chess content as possible to learn more strategies and increase your confidence. Videos and books will help you learn some things you won’t get in the real world. As always, make sure you practice everything that you learn to make it stick.

Try to learn from other games and old masters. Learn about the evolution of chess and how old masters played it, along with some famous strategies. This information will give you a point from which you can learn and visualize better when playing.

  • Learn basic mating techniques such as mating with a queen and a rook or a queen and two rooks against a king and so on.  These tips are useful to have, and they will give you a lot of confidence since you will be able to win games with few players. 
  • Try to have fun; chess is an activity meant to be enjoyed by those who participate in it. Enjoying the games will help build a passion, and you will find that it is easier to learn when you are passionate about it. 
  • You need to work on your visualization skills since they are vital for chess. You need to see the whole board and visualize how each move you make will affect your opponent and your pieces.

This will allow you to think critically and make moves that win the game for you. In addition to this, you need a lot of patience to see all the possibilities before making a move. As you work more, these skills will become rooted in you.

How To Improve Visualization Skills In Chess

Visualization is a crucial aspect of all board games. It involves picturing a position in your mind, holding it, and imagining how the pieces will move without moving them. If a beginner doesn’t practice visualization, they are in for a lot of trouble.

Without proper visualization, you will make moves, and they will have dire consequences. Have you noticed that you go to tournaments and make mistakes, but it seems silly to you when you look at it afterward? 

This happens due to a lack of visualization skills that would have otherwise helped you know how the pieces would play out. Visualization is a skill that takes time and patience to master, but this is how you can start;

There is one technique that you can use to create your chess imagination. It involves playing over master-level games and trying to play the positions in your head. You need to read the first three moves from either side.

Rather than move the pieces on the board, you will only move the piece to the position after each side has made the three moves. 

You need to look at the board, follow the positions and keep them in your mind to know how the pieces will settle after the three moves.

The challenge is to teach you to follow along with the positions with your mind, and you might make mistakes at the start, but you will get better as you learn to focus.

As you do this, you will teach your brain to visualize how each piece will affect the board when it is moved, and this will be a big help in your games.

The best part about this technique is that you can increase it progressively depending on your skill level.

You can start with two moves on each side and then increase to five, six, and more moves each game. 

Eventually, your visualizations will be good enough to allow you to see how most of the game will play out, and you will be grateful for it.

Visualization is at the heart of being a good chess player. It will allow you to account for all the positions and moves by your opponents before they make them. You will also see how your moves affect your positioning, so you don’t lose the game.

Tips To Get Better At Chess Without Strategies Or Secret Tricks

Chess is a fun game when you introduce strategies, moves, and secret tricks. These can be confusing to a beginner, yet they can be helpful when playing a game. So can you win a game without these complexities? 

  • As a beginner, you need to keep things simple and avoid overburdening yourself with strategies and tactics. You can learn the basics and become a good chess player without spending too much time. Let us see how;

Stop playing quick chess games since they put a lot of pressure on you without giving you space to learn. As a beginner, speed is not what you are trying to achieve, and even masters take time to think during games.

It would help if you had time to analyze your moves and think of all scenarios, and quick games will not allow you to do this. Play standard games to allow yourself to strategize, think of all possible good moves and make the moves, so you understand how the game goes.

  • Another great way to practice is by solving chess puzzles, especially if you don’t have a lot of time at your disposal. The good thing about puzzles is that they don’t take as much time as games, so you can do more and learn faster. 

With puzzles, you will analyze different positions and find the best move in each situation. This will improve your chess skills and help you read the chessboard better. This will help you avoid mistakes that could cost you an easy game.

  • Pay most attention in the middle of the game since there are a lot of moves available at this stage. This increase in options also means higher chances of you making a blunder move that might cost you the game.

Do not be in a rush to attack; instead, work to bring all your pieces into play, especially when you are in doubt. You could attack and end up doing more damage to yourself than the opponent. Making neutral moves will give you more time to look at the board and see how to progress.

  • Try out the different opening variations to learn more variations of the game. By using different opening variations, you will analyze different positions and understand your game better.

This understanding will help you know what game variation suits you best, and each game you play will be a lesson to you. This is all that matters, and understanding your game will be a big advantage against any opponent.

  • As a beginner, do not memorize moves; the problem with memorizing moves is that if an opponent makes a move you did not expect, you will be lost. You will not know how to counter, and you might lose the game.

So avoid memorizing moves and focus on your goals, look at the board, all the pieces, and think based on what you have, not what you know. You will be surprised at how well your thoughts will flow and how easy the game gets for you with time.


Chess is an interesting game, but it can be a bit challenging to master. After learning the basics and rules of the game, practice as much as you can to build on your confidence, skill, and knowledge.

When starting, you should keep it simple and focus on understanding the foundation and basic moves.

Avoid quick games that won’t teach you much, and watch as many chess games as you can. This is a benchmarking opportunity to learn more moves and strategies.

Chess requires a lot of patience and critical thinking. Chess games can go on for a long time, and you might get frustrated and make a bad move.  Always visualize and be patient with yourself to see all the possibilities before you make a move.

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