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How To Empty Trash On Samsung Phone

How To Empty Trash On Samsung Phone

Samsung phones are some of the most intuitive and user-friendly phones. They are mostly powered by Android OS, and you can similarly perform the same operations regardless of the version of the Samsung. You may have to update your operating system for specific applications to access such. Some applications on Samsung can only be found on newer versions; hence you need to update it constantly. Different apps on Samsung may require hardware upgrades, too; hence you need to check such.

So How Do I empty Trash on a Samsung phone?

Click on the gallery icon, then click on the three-dot setting in the top right corner.

What Are The Main Reasons You Should Switch To Samsung Smartphone?

Some features are unique to Samsung smartphones and other devices, and these are reasons you should switch now;

1. Multitasking Made Easy

Samsung users have given Multitasking capabilities the main reason they chose to stick with Samsung. Samsung Galaxy series is especially famous for supporting multitasking efficiently. The expansive screen available on Samsung phones, plus crisp graphics, makes it easier for users to work on multiple apps simultaneously.

Samsung also comes with a multi-window mode that has further enhanced multitasking across its platforms. The newest Galaxy series comes with a split-screen feature that can be accessed by swiping to the left of the menu. You may also have to choose the App pair feature to use the split-screen menu for multitasking.

2. The Samsung DeX

The Samsung DeX is one of the vast features that should push you to opt for the brand. This feature can allow your smartphone to operate on a full desktop screen. All you need to do is connect your phone to a smart TV or Desktop computer, then pair the mouse.

DeX feature can also work wirelessly on Samsung smart TV and monitor. This feature can be found on flagship Samsung devices, including Samsung Galaxy S8 and newer. With this feature, you can resize your apps on the screen, and you can use the buttons to click apps on your smartphone right and see them on your computer screen.

3. The Knox security and biometric Phone Protection

The Knox security is one of the best security features you can find on any smartphone brand. Knox security can protect all data and files on your Samsung phone. Knox security works at both hardware and software levels, and it can be found even in use at government and sizeable corporate organization settings.

Once you turn on your smartphone phone, you will get encryption protection for your data. It also has a tamper-resistant feature secure memory with the processor, passwords, biometrics, keys, passes, and PINs.

The advanced biometric Samsung phone protection works similarly to the Knox. Biometric protection protects your phone when you are not using it. With this protection, intruders wouldn’t pass through the phone’s screen. This feature works with the Ultrasonic fingerprint and was first introduced on the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. This feature is connected to an in-display sensor that will launch a 3D image of your fingerprint to open your smartphone. This feature also comes with a facial identification feature to allow you to unlock with a quick glance at the screen.

4. Find Mobile Device

It is quite common for mobile phone users to misplace or lose their precious devices. You don’t have to stress about this issue, as Samsung uses this feature to help you locate the device without stress. The find the mobile device is a location information gathering feature, and this information is gathered from Google data via a connected wireless network.

Once you activate this feature, you can click on your web browser to locate the phone’s whereabouts. Once you request the browser to send your last location, it will send a report via a map, and this information is updated every 15 minutes just in case someone is taking the phone with them. You can also make the phone display another number on the phone’s screen if someone picks it up.

5. The Task Automation Feature

Are you looking to stay well-organized with your smartphone files? You can rely on Samsung’s task automation feature for such a purpose. It will be easier to maintain your habit on a Samsung phone when you don’t have to do much to organize your tasks. If, for instance, you have a Playlist or you like waking up with certain songs, you can create a “Good morning” task at a specific time of the day. You can use this feature to schedule your gym, work, school, and just any type of routine.

Other Essential Features You Can Find Useful on Your Samsung Smartphone

The following are some other essential features that may be useful on your Samsung smartphone;

1. The Smart Home Controls

When you work from home, for instance, you can become distracted as to when you must complete house chores like laundry. With the SmartThings platform on Samsung phones, you can get notifications and put everything under control with a single click. You can use this feature even to control your refrigerator’s thermostat, TV, and lights.

SmartThings on your Samsung phone can be connected wirelessly to several other devices. Doorbells, Amazon Echo, and lightbulbs are just a few of the gadgets or appliances that can be connected to SmartThings from Samsung. With this feature, you can have peace of mind while you focus on other things.

2. The Samsung Health App

Self-care has become more important than ever before, especially with the ongoing ravaging Covid19 pandemic. With the Samsung Health app, you can track your health with ease. This app helps you monitor your nutrition calories burnt, and you can also track all your fitness goals. If you practice meditation, you can use this app to stay organized, even to get feedback and notifications.

You can use this app to connect with experts in the health field. You can compete with your friends and family on this app. You can pair your Smartwatch with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone and use this app to track your health updates.

3. Ease of Switching

Many people lose content when switching from one phone to another; this is almost impossible with some Samsung smartphones. You can update your smartphone with ease and preserve your apps while you transfer your old phone contents to another smartphone. Samsung comes with a Smart Switch feature that will transfer, then back up before restoring your contents on the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone to complete the transfer. It would be best if you considered backing up your content as soon as possible before you begin transferring your content.

4. Hand Gesture Feature

Though this feature is available on Samsung Galaxy 4 smartwatch, you can sync this device with your smartphone and enjoy all its benefits. With the hand gesture feature, you can answer your smartphone via a hand gesture. You can also use this feature to respond to your emails, text messages, and feedback as you are on the go.

5. Privacy Prioritized

With your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, you can work and collaborate on the go. This is an age where remote work and hybrid work options are very important. The Galaxy S22 Samsung smartphone, for instance, comes with a permission manager that allows you to authorize components to access your camera, location, and contacts. This means you can give or deny permission to any components that want to access your smartphone features.

The private share feature is one feature that will secure your file sharing, and this technology is built on blockchain. You can attach limits and expiration dates on some of your content to limit access to your content.

6. The Samsung Pass

If you want to stay safe on social media, especially with your business apps, you can manage your login details. If you don’t protect your social media files, you stand the risk of account hacking, and that can mean sensitive business and personal details may be compromised.

One of the first free things you get from your Samsung phone is the Samsung pass, and it is a password management system as a safekeeping for login details. You can link your Samsung Pass with your Samsung biometrics to make your Samsung phone contents even safer.


There are many other features you may want to explore when you get your Samsung smartphone. One great thing about Samsung devices is that they can all be synced, and you can share or exchange contents between the devices. You may want to encrypt every file you save and share on your Samsung devices to keep them safe from third parties and individual hackers. There are dozens of other security features on Samsung phones, and these features are updated as new flagship phones are released into the market. You may also want to visit the Samsung website for details on its relatively unknown features.

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