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Read To Learn How To Get Ableton Live 9 For Free

Read To Learn How To Get Ableton Live 9 For Free

Ableton Live 9 is a digital music workstation created by Ableton, a Berlin-based company. It is available for Mac and Windows.

Unlike most software out there, the Ableton Live 9 has dual functionality. You can use it for live performances and as a mixing, recording, composing, or mastering tool.

DJs and turntablists can also use the Ableton Live 9 to create sound effects like crossfades and beat matching.

Although the Ableton Live 9 has many exciting features, it comes at a cost. So, how can one get it for free?

How To Get Ableton Live 9 For Free

You can use the free Ableton Live 9 trial version for thirty days. After this period, you would pay $99 monthly. 

The trial version is available for download on Ableton’s official website. Follow these steps to that started:

  1. Go to Ableton’s official website.
  2. At the top right corner of the home page, select ‘try live for free.” The site will redirect you to the software installation page. 
  3. Choose your operating system – Mac or Windows and hit the download button.
  4. Hit setup to install when the software download is complete.

You can enjoy your Ableton Live 9 free version for 30 days. After your trial period, you would have to pay to continue using the software. The software will stop working if you fail to make payment at the end of the trial period.

Cracked versions of the software are available on several websites for those who cannot afford Ableton Live 9. 

However, there are many downsides to using pirated versions of Ableton Live 9. Continue reading to learn more.

Should You Use  A Cracked Version Of Ableton Live 9?

Because Ableton Live 9 is pricey, some people have provided an altered version – the cracked version. 

The cracked software is a pirated version of the software, available on some file-sharing sites. It was made illegally accessible through a generated unlock code.

People who cannot afford the original software version after the free trial download the cracked version. Using the pirated version puts you and your computer at risk in many ways.

Below are some ways in which the cracked version can be a risk to you:

Malware infections:

One cracked app can infect as many as 500000 computers with malware. There could be hidden malware encoded into the app, which could potentially steal information from your computer.

These cracked app versions do not go through any form of censorship or security check.

These malware steal information – cryptocurrency (from wallets), passwords on browsers, and personal data.

Visiting shady websites:

These cracked software versions are available from illegal sites, which already put you at risk. 

Most of these sites have ad-on and pop-ups, which redirect you to dangerous websites that expose you to more malware or ransomware. 

It may not work:

Many software companies work tooth and nail to ensure that others do not pirate their software.

There is a considerable possibility that pirated software may not work after downloading it. If the software works initially, it may eventually stop functioning after a while. 

Lack of updates:

Also, the pirated software will not receive updates like the original software. You will miss out on the new features, including security updates.

Hackers take advantage of the security vulnerability left by this software to infiltrate your computer. 

You will compromise other devices on your network:

Many people who use the cracked version of the software do not realize that the malware affects their device and other devices on their network. 

Malware can transfer from one device to another when connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

For a business with many computers connected to a network, malware can infiltrate all the computers if one has malware. These computers are at risk of the security vulnerability created by this malware.

It could lead to legal problems:

Downloading the cracked version of Ableton Live 9 is illegal. You could face dire consequences for doing so.

You could receive a fine of as much as $250000 if found with pirated software. More so, the software company could ban you from using all of their software. 

You could be prosecuted and face jail time if found pirating software.

Instead of pirating or using a pirated version of the Ableton Live 9, try an open-source alternative until you can afford it.

Why Ableton Live 9 Is A Sought-After Digital Workstation

Ableton has grown to become the most sought-after digital workstation since its launch in 1999.

Easy loop-based production, intuitive UI, stress-free workflow, built-in instruments, and enhanced functionality are some properties that make Ableton Live nine worth the hype. 

Here are other distinguishing features of Ableton Live 9:

Session view:

With an interface dedicated to performers and live music, the Ableton Live 9 stands out among other workstations. 

The session view is the most outstanding feature of the Ableton Live 9. This feature allows you to build, audition, and experiment with loops in clips slots that you can play continuously using a MIDI device. 

Unlike other regular digital workstations, it enables the performer to compare different concepts while rehearsing. It also arranges your tracks while recording, making them easily accessible.

Ableton Live 9’s warp algorithm:

Ableton tops the charts as one of the best digital workstations with its superior warp algorithm.

This feature uses more warp modes than its counterparts, many of which use software like Logic. 

Interestingly, many producers that use other digital workspace stations still need Ableton to warp audio. The warp audio automatically adapts the imported audio to match the tempo of your project.

Intuitive interface:

The user interface of this software makes it everyone’s favorite, both beginners and professionals alike. It is functional and straightforward. 

Unlike some workstation software, all the keys you need for your production are available on one monitor.

It comes with pre-installed instrument sounds:

The software targets music producers and singers. With the pre-installed instrument sounds, you can easily create incredible sounds using the in-built instrument sounds. 

Mac and Windows compatibility:

The Ableton Live 9 is compatible with Mac and Windows, one of its advantages over other digital workstations. You can go ahead to create a masterpiece without bothering about the operating system in use.


This feature enables you to automatically save the live session if you forget to do so.

Unlike other software, Ableton Live 9 eliminates the risk of losing your recorded session due to a computer crash, power outage, or low battery while recording.

Fully-featured free version:

Not sure about getting it yet? You could try the free version before spending your money. 

The free version contains all the features of the full version, except auto-save.

The best part is, you can download the software on another device and still have your previously recorded sessions on the new device.

Ableton has released two new versions of its music production software since the Live 9 – the Live 10 and 11 versions.

The Ableton Live 11

The Live 11 is Ableton’s latest release of the digital workstation. It is available for free for a ninety-day trial period.

Live 11 is noteworthy for various reasons, including the addition of both significant and subtle workflow changes. 

It includes a few features that long-time users have been asking for, such as assembling audio and MIDI tracks into taking folders and the ability to link and edit tracks together.

Velocity ranges, probability, and a novel Scale mode that you can enable on a per-clip basis have been added to the MIDI editing interface. 

There have been significant overhauls to many Ableton Live devices, improving productivity and enhancing performance.

A new plugin that integrates the Chorus and Ensemble effects allows the user to select between an impact and a vibrato feature.

Compared to Live 10’s Chorus effect, a Dry/Wet control and the inclusion of a Warmth slider give some vintage effect. Similar modifications have been made to the Phaser and Flanger.

Ableton has also included a few brand-new features in Live 11. Three new effects are included: a Hybrid Reverb that combines convolution with algorithm-based reverbs, Spectral Time, and Spectral Resonator plugins.

Long-time Live users will recognize the overall appearance of Live 11, but there are a few new browser enhancements.

You can now organize plugins by category rather than by name, and effects such as Max for Live are now integrated with Ableton’s standard plugins.

Pros Of Using Ableton

  • Ableton’s automation system is far superior, clean, and well-organized.
  • Ableton Live has a more organized user interface
  • Ableton Live has a more logical routing.
  • Ableton has better hardware syncing capability than other workstations.

Cons Of Using Ableton

  • Ableton’s Live native plugins can be better.
  • Lack of bouncing options
  • It is pricey relative to other DAWs like Reaper or Logic


Ableton Live 9 is easy-to-use, highly efficient music production software used by professionals, semi-pro, beginners, and home studios, for editing, recording, mixing, and mastering audio files.

You can easily download Ableton Live 9 for free on Ableton’s official website.  You will be allowed a 30-day free trial, after which you would have to pay $99 every month to continue using the software.

Some people who cannot afford the original version opt for the free pirated version. However, using a pirated version can put you and your computer at risk in many ways.

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