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How To Get Roaches Out Of Electronics

How To Get Roaches Out Of Electronics- Driving Roaches Out

Roaches are the most common house pests in the world. These creatures can survive in all conditions.

They thrive in homes due to many reasons.

Roaches are difficult to eliminate because of how rapidly they reproduce. These creatures are a nightmare because their population balloons in such a short time. What’s worse, they can go for weeks without eating, so they don’t starve easily.

One of the best places for roaches to hide is inside electronics. Once they are inside, they can wreak havoc. 

Roaches find it conducive to hide and lay eggs inside electronics, particularly kitchen appliances like toasters, ovens, microwaves, etc.

It can be very difficult to get roaches out of electronics, as most conventional means are ineffective or damaging.

How To Get Roaches Out Of Electronics

Getting roaches out of electronics is difficult, but it is not impossible. There are quite a several ways that you can remove roaches inside your machines.

When getting roaches out of electronics, there are some convectional means that you should avoid at all costs. Never use bug spray on electronics. Bug spray damages the internal components.

The aerosol droplets will corrode the insides. They are also a fire hazard.

Here are effective techniques of getting roaches out:

1. Use commercial gel bait

Gel bait is a special paste that you use to attract roaches. The paste is commercially sold in supermarkets and other retail stores. Gel bait is really cheap and hence a preferred means of getting roaches out of electronics.

Gel bait does more than attract roaches. The paste contains insecticides that kill roaches shortly after they consume it.

Apply a bit of gel bait on a tin foil and position the foil next to your electronic device. The paste works after a few minutes.

You will notice the carcasses of roaches around the electronics. Some roaches will die inside the machine, as the effects of the gel start working a few minutes after the roaches have consumed the paste.

2. Blowing out the electronic

You can use an air compressor or vacuum cleaner to get roaches from the electronic device. Most roaches enter electronics through the vents. 

These vents are used to blow warm air out of the machine. Unfortunately, they serve as the perfect opening for roaches.

Place the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner or air compressor in the vents and blest a steady stream of air. Change the angle of the nozzle to cover a large area. You should use the maximum setting for the best results.

You will notice roaches and insects flying out of the vents. Blowing will also help eliminate ootheca and roach poop from the electronics. It would help if you blew out the electronics frequently to keep them roach-free.

3. Thorough cleaning

If it is possible for you to open the electronic, you should clean the insides. If the machine is too complicated or lacks the tools, you should take it to a repair shop and have it professionally cleaned.

Cleaning is effective in getting rid of the roaches. The method gets rid of roaches, eggs, and ordure. 

It also makes your machines function optimally. Several DIY disassembly and cleaning tutorials show you how to maintain your electronics.

Ensure that you have the right cleaning agents for the job. Most circuit boards are cleaned using 96% isopropyl alcohol. Use tweezers to get rid of the hair accumulating on the fans.

It would be best to clean the machines frequently to prevent roaches from hiding inside.

4. Use traditional roach traps

Step 1: Prepare the Bait

You’ll need bait to entice the roaches. Soft candies and other sugary snacks should suffice.

Step 2: Set the trap

to purchase commercially at a low price. They come in a four-piece set.

Step 3: Lay the bait evenly throughout the trap.

Spread out your trap so that it covers a big area. Place the sweets in a random pattern on the trap.

Step 4: Getting rid of the bugs in the final step.

Use insecticide to kill the cockroaches on the trap. Spray the area thoroughly to ensure that no bugs survive.

Step 5: Remove the bugs.

After rolling the trap, toss it aside. Take it out of your house and throw it away outdoors.

5. Call an exterminator

If the methods above aren’t accessible to you, you should call an exterminator. These professionals will figure out a way to rid your electronics of roaches.

Why Do Roaches Love Hiding In Electronics?

Roaches can hide in various places, but you will almost certainly find them inside electronic appliances. Why are these devices so conducive for roaches?

1. Electronics emit heat

Roaches hate staying in cold environments. Electronic devices are warm and cozy.

Roaches need to stay warm and active all the time.

Roaches prefer electronics always plugged in, like refrigerators or network routers. They also prefer electronics that retain latent heat for long periods, like toasters, microwaves, ovens, and heaters.

2. Hallow electronics are dark.

The insides of hallow electronics are perfect for roaches as they rarely receive any light. It makes them perfect for roaches to hide inside and live.

3. Electronics are safe

Electronics are the ideal hiding places, as they are safe. People rarely open up the electronics, and the roaches can stay there in peace.

4. Breeding grounds

Electronics are the perfect breeding grounds on account of very many factors. They provide adequate warmth, security, etc.

Long Term Effects Of Roaches In Your Electronics

Having roaches in your device doesn’t go without consequences. There are serious repercussions for allowing roaches to stay on your devices. They include:

1. Overheating

Having roaches in your device will lead to overheating. The roaches lay their ootheca and die inside the devices. It causes the vents to become clogged and interferes with cooling.

Roach corpses, feces, and ootheca might also build upon the cooling fans. The fans will not spin as intended, and consequently, they will not cool the devices effectively.

2. Blocking

Having roaches in your device will cause pipes to block. You will notice a gradual reduction in the flow rate of devices such as coffee grinders. The roach corpses accumulate in devices over time and make them inoperable.

You must disassemble and clean devices with pipes regularly to prevent blockages caused by roaches.

3. Short circuits

Roach poop can cause circuit boards to short circuit. If the roaches poop or drop their ootheca on sensitive components such as resistors, the device will be at risk of short-circuiting.

Replacing custom circuit boards can be expensive, so you must always ensure that your electronics are free from roaches.

4. Detached wiring 

In most electronic devices, wires on the circuit boards are secured using solder wire. Some devices, however, use special adhesives.

Roaches feed on the adhesive, leading to wires getting detached from the board. The result is that the electronics will stop working.

How To Prevent Roaches From Entering Your Electronics

Now that we have looked at how to get rid of roaches, we must learn to protect our electronics. These roaches are capable of causing serious damage, and you should try to prevent them from entering your machines.

What steps can you take?

1. Use low-density mesh to cover your vents.

Ensure that you cover the vents of your devices with low-density mesh. It will make it impossible for roaches and other pests to enter your devices. Low-density mesh is also good for preventing dust from entering the electronics.

Using dense mesh will interfere with cooling. It will cause your device to run sub-optimally. 

2. Use boric acid around your electronics.

Boric acid is not poisonous to humans; however, it is exceedingly poisonous to roaches. As a result of swallowing the acid, the roaches’ insides disintegrate. It is a fast-acting and efficient method of cockroach eradication.

3. vinegar (white)

White vinegar is not only effective against houseflies, but it also deters roaches. To prevent cockroaches from infesting your home, dissolve a teaspoon of white vinegar in water and spray the solution around your electronics.

4. Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is not only a roach repellent, but you may also use it to kill them. Cockroaches get repulsed by the aroma of mint. Spray a bit of peppermint around and not directly onto your electronics. 

Planting peppermint around your house can deter pests from entering your living area.


Roaches are a common house pest. They thrive particularly in untidy homes. Keeping roaches at bay can be difficult, as once they are inside your house, they replicate quickly.

These creatures have also perfected hiding. Their flat bodies allow them to easily slip into cracks and holes, making them quite difficult to detect.

Roaches love hiding inside electronic devices, particularly kitchen appliances. You can use several methods to drive roaches out of electronics. Some methods are more expensive than others, depending on the electronic.

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