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Retractable Badge Holder

Retractable Badge Holder: Types and Benefits

Are you searching for a badge holder that is also a retractable reel? Many workers today find themselves in need of both types of products, most likely because they work in fields with multiple employees.

If you are searching for a badge holder with a retractable reel, you will need to be aware of its two primary forms: the corded edge and the magnetic edge. A corded-edge badge holder is a retractable reel with a band of material attached to the end. At the same time, the advantage of a magnetic edge is that it has a retractable reel with a magnetized cover.

The following article will discuss the types and the benefits of using a retractable badgeholder.

Types Of Retractable Badge Holder

Here are the primary forms:

Corded-Edge Retractable Badge Holder

According to reports, the top regions in the global ID card printer market are North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

A corded edge retractable reel is a badge holder with a band of material attached to the end. This band allows for ease of movement, and it may be made from various materials.

Some have a metal clip at the end, which can attach to various things, while others have a string attached to it. This corded-edge reel is often used in the retail industry as it allows for quicker access for both the employee and customer.

Magnetic Edge Retractable Badge holder

A magnetic edge retractable badge holder has a magnetized cover over its name badge slot.

The cover is often magnetic, and it can be used to hold a card or ID of some sort for the worker to display on their clothing. The benefit of this type of retractable reel badge holder is that they can protect against dirt and other things while allowing quick access when needed.

Benefits of Using a Retractable Badge holder

There are several benefits to using a retractable badge holder. Here are some explained:

  1. Protection

The retractable corded-edge badge holder protects against dirt and other various things. The holder can be closed when not in use, which covers the name badge slot from the outside environment.

  1. Visibility

ID cards should be visible at all times. This is why retractable badge holders are so helpful, as they allow for a name badge to be visible whenever needed.

Another benefit of using retractable badge holders is visibility. The magnetic edge type comes with a cover to protect the card and provide quick and easy access as needed. It promotes visibility as IDs or cards can be displayed.

  1. Ease of Movement

Retractable badge holders allow for ease of movement, which is often an essential part of promotion growth. Swiping badges can cause them to rip, pull back on clothing, and even take up space that could otherwise be used for other things.

Other methods such as lanyards may snag on things, promoting the growth of bacteria and germs.

  1. Less Clutter

Having a retractable badge holder allows for less clutter and more efficiency. Lanyards can be used, but they often snag on things and can become dirty over time due to people touching them.

Retractable reels do not create this same problem because they can retract.

  1. Protection

The magnetic edge retractable badge holders come with a cover to protect against dirt and germs and provide quick access when needed. They promote the protection of both the organization’s employees and customers.

  1. Ease of Use

Retractable badge holders are easier to use. People often wait in long lines at events and conferences or even go through a lot of trouble trying to swipe their badges through card readers because they are swiping many different cards every day. It allows for ease of use as it can


Badge reels are an essential part of the industry to promote healthy growth in organizations. They provide both benefits and protection for employees and customers while also allowing for quick access, supporting the efficient distribution of tasks.

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